The challenge of organising a DIY funeral – my experience

organising a DIY funeral

Funerals…they are not really something people like to talk about…or indeed blog about…but recently I received an email in my inbox that perhaps many would have run a million miles from…to undertake a DIY funeral challenge. But not I, no no…this was just the sort of challenge I love to sink my teeth into. And so I duly accepted the invitation from Funeralbooker.

Here’s the thing…I am very lucky to as yet never had to have buried any of my nearest and dearest…and so have to be honest…I was really VERY green when it came to anything funeral…let alone organising my own funeral.

I thought…well, how hard can it be?

Very. And that was even minus the personal grief that anyone trying to organise a DIY funeral would also be carrying with them.

It’s easy to see why most people pay over the odds and call in a Funeral Director to do the whole thing because organising a DIY funeral…although far cheaper…can be a very challenging and often perplexing undertaking. There are far more ins and outs than you could ever begin to imagine.

Here was my brief:

Your friend passed away last night at home and has left no surviving relatives or instructions for their funeral. They lived five minutes away from you.

They were a very environmentally conscious person, happiest when they were outside in nature. They were a conservationist at heart, and spent much of their free time campaigning for environmental causes. This was their raison d’être.

They had a small but very close and tightly knit group of around 50 friends, all of whom are local.

Your total available budget is £2,500.

Sounds simple enough right? Yup, that’s what I thought…before I actually started calling around to make the arrangements. Having worked through the challenge I can see why people would want to take on a DIY funeral, but at the same time, I can also see why it wouldn’t be for everyone. To find out how I got on have a look at my funeral challenge diary here.

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  1. Such a great post, I know not a lot of people like to talk about funerals, but I wish more people were. When my grandfather passed, no one knew what he wanted and we had to just guess. x

  2. This is something I have never really thought about but I’m not religious and would like an eco funeral so it’s definitely something I should look into making provisions for before it becomes a necessity.

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