5 reasons why you totally need your own blogging space

blogging space

Hurrah! The time has finally come – I have my own blogging space! And boy does it feel GOOD!

Now the triumphant moment is here, and Lordy I can not believe it has taken me THIS LONG to get here, I can not really fathom how I have existed without my own blogging space for the best part of two years. Shame on my name. But the reality is, a) we’re usually hard pressed to find a nook in our house we can call our own due to space issues and b) we do not have the time or the brain capacity to sort it out.

However, now I have a corner of the spare room which is all mine all mine! –  and it looks like this:

blogging space

And here’s the thing, within hours I can already see why having your own blogging space is so important. Let me break them down to you here….


Increased productivity

Before I was working down on the big farmhouse table in the kitchen where I had a bajillion other things to distract me from my work including the washing, general mess, the worry of what I was going to be going to cooking for dinner and so on. Now, it’s just me, and my desk and my laptop – I’m focused, I’m on fire! Nothing else matters. With nothing to distract me apart from own blogging thoughts, a bajillion emails and my vision board from my Instant Pause retreat of my goals and aspirations. I have been working for two hours only and it feels like I’ve got a days work done.

Better organisation

Before, I literally had nowhere to put my blogging stuff – samples, press releases – you name it, all in a great big dirty pile that got shoved under the kitchen table every day as I raced off to collect my little one each lunchtime. And you know what they say – mess is stress! Now everything has a place – in MY BLOGGING SPACE – and I feel like a super being, as opposed to mad disorganised mama blogger – as a result.

I’m happier

I’m surrounded only by the things I want – not random stuffed toys or crusty Rice Krispies left over from breakfast. You know what they say – surround yourself with the things you love, discard the rest. As a bit of a self professed control freak that makes me feel really happy!

It’s easier to walk the walk

When you are sitting around in the chaos of the rest of your home trying to pitch to brands, negotiate and be an authority, you can’t help but having a bit of the old “IMPOSTER” siren blaring over your head. But when you’re in your own blogging space, it feels real, and it feels right, and you feel you can achieve anything.

It’s totally worth it

The truth is, I realise that setting up my own blogging space was really not that difficult…what WAS difficult is finding the head space (and potentially house space) to do it. The reality is, actually making it happen was just about having that DO IT moment, buying a desk, and finding a few bits from around the house to bring it all together. Sometime’s we’re our own worst enemy, so fight the complacency and do it!

Do you have your own blogging space? If so do you find it makes a difference? Or perhaps you are hankering after one. Please do share in a comment below.

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  1. This is exactly what I want! When we view houses, I say “where will I put my office space?” unfortunately it’s not possible until we find the house! Love your’s though! #coolmumclub

  2. Can I print this out and wave it around in front of my husband’s face please? *she says, typing on a laptop on the sofa while being kicked by the toddler* #coolmumclub

  3. Your blog space looks amazing. Love that desk. I’m desperate for my own space, but there’s just no way right now. We really need to move! #coolmumclub

  4. Love your space! I loved having my own little blogging corner last year…somehow I’ve led it become overtaken by stacks of paperwork and crap that needs sorting and my hubby has stolen my desk chair for his own office!! You’ve made me realise that I really need to sort it out! #coolmumclub x

  5. Blogging space sounds idyllic! At present I’m not even given space to pee so I should imagine space for blogging is way down on my children’s list of things they’ll allow me #coolmumclub

  6. Your blogging space looks great! It makes me feel quite embarrassed of my desk that currently has a great big pile of clean washing on it! I’m feeling quite inspired now #CoolMumClub

  7. This sounds AMAZING! my “space” is a laptop on my knee whilst my little girl is climbing all over me hitting the buttons!! this just sounds like heaven and its really something I need to sort for myself!


