Review: Surprise, surprise! With Puppy Surprise

Puppy Surprise

My daughter is mad for all things dogs and puppies (aren’t they all) and so recently when we were sent a Puppy Surprise for her to review you can imagine her reaction – overjoyed!

Introducing Luna – a seriously soft, huggable and adorable mama dog with a little surprise litter of puppies inside her. We couldn’t wait to find out how many super cute puppies tucked away safe inside mummy’s pouch and in turned out…..3! All which looked very different with lovely attention to detail.

Puppy Surprise review

Little E was immediately overjoyed with her new family to love, groom and nurture and got to work with showering them with love. We had lots of fun brushing their hair, listening to their little mews and  mummy Luna was taken off to bed to be cuddled to sleep that evening – high praise indeed! – after she continued to tend to the puppies which are so small they an fit into the palm of your hand.

puppy surprise toy review

Puppy Surprise comes in a range of different breeds of different dogs with different looks and of course each “wave” has a different number of puppies inside. We reviewed series five however series eight is now available.

Overall this is a lovely soft toy for any child aged three and up – my daughter is four and this has been a nice addition to her daily play and so although the price seems a little on the high side at £27.99, you do get quite a lot of engagement for that and it’s a nice toy for encouraging imaginative play – think mummy and puppies and vets!

puppy surprise toy review

***Puppy Surprise is available to buy from Flair and Smyths Toys***

*We were sent the toy to review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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