Simple self-care tips for busy mums

self-care tips for busy mums

In case you hadn’t noticed, self-care is a hot topic right now and more so than ever, as we embrace the new year and seek out self-care tips.

For us busy mums, it’s not unusual for self-care to fall right to the bottom of our priorities.  An afterthought, rather than a necessity.  ‘That thing’ that will start tomorrow, or maybe even next week, when life calms down a bit…which invariably, it never does.

The reality is that somehow, it’s much easier to be that headless chicken, trying to be all things to all people (big and small!), burning yourself out along the way.   

Self care tips for busy mums #selfcare #wellness #wellbeing

And she’s right, because a broken mama is simply no good to anyone and in neglecting our own needs and happiness, we cannot give our all to those that need us most.   It just doesn’t work.   

The key to survival is to recognise the early warning signs of overwhelm, with the aim of nipping them in the bud, before they drag you down. This is where daily self-care comes in to play.  

Self-care basics

Here’s a few basics to get you going on your self-care quest:

Eat well

Rather than grabbing a coffee and a biscuit on the hoof, ensure that your body is well-nourished and you’re drinking plenty of water, regularly.  Healthy eating is about making the right choices and trust me, your body and mind will thank you kindly for it later.

Find your calm

For me, exercise is huge when it comes to self-care. Simply stepping out for a walk or a run, to breathe fresh air, clear my mind and connect with nature, is a game-changer. Perhaps for you, it’s a gentle swim, a relaxing yoga session, quiet meditation, or a deep bath?

self-care tips


Whatever works, learn to incorporate self-care into your daily routine, because the key to self-care is to trigger the relaxation response, decreasing the heart rate and calming the emotions. 

Rest up

Sleep plays a vital role in good self-care.  Getting enough sleep and recharging those batteries, will help protect your emotional and physical health and wellbeing, in so many ways.

Simple self-care tips for busy mums #selfcare #wellness #wellbeing #motherhood

Use essential oils

More recently for me, Aromatherapy, the use of pure essential oils to support the body, both emotionally and physically, has played a more pivotal role in my daily self-care routine.  Giving me the natural tools to help trigger that relaxation response, in moments when I need extra support.   

Essential oils are natural, aromatic compounds, extracted from plants for their purity and potency. When it comes to self-care, essential oils can be used to help calm the emotions, manage the mood, support our sleep, keep us grounded, help to cleanse the body and mind and so much more.

self-care tips

Essential oils for self-care

When we talk about essential oils, we’re talking about 100% pure, unadulterated, essential oils. Oils that support the body and mind. Oils that have played a huge part in my own self-care journey.

Simply inhaling a drop of your favourite calming oils, will allow you to experience their powerful aromatic benefits.  As will a deep bath, with a handful of soothing Epsom salts and a few drops of your favourite essential oils, for a seriously opulent soak.

I also love using a cold mist diffuser. Cleansing the air in our home, whilst filling it with aromatic delights, to match or manage my mood – be it a pick me up, or a calm me that’s needed at the time.

Here’s my favourite tried and tested essential oils for self-care:


Known as the oil of self-love and self-worth, helping to release the fear of not being good enough and opening your heart to love and self-acceptance.

LAVENDER: Calming on the emotions and supportive of sleep.  The perfect self-care essential oil.

FRANKINCENSE: Use daily, to feel calm and grounded.  The perfect oil to bring you to a peaceful state, during meditation and yoga.  

GERANIUM: Creates a sense of calm and peace, reducing anxious feelings. Whilst also balancing the hormones. 

YLANG YLANG: Reducing anxious feelings and a positive oil to help focus on happiness and gratitude. A natural aphrodisiac too!

So, there you have it – my ‘essential’ self-care tips for avoiding mum burn out. I urge you to try and make time for yourself and put self-care at the top of your ‘To Do’ list, you deserve it!

For more information on using pure essential oils for self-care and family wellness, contact Kate Parker at Facebook: Nurture Family Wellness & email:

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Author Bio

Founder of Nurture Family Wellness and mother of three, Kate Parker, is no stranger to the daily challenges of motherhood. Four years ago, having experienced the power of pure essential oils for herself, whilst caring for her young family, she developed an incredible passion for natural family health!  Today, Kate makes it her mission to inspire end empower other with these amazing natural tools, spending her days sharing her knowledge with other families, giving them the confidence to explore alternative, natural, ways of managing their emotional and physical health.


  1. I’m doing good on the eating well – currently half way through a 30 day clean eating challenge which will hopefully change my eating habits longer term. Need to do better on resting though, I always go to bed waaay too late.

  2. I completely agree that exercise and self-care go hand in hand! I have taken up walking recently and I love listening to a podcast and enjoying the fresh air 🙂

  3. I try really hard with this, as think sometimes selfishly I need to eat and exercise for my own sanity! So important to look after yourself so you can look after others.

  4. Self care hasn’t been particularly high on my list with the kids and their needs. It is important to set aside time for me too and it’s something I am trying to do a little more now after a health scare.

  5. Great tips. Self care has become an important part of my lifestyle. I have started reading more books, meditating more and I have started putting lavender oil on my wrists to help calm to down when I am feeling stressed.

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