Smart phones and children: To the school girl glued to her iPhone

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Dear girl,

I see you there, sitting on the wall after school, glued to your iPhone, lost in a world of scrolling. Yeah yeah I know – that’s smart phones and children these days.

But I say….hey you – look up! look up!

Look at the beautiful blue  sky above you, listen to the birds singing their last song for the day as the sun starts to dip down, pay attention to the real world.

Life is a gift, but every minute you spend falling into that online abyss, you pass up the gift that is REAL LIFE. Real conversation, laughter, exchanges. Stop looking for the likes and the girls and women you will never be like on Instagram.  Stop Snapchatting your friends and have an actual conversation with them – offline, not on social media.

I can feel it, it’s not making you happy

– it’s all over your face. It’s making you miserable as you sit there catching up on the uniform clad Snapchats. There is not joy in your response to these exchanges, it’s just a constant need to find that one thing, that one hit you’re looking for.

But what on earth is it? Do you even know?

Do you ever stop to think how all this is making you feel? Do you ever wonder why it doesn’t feel good for long? Or why you don’t feel right without it? How about all the over analysing? The comparing? The constant need to be there or miss out?

You may think all us adults are crazy for angsting over your iPhone addiction, but when I look at you I see all the reasons for the agnst. The mental health issues, the isolation, the fakeships.

Your iPhone is not your best friend

Don’t make the mistake of being closer to it than your family because there is nothing closer than blood.  I’m talking about REAL people, and REAL interactions. The stuff that has been the foundation for the success of the human race since the beginning of time. We need it, we crave it. Don’t let this alter your universe.

You need it, but perhaps you just don’t realise it yet.

But I realise it – looking at you sitting on the wall looking all shrunken and isolated hunched over your iPhone in your school uniform.

So put the iPhone away for just one minute and look up, and look around you. For there’s a beautiful real life universe out there waiting for you to live your life in it. And it’s right here…not out there on social media.

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  1. we are going nuts over the phones and the PCs and laptops, but the truth is we as parents spend so much time in front of digital devices ourselves. Children just learn from us. We need to engage into more creative activities.

    • This is so true – the best thing we can do for our kids is manage our relationships with our devices a lot better! We need to be better role models…

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