Say hello to the new Instagram community – #coolmumclub!

instagram community
Psssst something very exciting is coming! For all your fellow bloggers and #coolmumclub members, lovers and even would-be’s, Sarah at Mum Muddling Through and myself are very excited to announce our new Instagram community, coming to an Instagram account near you from NOW….the #coolmumclub Insta community!


Let’s face it, Instagram is an awesome place, but even more awesome when you can be part of an awesome community, and all you need to do to be part of thT and feel the Insta #coolmumclub love is include the #coolmumclub hashtag on your Insta posts. But why? I hear you all ask:

  1. It will help you discover other #coolmumclubbers and their Insta snaps
  2. We can all then support each other with a bit of #coolmumclub love
  3. Each month Sarah and I will pick out four of our favourite snaps each and shout loud and proud about you each in a blog post

So what’s the catch? No catch! No catch really….it’s simples – you can tag any of your pics with a #coolmumclub hashtag to get them on our radar…they don’t even need to be cool –  just the usual drill over at #coolmumclub. Everyone and everything welcome, because we’re feeeling the Insta-love man!

So are you in? Yup, I thought so. See you over at Insta later!

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