Forget Snapchat…us tired mums need and want Napchat!

tired mums
Snapchat…sorry..but I just don’t get it. Yes lots of crazy filters and selfies but hmm…it’s just not for me. It just feels a little….ohhhh I dunno….stupid and unintelligible! So here, I propose a new social platforms for us mums..something we can relate better to. Just lose the S and there we have it.

Introducing Napchat.

Napchat – where we shoot the breeze on all things nap related. How we wish our tot would bloody well just go down for am afternoon nap without giving us hell before hand. How we wish our three year old would just nap because quite frankly we are knackered at 1pm, and finding it very hard to survive without it and could jolly well do with a lie down too.

And then we could reminisce about the days when we didn’t have a bajiliion things to do a day and could actually reap the benefits of a nap. We could take selfies of ourselves looking bedraggled already at 1pm as quite clearly, we were already in of a nap.

We could share nap related memes about how we would sell our souls for a nap. We could share photos of our napping selves from back in the day when we were free and easy. We could photoshop spoof photos of us having a sneaky nap whilst upright doing the dishes. Or embarrass ourselves with photos of the most ridiculous places where we had orchestrated a cheeky nap because we were so damn knackered – like under a bush much like the lady in the picture above.

Just think how many hearts you’d get!

And followers!

Some people could share smug photos of themselves sneaking a nap in luxurious Egyptian cotton bedding and instantly be hated by all their followers for ever more. And we could have a bevvy of celebrity Napchatters lording it up about the latest trend in…um….napping.

Yes move over Snapchat. For the next big thing is coming…


Available to download in iTunes and Android for no money whatsoever because actually, it doesn’t exist haha! Yup, you heard it here first.

Snapchat vs Napchat for Mums

So would Napchat get your vote over Snapchat? Leave a comment and let me know what yo think!

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