So I hear you’re a mummy blogger *SCOFF*

Over the festive season which we are all now paying for, I was at an uber cool West London party. Now before you pass judgement, this is firstly a) the first time I had left my bumpkin cave in MONTHS and b) not my usual scene these days.

Anyhoo, as you can imagine I was already feeling extremely bumpkin-fied as slick looking servers shimmied around me with canapes and bubbly. I can handle this, I thought. Old faces, some champers, food to fill my face with.

That is until from one old face spilled out those fateful words…

“So, what are you up to these days? I heard you’re a mummy blogger.” *SCOFF*

I could practically hear the sneer in his voice and the look of disdain pouring out of his pupils.

OK, yes so I am no longer the “high-flying” Editor in Chief I once was, but hey, you know what – times have changed, and so have my priorities. And since when did being a mummy blogger become something to be scoffed at? I get to work part time, earn enough money between that and my freelance work to pay for my childcare, therefore making my own hours and spending quality time with my little girl. Also, I rather love what I do, dare I say ENJOY it, and get to mainly call my own shots.

Of course, staircase wit is a wonderful thing. Of course I know I can wax lyrical about all the reasons why being a mummy blogger is certainly not something to be scoffed at – because at the time my bumpkin self merely smiled sweetly, agreed that yes, that is indeed what I was doing, and quickly made my exit.

So last time I checked, being a mummy blogger certainly isn’t something to be scoffed at – but being a d***head, however –  was and is.

Have you had a mummy (or indeed) daddy blogger scoffing moment? Share yours and let’s scoff at those perpetrators instead!

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  1. What a as you say d**k! Said by someone who hasn’t had to readjust their life priorities. I think blogging gives people great opportunities for their family, particularly mums and for that we should all be proud x

  2. I don’t understand this at all! I am so proud of what I do and I think it shows enterprise to build up a successful business of any kind! I’m quite shocked actually, as I don’t see what there is to scoff at. Jealous perhaps?

    Keep doing what you do, mummy bloggers rock! X

  3. I really struggle with this as there are probably only about 5 people who totally understand my blogging. My partner, my eldest child (9), my dad is getting there and my brother and one of my friends. When I was trying to write something one day over the holidays at the in laws my mother in law asked me if I was “writing my blog thingy ” followed by a little giggle and that’s pretty much how it always is !

  4. Yes he sounds like a total dick! I haven’t had anything like that, but because I am so aware that there IS a lot of scoffing about parent bloggers, I feel a bit weird when talking about it sometimes – like people are secretly scoffing (even if they may not be!) This may be my issue though! Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of course, if you are happy doing it, and people are enjoying it, that’s all that matters!

    • I have heard a lot about blogger scoffing but could not believe it when I was so overtly scoffed at to my face!!! Hopefully you never get to experience it first hand Yvette. x

    • Cockwomble! Wow that is a truly brilliant word for this douchebag! There is always a minority who has to ruin things for people x

  5. Yes, I get it too. I think from certain peoples point of view, Im even lower in their percieved pecking order. “Well I know people write blogs about parenting and fashion, but whay do YOU write about?” because obviously not being a mum, fashionista or a working person I know nothing about anything :-/

  6. Everyone I know, knows and values what I do. I provide jobs to three people in my team and even when I started out, not doing this as a job, I really didn’t experience this (lucky perhaps)-I say ignore, parenting blogging is one of the most rewarding, creatively and financially spheres to be working in for those who want to x

    • Wow that is so great you are a true inspiration! Maybe it was just bad luck being around a troll like that but I agree – parenting blogging is in my mind hugely rewarding on SO many levels x

  7. You should be proud of your successful blog. Non bloggers have no idea how much time & effort goes into blogging & yours is one of the best x

  8. Totally understand this. My hubby doesn’t even get it, doesn’t understand that I can build a business out of something I love to do, because to him, this isn’t real work. This is just playing on the internet. And he calls me Posty McPosting cuz he doesn’t get there’s a difference between a status update on Facebook and an essay on a blog. He’s quite the butthead.

  9. I’m nowhere near making a full time income yet, but I treat my blog like a business and I know that many other bloggers do the same. That said, how many times do you hear someone ask a small business owner “So what are you up to these days? I hear you’re a boutique owner. *scoff*” You don’t hear people say that. So why is it ok to say that about a blogger? So annoying! #fartglitter

    • SOOOOO ANNOYING! Having a blog is in my view, just like having a start up and it’s damn hard word whichever you do (and I’ve done both).

