Network marketing – is it worth it and how can you succeed in it?

network marketing

If you type in network marketing – or MLM (that’s multi-level marketing) into google plus mums you might very well stumble upon entries mentioning it is a cult for mums, warning people to stay well clear of it all. You know, I’m talking about the likes of Arbonne, Younique and such.

But is network marketing really as bad as everyone says it is? Or can it actually provide a valid avenue to financial independence for mums? I ask Louise Cartwright xxxx to break it down for us here:


Let’s face it, MLM (Multi Level Marketing) gets a bad rap. “Cult mentality”, “false promises”, “over priced products” and “selling to the desperate” are all phrases I’ve heard (and maybe used?) when discussing MLM.

But that was before I changed my money mindset

When I first started in business, my money mindset was anything but entrepreneurial. I undercharged, over delivered and struggled with boundaries. I did everything I could to justify why I was attempting to make money, doing something that I loved. Needless to say, that didn’t serve me well.

What does this have to do with making money in MLM? Everything. You see, we have an amazing part of our brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). Amongst it’s many jobs, is “showing” us what we are looking for. Let me give you an example. You buy a new car – and now you see them everywhere. You fall pregnant – suddenly EVERYONE is pregnant.

Basically, it brings in to your conscious awareness more of what you are thinking about. So when your perceive money as, “dirty”, “never enough”, “greedy”, “for everyone else” – the RAS will do it’s job and find ways to continually prove this to you.

This is how I formulated my “truth” about MLM. A considerable number of my clients, at the time, were involved with selling a popular health product. They literally bombarded all of my other clients with free samples; invites to parties and gushing social media posts about how this product changed their life and their bank account. But as we know, social media is a great veil for the truth and most of this was lies.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

Having re-written my money story and embraced wealth in it’s glorious totality, I have met some of the most amazing and genuine people who are hitting the ‘BIG’ time with MLM.

I want to share with you now my top 5 (money) mindset tips to making money in MLM, without being sleazy.

Don’t start from a place of desperation

If your bank account isn’t quite as healthy as you’d like, signing up to an MLM just to make money is a bad idea, for so many reasons. The one that will effect you the most is that prospective buyers will “sense” your desperate energy and it’s a repellant.

Instead, re-frame the idea as a creative way to increase your income, whilst maintaining time freedom, creating amazing connections, working on self-development and serving someone who needs your product.

Identify your current beliefs

Write a list of everything you believe about MLM. What do you say to friends about it? What do you say when you see a post on social media? Where do those thoughts come from? Let me give you an example.

I created my beliefs about MLM based on those clients I told you about before. I saw the social media posts but, as their coach, I knew the truth. I formed the belief that MLM was built on lies, had no integrity and reeked of desperation. This belief was also created on my habitual thoughts that money is, “hard to come by” and “not for everyone”.

As soon as I re-wrote my money story, I literally met 3 amazing people who are very successful with MLM, with incomes ranging from a few thousand a month to $2.7million per year! These people are genuine, walk the talk and are not afraid to love money.

Once you have your thoughts written down, ask yourself, “What do I need to believe instead, that will serve my desire to make a great income through MLM?”. Any belief is a decision, you simply need to practice a new decision.

Remove the word “selling” from your vocabulary

Selling was my nemesis. I’d literally come out in cold sweats at the thought of talking about what I charged for my services. Even when I was a practicing personal trainer, I never sold the products at the RRP – I just added a couple of pounds to my purchase price.

Once again, we can change our thoughts about selling by changing our perception. If you feel you are being sleazy, then you are. If however, you know that you have a product or service that will positively impact the life of the person you are talking with, you won’t be selling. You will be providing a valuable service.

Connections, not clients

Something that I see all the time, in all business, is the talk of “I need more clients”. Firstly, this is functioning from a place of lack, so guess what? You’ll get MORE lack.

Secondly, a client is a person. People require connection. People need trust. People don’t buy the product or service, they buy you.

This is perhaps the biggest mistake people make. You must absolutely practice the “connection” mindset and come from a space of being genuinely interested in everyone you come in contact with. Instead of seeing £ signs, see the person, make the connection and trust the process.

Never justify your desire to make money

“I just want to make enough to cover the bills”. “I don’t want to be rich, just comfortable”. “I don’t do this for the money, I do it because I love it”. Just a couple of the dangerous money mindsets I hear all the time! Here’s my answer to those!

*We were not created, in Universal perfection, to live in lack.

*You are not doing anyone, especially yourself, any favours by being poor and playing small.

