Review: Oodles of inflatable fun with Oonies Station

Oonies Station

It’s a long old summer holiday with many rainy days, and that means finding a bajillion ways of keeping the kids busy (but yes, boredom is ok too!).  So when we were recently sent an Oonies Station Starter Pack to try out I thought….hmmm this could be a sneaky way to keep the little busy for hours!

And so it was.

If you don’t know about Oonies they are essentially inflatable mini balloons that stick together by themselves (no glue needed hurrah!) to create a whole world of miniature characters.

The Oonies Inflator Starter Pack comes with everything needed to create a variety of fun balloon designs. The inflation chamber pictured below easily inflates mini balloons that stick together to create a whole host of balloons and characters and the pack comes with a range of Oonie deco bits to create animals including birds and kittens….or in our case an elephant!

Oonies Station

For my own mum brain it took a while to get the hang of how the inflator worked, but my four year old daughter had it figured out way before me.

Oonies Station

I have to say…there is something strangely addictive about inflating these balloons one by one and it’s almost enough fun just doing that that you needn’t bother with making the characters!

Oonies Station

But of course, being able to create cute little characters or just massive mounds of bubbles adds a whole other layer of fun.

Oonies Station

Oonies Station

Oonies Station

Just as fun also are popping the bubbles, throwing them against the windows, and seeing what else in the house they will stick to!

Aside from the fun aspect, the Oonies set is a unique way of developing fine motor skills and coordination, as well as encouraging creativity. Suitable for ages four and up, if you’re looking for something to keep the children busy over the summer holidays, then the Oonies Station Starter Pack presents endless possibilities!

The Oonies Station Starter Pack from Character Online retails at £19.99.

*I was sent the Oonies Station Starter Pack for honest review – all opinions are my own. 


  1. Not sure if I would like this. Popping any ballon would give me headache within seconds. But I my daughter was playing this with the hubby outside, maybe they would have more fun.


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