Recovering your body after childbirth with Mutu System

Recovering your body after childbirthIn an age where celebrity magazines are bashing down our throats that A to Z listers are flaunting their flat tummies post childbirth within a matter of weeks, you would be forgiven for thinking that recovering your body after childbirth would be a cinch. Not so – a University of Salford study has found that it takes a year to get over childbirth – not six weeks, as we’re often told but know somewhere deep down inside must be a lie.

Well if you are a year on from childbirth you might still also think that this is a conservative estimate. I would say it probably took me closer to two. Some mums might find it’s more. Or perhaps never!

Our bodies take a real bashing in pregnancy and childbirth, but so much of the secret to recovering your body post childbirth lies in strengthening our core.  And that’s where Mutu System comes in.

So what is the Mutu System?

MUTU System is a medically reviewed and doctor recommended exercise and recovery program to help you eliminate ‘mummy tummy’, Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor weakness—while building your confidence.

The Program contains step-by-step instructions and 20 minute-or-less workouts over 12 easy-to-follow online modules that you can watch and do from home on your computer, TV, tablet or smartphone. so really achievable for a busy mum.

The exercises are easy to follow and you don’t need a tonne of equipment or a lot of space – just  a small ball, straps, a yoga block and cushions. That’s all. Recovering your body after childbirth

The programme includes a super handy checklist of activities you have to do each day under the system including your core exercises, a walk each day and food recommendations – which acts almost as your own personal coach holding you accountable (without any of the other annoying things personal coaches usually bring with them!) to your progress. This is great for those who need an extra helping hand with staying motivated and actually doing what you need to do.

Recovering your body after childbirth

The programme also includes a really handy food guide to inspire and give you the nutritional know-how you need to help you balance your hormones, prevent excess fat storage, get a flatter tummy, more energy, and a healthier lifestyle.

Recovering your body after childbirth

 So who is MUTU System for?

  • Women with Diastasis Recti
  • Women who had a c-section or vaginal birth
  • Women who have babies or whose babies aren’t babies any more!
  • Women who want to…
  • Pregnant women who are approved to exercise by a doctor

My thoughts on the Mutu System

This is such a great, easy to follow and straight-forward course. It’s totally realistic and easy to keep on top of….unlike so many other programmes. I really loved the personal online journal tracker where you could track your progress which really helps to hold you accountable. You can literally feel your pelvic floor and core getting stronger with each day of progress and you feel so much stronger and better for it.  It’s also worth noting that for those dealing with prolapse and other pelvic issues there are also full video demonstrations of modifications for you as part of the programme.

If you’re looking to recover your body after childbirth in a gentle, progressive, effective and supportive way – whether you have a baby who is 6 months or 16 years – I would absolutely recommend looking into Mutu System as a way of doing that.

Have you been struggling to recover your body after childbirth? What have been your experiences? I’d love to hear in a comment below and in the meantime….

****Find out more about Mutu System here***

*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own. 



  1. This is exactly what my fiancee is looking for. She is worried about her body after carrying twins, this is a well explained article.

  2. I read about this earlier on tonight too and I think it sounds so amazing. I really want to try this out. I have some hangups and leak occasionally too and I think this system sounds so important. x

  3. The MUTU system sounds like a lovely work out program and though I am yet to have kids I could do with developing my core and improving my pelvic muscles

  4. It did the MUTU system after having Sebastian and it had a really positibe affect on my diastasis recti – I need to start it again as the weight is creeping back on

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