If you could okay Google parenting

okay google parenting

I have to say…okay Google is a pretty handy thing to have around when you’re a mum with your hands are full. Okay google…what’s the weather going to be like today? Okay google…call granny. Okay google…keep my daughter entertained whilst we play the “okay google everything game!”.

But it got me thinking – while there are some things you should never use google to do as a parent – wouldn’t it be amazeballs if one day this whole voice recognition malarkey just went that little bit further than just executing basic demands on the internet and phone for us….you know, what if we could okay google parenting!

Just imagine the scene…

You wake up bleary eyes to the yowls of a baby….you utter, “okay google, warm the bottle”. Just imagine how many more minutes that would buy you in bed. Yup you would practically be doing a happy dance in bed!


You’ve got a loaded nappy full of s***, imagine if you could just muse….”okay google, strip and dump the nappy”. Oh sweet relief! You know you would totally be feeling like this, rather than a poonami schmuck.Otherwise known as #winninginlife.


You’ve got a head like hell, and counting down to wine o’clock. You have to muster up the energy to put dinner on the table somehow…but how? And then, like an angel of salvation you plead “okay google, put the family’s dinner on the table”. And in your head, you would totally be doing one of these…


You’ve got your hands covered in chicken juice as your preschooler announces at the top of their voice they’ve done a really bad turd, and their butt needs wiping. Imagine the wave of relief that would engulf you as you sweetly murmured, “okay google, go wipe their butt”. No freakin’ out…just looking as smug as this with your kick ass google prowess..

OK quite clearly we are probably eons away from the reality of that happening. More likely what we need is a fairy godmother, or a nanny, or both. But there’s nothing wrong with a little okay-google daydreaming..is there?

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  1. Love this. It’s probably many, many years off but it would be brilliant! I would have loads of babies if Google could change their nappies, lol xx

  2. Hehe, well we can dream, can’t we?! My mind is running wild with what I would use my ‘Okay google’ for now. How about ‘Okay google, take the kids to school’ or ‘Okay, google, get the ironing done’? The possibilities are endless! #CoolMumClub

  3. OK Googling Day Dreaming is nothing short of genius! Good old Google – always there in our hour of need (even if what we read scares the hell out of us half the time)!! A ffab post as always hun xx #coolmumclub

  4. If only!! I would definitely sign up for this no matter the cost. Fingers crossed AI takes off soon and we can get all the robots doing the hard graft!! #coolmumclub

  5. Haha, Google parenting would be living the dream! This is why all those rich celebs with a gaggle of children, still look immaculate and amazing. They have a team of Googles! #CoolMumClub

  6. Ha, love it! I’d definitely have that Google cooking up a family meal every day of the week…Google, can you make the KIDS EAT THE MEAL TOO please! 😉

    You nailed it with the comedy GIFs…Nice work #coolmumclub co-host with the most xx

  7. Oh I would love my Okay Google to do this. Although I have trained my son to only accept a nappy change from his grandad if he’s visiting. It’s a few less a month I have to deal with 😉 #coolmumclub

  8. Today it would definitely be okay google do the ironing – it’s just way too hot for such jobs! Apart from that it would have to be cook the dinner as per 75% of the other mums. #coolmumclub

  9. Ah wouldn’t that be nice. I’d never heard of okay Google actually but it looks good! x #coolmumclub

  10. Good stuff lady as always! I wish I could google a lot of things in life sometimes. Thanks so much for hostessing the fab #coolmumclub.

  11. YESSS! If only life was as easy as asking google! But then I guess we wouldn’t learn all the lovely things we do along the way. Well we wouldn’t need to! Love a light-hearted post that helps me to escape!

    Amina xx #coolmumclub

  12. Haha love it!! Ok Google back massage please! I day dream far too much about this kind of thing! #CoolMumClub

  13. I really hope you are in some kind of development talks to invent this with Google…please?! Ok Google, give my kid some magic stuff to stop his teeth hurting at 3am every night for a week! 🙂 #coolmumclub

  14. EVERY PARENT’S DREAM! If Google could do night-feeds I might consider another child (actually maybe not) X

  15. Oh yes definitely worth rockin a few of those moves. I’d have not been hospitalised if okay google had dealt with my sleep deprivation. #coolmumclub

  16. I think this invention would also be known as a robot! Surely in this day & age we should all be able to have a family robot that helps us out like this from time to time?!
    Funny post. A great read! #coolmumclub

  17. Haha yep wouldn’t this just be the finest thing! I have always moaned that I’d like a house keeper to do all the cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping and cooking. I’d happily do the rest of it 😉 xx

  18. Well I think we can officially say I’m definitely either Patsy or Eddie (though I think Patsy’s a bit more switched on maybe?) because I’d NEVER HEARD OF OKAY GOOGLE til I read your post! I actually thought you’d left okay in the title by accident! Duh. Okay Google clean my entire house and write the next six months of blog posts. Def daydreaming there… #coolmumclub

  19. Lol – as usual you nail it with the gifs! Never mind putting the dinner on the table, I don’t even use it to call Granny! I need to get on the OK Google buzz, don’t I? coolmumclub

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