Smoogles: The perfect after school activity to keep kids entertained + #win

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Hands up those of you who are met with the words “what are we doing today” as soon as you pick up your children after school? You might think that children have done enough at school, but they have other ideas! Yet after school can be a tricky time. Sure they may want to do things, but they can often be incredibly tired. Crashing out in front of a screen seems all too easy. So what is the perfect after school activity to keep kids entertained?

Having a sequin moment

Introducing Sequin Art Smoogles, a brand new range that is aimed at girls and boys from six years old. As you may have guessed, this is a lovely craft activity involving our household favourite – sequins!

Each Sequin Art Smoogles character comes with its own unique personality, just like children. There’s Owl Hoot – who knows it all, Giraffe Chomp – who likes me time, Bunny Munch – who likes to be liked by everyone, and Tiger Scratch – the rascal of the family, plus others in the range.

We have been testing out Bunny Munch and much like a jigsaw puzzle or Lego, we have had it out on the kitchen table for easy after school access.

An easy after school craft activity

The box comes with lots of coloured sequins, push pins and a polystyrene base as well as the design. It’s as easy as this – you lay the design on top of the polystyrene base and then use the push pins to secure the correct coloured sequin into the corresponding part of the design.

This is one of those activities that children really get into a flow with. There’s something about it that is VERY therapeutic and relaxing which children need more than ever. Even my mum and I were captured by this lovely sequin activity and we really got into it too!

At one point we had three generations working on our Smoogle. So as you can see, it can also be a great collaborative activity.

Move over screens, we want sequins!

As it takes time, concentration and coordination, it is also something that you can have on the go for a while. My daughter has been coming back to hers as and when she pleases most afternoons. She’s also really excited to see the end result when all those shimmering sequins are in place and can’t wait to display it in her room when it’s all finished.

We absolutely love the fact that Sequin Art craft encourages children to disconnect from screens and gives them something to keep them busy after school, whilst helping them to unwind. I have to say, so far our Smoogle has been great for keeping little hands and minds occupied (and the house quiet!) after school.

If your children love fun and easy crafts then they will love Sequin Art Smoogles. There are lots of different designs to choose, which means you could have a stash of a few of these at home. They would also make great presents for birthday parties and at £9.99 the kits are really affordable given how many hours will be spent on them! Why not check out the Smoogles range here?


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*I was sent some Sequin Art Smoogle sets for the purpose of this review and compensated for my time


  1. These look great, they are something that my Daughter would like doing with our little Grandson, nice selection of pictures to create

  2. Wow, what a great activity, very fun & creative, also requires lots of concentation! nice to see the finished picture. Me and my sister would enjoy the sequin crafts x

  3. I think this range looks great, just the right level of difficulty. Not to easy it’s boring but hard enough to keep them interested. My niece would definitely love to try it out.

  4. Our daughter used to love these sets and we still have her creations hung up in her room now. They get so consumed in their doing it they lose track of time and are totally immersed. Great birthday gifts for friends as well

  5. This looks like a great fine motor skill activity that kids will actually enjoy and ASK to do! Thanks for sharing I hadn’t heard of it before.

  6. I remember having something similar to this myself, it felt really satisfying to finally finish a picture. My daughter loves crafts too so this would be lovely to share with her.

  7. My daughter would love to do something like that. She always has to have something to do at all times really so this would be good for an after school/before dinner activity x

  8. They look amazing, I’d not seen them before this post but now I can think of so many children who would love these…and adults, including me, who would love to help!

  9. My kids never ask me that after school, they always just want to watch TV and then we argue over watching too much TV. This would be a great alternative!

  10. I think these would appeal to everyone. I would certainly enjoy doing this with my son. I love the selection they have.

  11. They look so much fun. Both my girls Alexa and Chloe would love these to keep them busy over the holidays x

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