*If anyone has a problem with what you earn, charge, save, spend – it’s THEIR money issues, NOT yours.

*Financial freedom isn’t a gift for “others”. It’s for everyone.

*Now, more than ever, we need women to rise up and bring in the big bucks because we WILL change the world and make it a better place to live.

To finish this blog, I’ve asked my dear friend and MLM expert, Mara Graff, to give us her top 5 tips to succeed in MLM.

Love your product!

Your passion for your product has to show. It never feels like a sale when you are sharing what you love.

Build a Relationship with your audience

I can’t express how important it is to actually care about the people you are doing business with. People buy from who they like, know and trust and can see right through a sales pitch. It’s icky and gross and no one wants to feel sold to!

Spend time getting to know people. Each person you meet will either be a customer, a cheerleader or a team member – all important, so spend MOST of your time building the relationship. Watch the sales soar!

Know your ideal customer – (and it is NOT everyone!)

You are not EXCLUDING people. You are getting clear on who your message will reach and resonate with. When you talk to everyone, you talk to no one. Remember that.

Don’t compare

Whether it’s someone in the same company or another company in MLM, don’t compare yourself to them! Your journey is different because it is yours, not theirs. In a nutshell, be yourself, do the work and don’t worry about what anyone else is doing.

Give yourself grace

The MLM business is simple but you have to do the work and sometimes it’s hard. Give yourself some grace when you fall (because you will). Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, all with grace in hand and continue on with your dreams.

Network marketing - is it worth it and how can you succeed in it?

Connect with Louise at her Facebook group Women Embracing Wealth and her Facebook page Happiness Is The Goal  and listen to her Lifepreneur Podcast here. You can also connect with Mara at her group Nailing Your Life.  

About Louise:

From overweight single parent on benefits to successful Money Mindset and Success Coach living in dream family home…

Since childhood, growing up in a big family of 7 in her home-town of Gravesend in Kent, Louise has always known she wasn’t one to do things the same as others. Whilst she always had a strong work-ethic with a Father working 7-days a week to feed the family.

Her first realisation of being different to the crowd and having the sheer determination to follow her dreams was in 1993 when she decided against university and chose to go travelling instead. When her friend who was due to travel with Louise cancelled plans at last -minute she quickly found a replacement travel partner and went onto explore the world fearlessly at age 19.

Upon returning from travel Louise fell in love with what became her 1st husband (married 2002) and trained in reflexology, Swedish massage and reiki whilst driving 100 miles a day to fulfil her full time job as a leasehold officer. They went onto have two beautiful daughters (Molly 17, Summer 16) together.

What she didn’t realise was that these early days of doing what’s needed to survive would come in handy when she woke up at aged 26 in a position far from her independent dreams. “I was fat, depressed and my relationship was dead. However, I felt so trapped that I stayed in that place for another 2 years. But when I hit 29 I knew that something had to change. I divorced my husband and ended up as a single parent on benefits.”

In 2005 she knew she needed to find her fighting spirit back after feeling bored of being unhappy for too long. Louise joined a gym, secured a place at University and became a self-employed reflexologist. It was around this time she reconnected with a guest from her 1st wedding, Gary, who went onto become the love of her life. They married in 2008 and went on to create their dream life together.

Despite Louise and Gary having to climb out of £50k debt; return a property and become black listed and live in overdraft for the 1st 5 years of their marriage, Louise  worked in a £9-an-hour office job to clear debts and save up £30k to go onto buy their dream family home in Gravesend, Kent.

Whilst Louise was starting to realise the happiest version of herself, she still knew she was here for more. Then one day in 2011 after a freak accident in Sainsburys she was rewarded £2k for injuries. This money was what she used to retrain as a Personal Trainer. Within 2 years she found had increased her income by over 500% and has completely evolved her business to work with women to create the business and life they dream of.

These days Louise works with 100s of women as Real Life Wealth Coach. It’s her passion to empower women to embrace wealth in their business and life.

You can find out more about Louise here.



  1. I’d really like to believe that the majority of people can actually make a decent living from it but I know so many people who have started up with such high hopes and enthusiasm but even when putting the work in just haven’t be able to make any decent money and have abandoned. Perhaps they are doing it wrong.

  2. I must confess I too had the mindset that MLM was nothing but desperate sellers preaching the wrong ideas. It’s important to change the mindset and RAS will follow

  3. I found this really interesting alhough I hadn’t heard of MLM specifically. The bits about making a connection and getting rid of the word selling really resonante.

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