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love Caillou

Children’s TV can be a mixed bag. I can often feel myself internally cringe as I wonder what the makers of various shows were thinking, and I’ve shared my opinion on children’s TV these days on the blog before.  But if there’s one thing I am wholeheartedly happy for my four year old daughter to watch day after day – it’s Caillou. And just as well because she absolutely loves it and will often go for weeks on end watching nothing else but Caillou. But why do we love the award-winning television series about an inquisitive four year old whose world is filled with fun, learning & imagination?  Here is why we love Caillou:

It’s slow paced

I’ve voiced my opinions before on how children’s programmes these day seem so frantic and fast paced. Everything is an emergency! Not so with Caillou, which is wonderfully slow paced…much like the pace of a childhood I remember. That’s good news. Why? A research study published in the journal Pediatrics found that children who watched slower-paced educational cartoons such as Caillou have better concentration and focus than kids who watched faster-paced ones.

love Caillou

He makes mistakes

One of the biggest stand outs for me with Caillou is that he is a character that is…well….everyday. He is not a super hero. He is a boy. And he is not infallible. He makes mistakes, pretty much on a constant basis, teaching our children that it’s ok to make mistakes, and it’s ok not to be perfect – something which is very much needed to be communicated in this day and age when the pressure on children to be all singing and all dancing is immense.

He is highly relatable

Anyone who has ever watched an episode of Caillou will know it’s all about trying out new things – much as a four year old would – in life. Things like going ice skating, or going to the beach…you get the idea. Sure – he cries, and whines, and has a paddy on frequent occasions but you know what? That is an amazing vehicle to enable your own young children to understand their own behaviours as it’s all entirely relatable.

love Caillou

It teaches that bad behaviour is not rewarded

Yes – it is acknowledged and validated but it is never rewarded, and that is a biggie. It’s therefore a really great way of exploring all those different types of overwhelming emotions little ones are trying to get their heads around – things like feeling sad, or cross or envious.

Plus it teaches every day lessons too

Every episode is all about learning lessons around the episode’s themes. But it doesn’t stop there. Caillou has a catchy new single out ‘Brushing Our Teeth” which teaches youngsters not only how to brush, but also why it’s important.

love Caillou

The song is a perfect two minutes long – just enough time to brush along to! Team Caillou has also created a great video which you can watch down below. Anything to make teeth brushing easier is a win in my book!

It has parents in it!

I know, sounds strange but don’t you think it’s weird that so many cartoons have barely a trace of the parents in them, like all the kids know the answers and how to conquer the world without any help or guidance from their parents which is a little….um….odd don’t you think? Caillou is probably as close to reality as any child will ever get on screen – something that is hugely hard to come by these days. And you know me, I love a bit of real (the clue is in my blog name haha!).

love Caillou

So there you have it – the reasons we (or I!) love Caillou. And to celebrate our love for this little man we have a fab giveaway to win a bundle of Caillou goodies worth £50 running on my giveaway page.

Caillou giveaway

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