#Scooterproblems: My problem with “Scoot ‘N’ Pull”


I’ve been seeing them sprouting up more and more frequently, perhaps you out there reading this right now even has one…I’m talking about the strange phenomenon that goes by the name Scoot ‘N’ Pull.

Apparently designed to get your tired toddler home when they can’t be arsed to scoot (awwww diddums!), you have probably seen peeved parents towing their poor little cretins who are just TOO exhausted to function, or scoot, engaged in towing their sproglet behind them on the scooter using one of these.

Sorry but WTF?????!

If I had one of these, my toddler would probably never bother to scoot EVER AGAIN! I mean, why scoot when you can have mummy or daddy pull you along using a veritable lead, while you just glide along blissfully chillaxin’ on the scooter watching the world pass you by.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve left the house with a toddler and scooter with the idea that it would be a good bit of exercise for them (is it really though? seeing as they’re only using one leg most of the time…I’m dubious) only to hear “Mummy, I don’t want to scoot anymore” five minutes later.

Am I going to whip out my Scoot ‘N’ Pull then, just so my toddler can get to the shops in lazy mode?

BAHAHHAHAHAH yeah right!

Seriously, everyone’s concerned about childhood obesity and then contraptions like the Scoot ‘N’ Pull come along and laugh in the face of exercise. You might as well just put every child on a hoverboard and annihilate all forms of exercise completely, while fanning them and peeling them grapes.

Quite frankly – in my opinion kids these days are damn lucky even to have a scooter. And if they are too tired to scoot; well, they can just bloody well walk!

What do you think about the Scoot ‘N’ Pull? Do you or would you have one? Or do you think it’s just another marketing man’s invention to extract money from exhausted parents? Leave a comment and let me know…

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  1. Off to google Scoot N Pull…not sure it’s reached our little bit of North West England. Although those silly hover boards have! My daughter won’t even stand on the buggy board I scoured the Internet to find so I doubt she would buy into this. I’m never brave enough to leave the house with a toddler and a scooter lol!! #coolmumclub

  2. Reasons I love this post:

    1. I read it in your voice in my head.
    2. I have never thought about this before and now realise what a PISSTAKE those things are.
    3. It made me question the day I ever considered getting one (but never got around to it).
    4. I just had a brain wave for a contraption for Mums to be dragged around by their erm, partners / strong friends when they have HAD ENOUGH too.

    You are SO right. Lazy little *darlings* (insert word of choice)

    #coolmumclub (The ONE and only)
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  3. I totally agree with you! If the child is lucky enough to be out on their scooter then they can walk home if they decide not to ride it anymore I mean what will be next us pulling along their bikes? Or skateboards? #coolmumclub
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  4. Very very well said!! I didnt even know this was a thing, we just have normal scooters. Like you my boys would never scoot again if they thought I would pull them! x #coolmumclub

  5. I agree! My kids had scooters as little tackers and if the got tired of scooting they just pushed it and walked! Plus what with having twins the though of two pull systems just would be a whole world of difficult…I have images if the twins, 2scooters…and a giants cats cradle mess to unravel!! #coolmumclub

  6. Making our kids lazy beggers. As if we don’t pander to them enough already. This did make me chuckle! I don’t think my son would let me pull his scooter along though. I think he would be just as offended as I would be if he asked me to do it! #coolmumclub

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