School run mum outfit ideas (that don’t involve a stripey top!) AD

Stumbling out of your front door having barely shovelled breakfast down your food pipe heckling your kids to get their shoes on and get out quickly is not exactly the sweetest part of the day now is it? For a school run mum, there is barely time to collect your thoughts let alone make sure you didn’t just leave the house with your top inside out. The thing is, as mums, we do actually still want to look nice, don’t we? But what to wear?

For a school run mum, the sweet spot is something that’s not too mumsy, but that looks effortless and will also see us through the rest of the day. Here I’ve teamed up with Femme Luxe to share four easy school run looks featuring their range which are really quite effortless but also look like you actually had time to get dressed in the morning!

The loungewear chic look

Because we are all so over the novelty of wearing trackie bums by now, if you are not quite ready to leave the realm of grey loungewear behind you, then opt for a more loungewear chic look with Co-Ord Sets. This Ribbed Belted Set (now £14.99) is fabulously lightweight and comes with a very flattering tie in the middle which makes you look put together even the reality is that you’re falling apart at the seams!

The midi dress mama

A midi dress covers a multitude of sins without the potential of tripping you up on a school run (unlike it’s sister the maxi). It’s also the perfect no-brainer in the morning because you don’t have to find something that goes with it – except maybe a denim jacket that you grab off the coat rack on the way out! And who can resist a ditzy print which makes you feel more Mary Poppins than Sergeant Major on the school run? For that, this Black & White Dalmatian Print Midi Dress (now £9.99) is absolutely spot on.

The monochrome look

I don’t know what it is about monochrome but somehow it always looks so classy even if you’re feeling more trashy. These Stone Wide Leg Elasticated Back Trousers (now £11.99) are ridiculously comfortable and effortlessly fuse casual with classy. They even make my battered old polka top t-shirt from H&M look acceptable – miraculous!

The Scandi look

What is it about the Scandis? They always look so cool, calm, and collected…..everything that is a far cry from a school run mum. Well, I say fake it ’til you make it baby! That you most certainly can do with a Scandi inspired combo. Think a slouchy cream jumper like this Stone Oversized Split Side Knitted Jumper (now £15.99) paired with white skinny jeans (model’s own).

So there you have it, four easy peasy outfits for a school run mama to throw on in the morning. Which is your favourite? Leave a comment below and follow me on Instagram – I love to chat all things mum life! And if you’re looking for more outfit inspo why not check out these summer looks from our friends at Cuddle Fairy.


    • Thanks for this clothes suggestions. Moms would definitely benefit from this post.

  1. I love the midi dress. I’m usually a jeans and hoodie mum so when it’s warmer a dress would make a good change, especially since post-lockdown weight seems to have stayed. #fortheloveofblog

  2. All your outfits look so comfy to the school run in. I loild the dalmatian dot dress really cute with the denim jacket x #fortheloveofblog

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