  8. arghhh I’m so envious! I’m sat here at my kitchen table with the pile of dishes in the sink, the washing machine beeping at me, piles of paperwork everywhere and my head is a mess! I neeeeeed a blogging space – I totally get that you feel like you have done a days work in 2 hours – it must feel amazing. Right, I’mm of to hunt around the house to find my little space – needs must! Great post – great pinnable image which I’ve saved to pinterest too my lovely! #CoolMumClub

  9. Our little desk at home is thankfully all mine but I need to make it look more like a blogging space. At the moment it’s got everything dumped on the table which I’m sure is having a mental impact on me – all the clutter! Time for de-cluttering me thinks… new year and all. 🙂 #coolmumclub

  10. eurgh i am so jealous! i blog on my sofa in between naps and cooking dinner. its infuriating – i also blog on the bus home (40 minute journey slightly interupted by shit signal)
    my old office i used for overtime at my old job was ruined by a nursery – how inconsiderate? hahaha.
    Definately need a bigger house now! #coolmumclub

  11. It looks gorgeous! Very envious of this, I do all my writing at the kitchen counter accompanied by a pint of wine and family sized tub of humous, although I suppose for me that probably has the same effect as a dedicated zone. I’m like pavlovs (humous loving) dog in that respect! #coolmumclub

  12. Your little space is so cool looking. Currently sat at my kitchen table while the kids have daily quiet time/nap time dreaming of a desk (something I never thought I’d want!)Doesn’t seem to matter how much I KonMarie the crap out of the house though, with a baby and a toddler and tiny 2-bed flat in London there’s no chance! Roll on the move to the West this summer, a space of my own is my goal! x #coolmumclub

  13. I love the look of your little blogging space! I am supposed to work in our guest room but I always end up on the sofa. This means I am not very productive. I have spent all morning faffing over a logo which I have decided that I now don’t want! I need to sort my blogging space out! #CoolMumClub

  14. It looks great, I especially love your chair 🙂 I have my own space as well, it feels good to have an area set aside to really think in, and sometimes work too 😉

  15. I adore your desk! I currently share an office with the hubby and he’s messy with papers every where it drives me barmy! Plus our office is downstairs which makes it easy for the kids to find me! I’m only 10% joking when I say I’m going to nip to Ikea and buy my own desk to fit up stairs….#coolmumclub

  16. It looks fab!! I do love being organised, and s but like you say, we’ve struggled to find time since moving to sort the house out completely as we redo bits and pieces. I can’t wait to get my desk back, it’s currently stacked with stuff and actually needs cut down to the right size! #coolmumclub

  17. I have to say for me, for now, the beauty of the blogging is it’s flexibility in being wherever I am. Me and my laptop that is. I guess with a tot around my ankles, and blogging time being restricted to nap time / evenings, it’s just too depressing to seclude myself off to a ‘worky’ corner. But, one day when the smalls are in more regular childcare, I could just see some succulents taking over the hubbys ‘working from home’ desk in our bedroom…
    For now, from me on the sofa with wine, I’m sending you some #coolmumclub love!

  18. Your space looks so lovely. I just don’t know where I would put a desk. The house is filling up with crap, I mean toys, at such a rate… I’ll be in the shed at this rate! #coolmumclub

  19. I couldn’t agree with you more! I much prefer to write alone away from distractions. One day I hope you have enough room for me to have my own little blogging space! P.S I love your chair!!! #coolmumclub

  20. I’ve been pintresting one for a few weeks now, my own little space. I’m like you short on space, but I’ve made room for the Christmas toys so il just going to have to find room for me … ( bagging up the train set as I’m typing) haha.

  21. Love that chair! I would give anything to have an office space all my own but we have nowhere. We have a computer desk in the corner of the living/dining room but is cluttered with all the household paperwork and right next to the table which never seems to be clear no matter how many times a day I try to tidy it and the kids toys strewn everywhere. I really want to spend some time this month trying to declutter it all but it’s finding the time!

  22. Aww I love your blogging corner and I really want that desk. I am in the process of sorting out my own space for blogging but I’ve got a lot of work to do before its ready xx #coolmumclub

  23. It is a very cool space, I don’t have one but I would like one. I have the space picked out just no time to actually make it mine! It is on my ever growing to do list! I can totally see why having your own space would be such a good thing for helping with productivity! #coolmumclub

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