Once Upon A Name: The most magical personalised children’s book

personalised children's book

Every once in a while, a book comes a long that casts a magic spell, that melts your heart and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that being a parent should…when we’re not screaming at them top put on their shoes for the bajillionth time that day…should be all about.

I get to see and read a lot of  children’s books as a parenting blogger, but there is something about Once Upon A Name, a personalised fairy tale storybook that has stolen my and my daughter’s heart in a way that no other book has done in a long time.

The book is all about  a little child’s bear who goes on a magical adventure to a fairy tale world but who can only get back once he/she has collected all the letter’s to your child’s name throughout the book. But that’s not where the thoughtful personalization ends. Oh no.

The bear’s  letter-hunting adventures are charted out through your child’s favourite fairy tales which are selected in the making of the book on the Once Upon A Name website ….

personalised children's book

personalised children's book

…so for us that was whilst swimming in an underwater world with The Little Mermaid, venturing through frozen lands with the ice princess, and up in that fateful tower with Rapunzel.

personalised children's book

personalised children's book

Once all the letters to your child’s name have been collected (and trust me, it is a wonderful sight to see the penny drop on your child’s face when they realise that yes! in fact it is their name being spelled out and collected in the book!) then our beloved bear flies back to the bedroom to see the child’s name spelt out in the stars. Just beautiful.

If this isn’t the magical fairy tale makings in the memory, then I don’t know quite frankly what is. Your child’s favourite characters spelling out your child’s very own name in their very own book….in a world, golden and the perfect gift for any child who dreams that fairy tales do come true.

Once Upon A Name is available to buy for £19.99 on the website here

*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own. 


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