Parents reveal their Christmas present hiding places!

Parents reveal their Christmas present hiding places

It’s the week running up to Christmas and the hunt is on! Children far across the land will be rifling through every corner of the house in order to snuffle out those presents….ho ho ho Yule never find them….ho ho ho….yes we will! Well actually, they probably will if these are the hiding places your using…so let’s make sure we have some good excuses up our sleeves for when they do!

Yes, the folks at Storebox self storage spoke to a number of parents in the UK, to find out where they choose to hide their children’s Christmas presents, to keep them a surprise for the big day. And erm…’s not such a big surprise after all!

In at top spot, the most common place was in wardrobes and cupboards. Whether it’s in the bedroom, the pantry or the utility room, it seems that parents are fans of hiding presents in their wardrobes and cupboards.

But for some, cupboards just don’t cut it….and so the second most popular hiding spot is the loft…. probably because it’s a difficult to reach spot in the house, especially for children (a firm fave hiding spot of mine too – shhhh just don’t tell the little missy).

Some go even further afield, with the third most common hiding place oer at a relative’s house, most likely at their poor unsuspecting grandparents…you lucky things!

And for those who really can’t be bothered (yes, I’m looking at YOU!), there’s the good old bedroom, more specifically under the bed.

If those don’t float your boat, there’s also the possibility of in the shed, at work, under the tree, in the car boot, in locked suitcases, spreading them out all over the house, in the cellar, in the washing basket (under piles of dirty laundry – perfect! nobody will ever find them), or in the washing machine (just don’t forget to take them out before putting in a load or else major uh oh).

So now that the not-so-secret is out, where will you be hiding your presents this year?

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  1. Presents are hidden in the garage. The kids are so far not able to open the garage door, don’t go outside by themselves so they don’t have any ideas where are their gifts and the surprises are not spoiled “yet”.

  2. We had a nightmare this year as we originally hid all the presents in our very large inbuilt wardrobes. Then we moved bedrooms as we now have an extension. The new wardrobes do not allow for presents and so I quickly wrapped them, put them into bin bags and have stored them in the garage for the time being.
    RachelSwirl recently posted…#TuesdayTreasures 20/12/2016My Profile

  3. Last year I hid them in the airing cupboard and an empty kitchen cupboard but this year the airing cupboard door has started squeaking so we emptied one of the coat cupboards in the hallway and they are all hiding in there
    Karen recently posted…Etsy Feature #6My Profile

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