Will the real TWAGS please stand up!


Stop press! There’s a new kind of WAG in town. Well you can forget the high profile wives and girlfriends of the footballers and athletes because according to the media of late, it’s now all about the TWAGS. And by TWAGS I don’t mean tennis WAGS (sorry, Kim Murray), I’m talking technology WAGS!

Yes apparently it’s all about gorgeous women hanging off technology geeks these days. Before Miranda Kerr ran off with Snapchat Founder Evan Spiegel, Lily Cole was fraternizing Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and a bevvy of other gorgeous uber-women are apparently all following suit because at last….the geek reigns supreme and finally brains have won out in the battle against brawn.

Well, seeing that my very own Mr C is a maths and computer geek, you don’t need to look over to Silicone Valley for this hot new trend because it is happening right here, over on Motherhood: The Real Deal. Yes, I am your very own TWAG, whose melted mum brain was seduced by the maths and coding ways of my other half long before any of these long legged goddesses caught on to it.

Sadly for me though (or perhaps not really), I won’t be benefiting from their billionaire status, ridiculous penthouses, yachts or a Lord of  The Rings style wedding where everyone gets given their very own furry white rabbit to pet (you can thank Sean and Alexandra Parker for that one – more on that here).  Just a mid-terrace in the burbs of London, a wayward threenager against a backdrop of insanity. The original TWAG then? Maybe. Would I have it any other way? No way.

Any other real TWAGS out there? Stand up and speak out!

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  1. Hehe!! I love it!! I had no idea about Miranda Kerr! And well done you for leading the way in the suburbia TWAG stakes!! I can’t however, count myself among you-Mr W although by no means unintelligent, is definitely not a geek either! At the moment I’m watching Friday Night Lights, and lusting over Tim Riggins-the damaged, brooding quarterback-my usual type that I’m drawn to!!

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