Preview: Open house art exhibition at Charles Baker Place

Picture credit: Sabrina Rowan Hamilton

Hellllllo everybody! Are you London-based and looking for something cultural to do this weekend? Well then I have some exciting news for you. I’ve just got wind of a little gem of a family-friendly pop up event that will be taking place this weekend on Friday 11 – Sunday 13 May that I’m sure you’ll want to know about. It’s an open house art exhibition courtesy of Beaubridge, Chester Row and the Young Artist Partnership which will be a chance to see a stunning newly built house at Charles Baker Place in Wandsworth Village, sip on something cool and check out the bathrooms while appreciating some art by young artists under the YAP….

Open house art exhibition

The open house will be open until from 11am until 4pm each day and there will be some fab works on show against the backdrop of this totally gorgeous property (I know, I toured the houses before they were sold, but now only one remains which you can take a look at here).

So to entice you to come, make merry, mingle, soak in the beauty of the property and support youth art, I had little Q & A with Annabel Seal, founder of the Young Artist Partnership to give you a little sneak peek of this weekend’s events:

So what exactly is the Young Artist Partnership?

YAP – Young Artist Partnership was founded 7 years ago as a platform supporting young artists.  We source unusual venues  for pop up shows, mentoring the artists and regularly have a charity link.

Open house art exhibition

Emily Hilllier

Why is it so important we get behind young art like this?

We believe that in order to find success as a young artist they need to find different market places from the norm to show their work to potential collectors interested in supporting artists starting out and growing their careers.

Open house art exhibition

Phil Rae- Scott

What artwork can we expect to be showcased?

The artists showing are early career artists having won many awards and their works are in collections across Europe.

Open house art exhibition
Aubrey Higgin

Can you share with us some of the highlights of the exhibition/ones to watch?

Phil Rae-Scott concerned with longevity, specifically chooses quality materials to create complex abstract sculptures with tactile surfaces. Philip predominately works in metal, attracted by its strength, versatility, and the possibility of creating illusive, slender sculptures otherwise unachievable in other materials.

Amelia Sampson a multiple award winner has created a piece with anti aircraft shell casings and marble in a brass and glass box representing war and peace.

Open house art exhibition

Emily Hillier

Maddie Hills creates beautiful interior canvases recently featured in the Evening Standard.

Aubrey Higgins vibrant works are a representation of life after illness. After a residency in he Arctic Hannah scott’s works are inspired by the relationship between the consumer lifestyle in Britain and the Arctic environment and the impact on plastic waste. Christopher Green works en plein air with pen and ink view of London and some impressive commissions

If you’d like to attend this fantastic pop up and totally free event please do RSVP to

Happy art and house viewing everybody!

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  1. Love the look of those art pieces even though I’m not so much into modern art when it comes to canvas. But definitely liking what I’ve seen so far 🙂

  2. Wow I love this! When it comes to show casing art unless it was through a school event many of my friends didn’t know where to start. Its great to see people getting support for their talents.

  3. That is awesome! It would be so nice to be able to go here and just admire the art! I love that they support young artists who would like to show the world their work.

  4. I love art exhibitions and gladly, I’ve been able to attend a couple over here. It’s always nice to admire new and intriguing pieces by artists! Those in London should really go watch this one; especially that young artists are given the platform to grow!

  5. I really appreciate the thought behind this concept of Young Artist Partnership. Anything that encourages artists and creatives holds a special place in my heart and this one more because they get to showcase their work on different platforms. Good work!

  6. Nice! I hope that when my eldest daughter is older, she will still be able to find programs like these or better. She is the artist in the house. Lots of great potential.

  7. […] much-loved parenting blogger Talya Stone of Motherhood: The Real Deal previewed the exhibition and interviewed the women behind YAP; Annabel Seal and Louisa Higgs. […]

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