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sock fashion

When planning your outfit for the day, do you pay attention to your socks? Most people don’t think much about the socks they choose to wear beyond simply trying to match their socks with their shoes and outfit. But, did you know that there is a growing trend away from boring colours or patterns that are the same colour as the other clothes you are wearing towards glitter, glamour, funky, cool, and fun socks? There are socks for any and every occasion. Are you ready to join the sock revolution?

Yes, most people wear socks for the function they serve, but did you know that your socks can actually speak for you by making a statement? Statement socks make every outfit better.

There are many varieties of statement socks that include crazy patterns, novelty, sports, and designer socks. Funny Socks are a type of novelty sock that represent a comic book, video game, or animated movie character that you love. Wearing socks with sequins adds some dazzle to your evening. Playing tennis with business associates? Help advertise your company by wearing your logo on your socks. Show your support for a cause by wearing socks that advertise a particular organization or charity.

Makes Your Life Easier

Matching socks is probably one of the most annoying tasks associated with doing laundry. And of course, we have all experienced the mystery of the missing sock where one or more of a set disappears forever in the washing machine. Where those socks go is one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. With statement socks, you no longer have to put socks under a bright light to see if they are blue or black. The wild and crazy designs on these socks make sorting and matching them much easier.

Match or Contrast?

Matching is no longer the “rule” for how to choose your socks. The new trend is now towards combining what used to be considered taboo. The old rule of thumb was to match them to your shoes and pants. Blue socks with blue jeans, gray socks with gray pants, and black socks with black pants were the norm. Today, many people might consider those norms to be boring and prefer to follow the latest trends.

The new rule is there is no new rule. Some people are not as comfortable making very bold statements with their socks, whereas others are more comfortable wearing bright colours, fun patterns, and crazy designs. Mixing stripes and polka dots, wearing socks with sandals, and wearing bright and sassy colours that do not necessarily match the rest of your outfit are now what many call fashionable. People from all walks of life, including politicians and celebrities, are jumping on the sock wagon. A classic example is when George H.W. Bush wore cotton-candy pink socks that poked out from under his pant cuffs.

Celebrities Help Set the Trend

Fashion models are on the runways wearing famous brand socks like Givenchy and Gucci. Celebrities are showing off the new trends in fun, cool, and sassy socks. Sarah Jessica Parker wears pink socks with a blue polka dot dress. Jennifer Lopez looks glamorous in a white dress, fancy high-heel shoes, and funky matching socks.  Beyonce adds sheer socks to her hip outfit of shorts, t-shirt, sweater, and high heels.

Changing Trends

There is no doubt that the role of socks is changing. Do you remember when wearing socks with sandals was a huge fashion faux pas? Celebrities like Rita Ora are now testing out this new trend of the socks-and-sandals outfit by wearing a knee-high striped sock with her sandals. Several decades ago knee-high socks were very popular. Like many fashion trends, they are back again. They are becoming more and more accepted in fashion circles, especially with girls and women. Designs vary from flowers to abstract, colours range from neutral to vibrant, and styles include mesh, fishnet, and normal fabrics.

Socks are no longer just a boring accessory. They are now part of a new clothing standard for both women and men. By wearing creative, innovative, fun, cool, and crazy socks, we have a new way to show off our personality and style. Liked this post? Why not read on for more style tips here.

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