Be kind to yourself this #WorldKindnessDay with the S+ sleep solution


Here’s the thing – I am not the greatest sleeper and have battled with sleep issues for some time. I know that when my sleep suffers, everything and everyone (sorry!) around me suffers. But it’s not just a hunch – it’s a proven fact. Because sleep helps restore the brain overnight it is essential for maintaining effective daytime functioning – how well somebody sleeps affects how well they think, react, work, learn, and get along with others. And I know full well I am definitely not at my kindest when I haven’t had a good night’s sleep. Nor am I being very kind to myself either.

So in the run up to this year’s World Kindness Day, I’ve teamed up with S+ – the personalised sleep solution, to be kinder to myself (and hopefully therefore other people!) to see if a better night’s sleep can make that happen.


Before we get onto the deets, a typical night’s sleep consists of me a) struggling to fall asleep and b) struggling to stay asleep and then c) struggling to wake up at the right time. I’m pretty sure that’s not going to be the foundation of me being the best version of myself I can be and it sure as heck doesn’t sound like I’m being kind to myself. But hey – we’re in this together, with poor sleep regularly affecting one in three people in the UK and 43% of people describing themselves as ‘permanently exhausted’, or ‘sleep deprived’. Firing on all cylinders we are definitely not!

So can the S+ change this for us, and help us all be better (and hopefully kinder!) versions of ourselves?  Let’s find out.

So what is the S+?

The S+ by ResMed is a smarter sleep solution and is the world’s first non-contact sleep tracker that accurately tracks every stage of the sleep cycle. It works by providing a daily sleep score and sleep charts, coaching and advice from the S+ Mentor, and features such as Mind Clear, Relax to Sleep (which I absolutely LOVE!) and a Smart Alarm all designed to help users sleep better and wake up better.

Essentially, it’s a device that sits beside the bed, a cloud-hosted Sleep Mentor system, and a free mobile app (Apple iOS and Android). Results from the US show that the S+ improves sleep after just one week of use. Amazing! But no wonder seeing that ResMed has spent more than 10 years developing the S+, analysing more than two million nights of sleep to develop the very best solution available. Wow.

S + sleep solution

And now for the science-y bit

The S+ features patent-protected SleepSensor technology that lets it monitor somebody’s sleep without touching them or their bed using a highly calibrated respiratory and biomotion sensor to measure and analyse each of the sleep stages, sleep onset, light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep. Yes I was dubious at first but this really does happen (you can even watch it on your app if you don’t believe it!).

Additional sensors help analyse the sleeping environment by measuring, light, temperature, and noise levels throughout the night, and it also tracks breathing and body movements overnight, analysing changes in sleep patterns throughout the night to see whether they are influenced by light, temperature and noise levels.

Thankfully for total tech idiots like me, it is incredibly easy to set up and took me all of two minutes to do so.


What next?

Each morning, the S+ app delivers sleep scores and sleep charts to your phone or tablet, analysing  how lifestyle factors such as exercise and stress levels along with caffeine and alcohol affects your sleep patterns and the S+ Mentor delivers personalised feedback and suggestions to help users improve their sleep.

It also helps you to fall asleep…..and wake up!

As well as the daily sleep analysis and personalized advice and suggestions, the S+ also works to support you in falling asleep, improving sleep and waking up.  Relax to Sleep provides a choice of soothing sounds that synchronize with the user’s breathing patterns to help with the process of falling asleep at bedtime. Mind Clear allows users to record a voice message or type a text note to help clear their mind when trying to settle to sleep. Smart Alarm allows you to set a window of time for the S+ to naturally wake your fine self when you’re already in light sleep, meaning you wake feeling more refreshed.

The verdict

I’m about a week into my journey with S+. There is without doubt that I HAVE been falling asleep easier thanks to the Relax to Sleep and Mind Clear functions. It’s also great to know what exactly has been going on in my sleep when I have not had such a great night and understand why that might be and what changes I’ve had to make to rectify that. I have also been waking up feeling ready to take on the world (not befuddled by my suprise waking state_ thanks to the Smart Alarm. My sleep score has jumped  up so I know that with each day I have been that much kinder to my self on the sleep stakes….and I’m hoping this had had a knock on effect to everything and everyone around me!

S+ resmed

And all that is left to be said is…..

‘Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains’ – Napoleon Bonaparte 

***The S+ is priced at £129.95 and can be purchased at, ResMed clinics, Amazon and John Lewis. ***

*This post is in collaboration with S+ however all opinions are my own.


  1. I used to struggles getting to sleep, but I found meditation really helps. Mr. C struggles to stay asleep though, so something like this would be perfect for him.

  2. A very interesting product this! My sleep schedule is terrible – I fall asleep early and get up between 4-5 am. I fell asleep REALLY early after a busy day yesterday and woke up wide awake at 11:30 pm ready to start the day. Binge watched Netflix until 2:30 am and then back to sleep, up at 5 again! I could use something like this sleep solution in my life!

  3. This sounds interesting, I had never heard of this before. At the minute I have no trouble sleeping as kids, dog, and running really tires me out. I will keep this in mind if anything changes 🙂

  4. I’ve always struggled with sleep, but right now it’s my 6 ‘month old and 2 year old who are my biggest hinderences, I wonder if this would work for them…xx

  5. Having a two-year-old who still wakes up a lot I would love to have a night of sleep they’d deem terrible Sounds fascinating though to have all this analysed, how clever?

  6. Sometimes during the day when I think about my struggle to sleep at night I want to cry. I need to check this out and see if it can help me too have a better sleep

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