New fashion trends for men – for the man in your life

New fashion trends for men

If your husband’s wardrobe is looking a bit dated, now, is a great time to see if you can encourage him to change things up a bit and take on some of the new fashion trends for men on the horizon this year. As you will see, there are some really great-looking clothes available in the shops, at the moment. So, you should not have to try too hard to get your husband to try out some of these new trends.

2019 men’s jacket trends

At this time of the year, a coat or jacket is essential. The larger retailers like have a particularly good selection in their range.

Bomber jackets

One of the biggest new fashion trends for men for 2019 is the bomber jacket. These are great for wearing on warmer days and the thinner type also have the potential to be worn under another coat. The reversible ones are a particularly good buy. Basically you get two jackets in one.

New fashion trends for men

Aviator jackets

In this weather, aviator jackets are a really practical option. They are fully lined and feature a large sheepskin style collar, which can be worn up to keep the wind out. The nicest versions allow you to remove the collar. This gives you two looks for the price of one.

Men’s trouser trends

It is always a good idea to buy a pair of new trousers, every year. Even men who basically live in jeans will occasionally go somewhere where they are not considered to be suitable attire. So, now is a great time to get your man looking at buying a new pair or maybe two. The main trends are:


Slim fit corduroy trousers are set to be very big for 2019. They are the perfect option for an occasion where smart casual is the right option. Perhaps the nicest thing about corduroy is how comfortable it is to wear. This natural fabric has plenty of give built into it and it is far softer than denim. However, you do need to take care of it. This article explains the correct way to launder this classy material. Don’t worry it is actually not difficult to take care of.

New fashion trends for men

Plaid pants

One of the most surprising trends is plaid pants. These lightly patterned trousers are hard to pin down. They are cut to look smart, yet they can just as easily be worn with a print shirt. These trousers really will be a versatile addition to your husband’s wardrobe.

2019 Men’s shirt trends

No man’s wardrobe would be complete without a few shirts. From the looks of things, last year’s print shirts look set to remain popular in 2019. These will be joined by some fairly off the wall cuts including Bengal style shirts. Of course, not every man is going to want to dress in such a radically different way, but it is nonetheless a trend that is worth bearing in mind.

New fashion trends for men

From the looks of things, in general, men’s shirts are going to get baggier in 2019. Many men will consider this to be good news, because they feel more comfortable in looser fitting styles.

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  1. The flowery shirt wouldn’t find its way into my husband’s wardrobe … he’s very much a plain shirt man! And cords are making a comeback – I bet every male vet in the land will be pleased to hear this!!

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