#NationalStationeryWeek stationery lust list + a #giveaway

national stationery week

It’s National Stationery Week and unless you have been living under a rock, you will have noticed that our nation’s obsession with stationery has reached dizzying heights. Well hurrah I say because anything that aims to keep people writing in this digital world gets a big thumbs up from me – and that’s what National Stationery Week is all about.  Each day this week thanks to National Stationery Week we can bask in our glorious need to ooooh and ahhhhhh over all things stationery so today I have a little lust list which ties in with the different themes for the week plus a lovely giveaway of all of the items featured within!


I am obsessed with notebooks and as far as I am concerned you can never have too many notebooks laying in waiting. The Mustard Marble notebook is therefore in my mind the perfect addition to any notebook colllection with its eye-catching pastel pink hues. The perfect sidekick to make note-taking more exciting!


If sketching is your thing, then let me introduce you to Derwent Graphics Line Maker Pens – which are great drawing pens. If you still think that pencils are the only thing you can sketch with, then you need to get your hands on some of these babies!

stationery lust list


You may not be aware of this but creative lettering and calligraphy is having a bit of a moment. These Manuscript Callicreative Markers are perfect for anyone wanting to get started in the art of beautiful writing, and are a gorgeous way of adding an elegant, classical touch to your writing.

stationery lust list


There’s no denying it, a pen in the workplace can say a lot about you, and so here is a totally baller pen to make you look the part in the workplace. The Cross ATX is basically the epitome of pen heaven. Influenced by the early car design of the 1930s, it’s  a pleasure to hold and looks a million dollars too.

stationery lust list


Another contemporary pen influenced by traditional design which makes you want to cry with joy is the Sheaffer Sagaris Pen –  think a luxury writing instrument with supremely smooth writing capabilities perfect for those who want to leave the best signature ever wherever they go!

stationery lust list

So have those gorgeous items of stationery got you drooling? If so – you lucky things – you can win them all thanks to the lovely people at National Stationery Week.

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  1. I love the Sheaffer Sagaris Pen it’s very pretty and would be perfect for writing my never ending lists of things to do xxx

  2. The manuscript markers in this bundle look great, I am forever borrowing the kids felt tip pens so they’d be glad of me having my own

  3. What a great bundle! I love the calligraphy markers! My daughter would too as she loves calligraphy. I always remembered my own set when I was a child and just loved learning the curve of writing x

  4. I love new pens and pencils but I’m not so sure about calligraphy. I’m not sure if it’s just me but does anyone else find that being left handed is a hinderence to doing calligraphy? I know it sounds odd but the pens seem to need to lean in a certain direction 🙂

  5. calligraphy markers look amazing my daughter and I would have so much fun with those, it might make us neaten our handwriting

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