Review: The new Teletubbies magazine!

Teletubbies magazine review

We are absolute magazine nuts in this house – I have lost count of the number of hours, and quite frankly afternoons , we have lost ourselves in children’s activity magazines. And the latest we have spent hours pouring over? The Teletubbies Magazine!

Yes, over the hills and far away, Teletubbies come to play…but this time not on your television screen, but in magazine format…


The Teletubbies Magazine was an instant hit with the little thanks to the Laa-Laa bedtime play set with which it came. Cue hours and hours of playing putting Laa-Laa to bed which quite frankly, made the magazine worth it just for that alone. How cute is this?

Teletubbies magazine review

BUT no! The magazine is also packed full of pages and pages of awesome activities, stories and giggles including big stickers for little fingers, counting, writing, dance routines, colouring and mazes all presented in big bold Teletubbies technicolour.


OK well there’s obviously a lot of fun involved for our tykes – but what about learning? Apart from being absolutely packed full of fun, the magazine is also structured to help develop early years skills including developing fine motor control, recognising letters, shapes and numbers all delivered with a good old dose of creativity, laughter and all round feel-good vibes. Take a little peek at the little as she flexes her writing and fine motor skills here….

For those whose littles aren’t familiar with Teletubbies, fret not – the stories help the characters come alive making this is lovely little choice for fans and those who might be wondering Tele-who?

Sharing a magazine is one of my favourite ways to spend time with my little, and now I’ll be keeping a definite eye out for the next issue of the Teletubbies Magazine next time magazine time rolls around again.

***The October/November issue of the Teletubbies Magazine is available to buy in shops now  at £2.99.*** 

*I was sent a copy of the Teletubbies Magazine to review however all opinions are my own 


  1. I miss my children being young enough for Teletubbies. It’s good to know they;re still around though and this magazine looks great! So much fun to be had! xx

  2. Oh I’m popping out to the shops today. We love getting magazines for Evie and the teletubbies is her favourite. It’s a great treat for them isn’t it, with loads of activities they’re perfect for keeping them entertained at home, on journeys or in restaurants.

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