  10. Ahh what a prick. I hope he reads this and sees all the comments from all us angry bloggers. I must admit though I don’t tell many people I blog as I do worry about a scoff like response. The few family members I have told seem supportive but they don’t really get it. My husband loves that I blog though as it means he gets to play Xbox at least 3 evenings a week haha. I really don’t think people should scoff, there is so much work involved in writing and running a blog, some people are just so judgemental x #Fartglitter

  11. Haven’t experienced this, but mainly because I don’t mention I’m a blogger at all. I choose carefully who to mention it to, ones whom I know won’t scoff at me. My husband on the other hand, mentions it a lot and I often find myself kicking him under the table, but so far, everyone has seemed really nice about it. x

  12. Some people are so narrow-minded sometimes. People so often mock what they fear or do not understand. Certainly, if I was still in magazine publishing (I left 10 years ago), I would be terrified of the rising power of bloggers. It’s easy to be snobbish about supposed ‘amateurs’ but I see so much writing online that is superior to much of what I read from traditional media outlets. More fool them if they think you’re *only* a mummy blogger.

    • Thanks Tim – funnily enough this guy is a rather old school med-ja type so I wouldn’t be surprised if he will be on his way out as a dinosaur soon!

  13. Whenever I am feeling doubtful, or being faced by doubters, I cast my mind to Vicki aka Honest Mum…that is where blogging can take you! He sounds like the kind of colleague that you can be greatful blogging has separated you from! 😉 x

  14. Most people I talk to about it don’t really understand. Friends all still think I just get sent ‘free stuff’ and so most of the time when people ask what I do I say my day job and hardly mention the blog! x

  15. I find it really hard to talk about as a lot of people don’t really understand. Likewise if someone compliments me on something they have read I get very awkward and British about it. I can’t win! There’s never any excuse for being a condescending b*@$*~> though! #coolmumsclub

  16. I find it difficult to talk about my blogging because of people like this. What an arrogant person! I guess you need to be a blogger to understand why you blog.

  17. I think it’s a shame how the word ‘mummy’ can seems so condescending in any sense, except of course when it is utterred by the ones who are most important. The ones to whom, you are actually Mummy. xx great post Talya. #coolmumclub

  18. So far I’ve found that all of the comments I’ve received have been positive, but then they’re mostly coming from my friends!! I wonder if I were to meet someone I hadn’t seen in years whether they’d have the same reaction?! Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub 🙂

  19. What a toss…Some people are just rude. I do soooo wish you had of used the di**h**d line on him,and then oh so coolly turned and walked away. Just be thrilled that he had actually heard (people are talking about it!! This is a good thing!!) and that he was interested enough to remember. And never forget that you are a much respected captain at the #coolmumclub

  20. Believe it or not I’ve never been scoffed at. That said, I can think of one occasion when I got ice cold vibes from a mum blogger at a blogger event as I was the only guy in attendance. So, er, yeah, inter blogging scoffing is a reality! My blogging activities have opened so many doors for me. It’s taken me to 10 Downing Street and a host of other amazing places and met amazing people. If anyone ever scoffed at me, I could quietly walk away knowing they had a problem, not me! Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub

  21. That moment when everyone in the room is collectively having the same thought, “What a w*nker”. The difference between you and him is that if you wanted at a later date you could pick up the editing in chief again with a whole new skill set to bring to the party whilst him … He’ll always be just a w*nker.

    Well done for not punching him or treading on his toes as you parted company.

  22. Oh my gosh! I think I would have had a few words for him that is for sure. Some people I talk to don’t understand quite how much work goes into blogging and keeping it going. They do not see it as something real and worth while. The battle continues #coolmumclub x

  23. Love this! I can’t wait to say I’m a mummy blogger!! Not at that stage yet but you should be so so proud – it’s definitely my plan to get there so you go shout from the rooftops I would! happy thursday #coolmumclub

  24. I agree with the previous comments that being a mummy blogger is something to be proud of and that person is just an idiot. You are doing something you enjoy, generating an income from it and helping lots of mums struggling with the challenges of parenthood feel less alone in those struggles. What is there to scoff at in that?

  25. Ok he is an under-informed douche and possibly a teensy bit jealous?
    In most circles a mum blogger is admired and piques interest. I am a mere fledgling blogger and so quiet about it I still haven’t told any of my friends or extended family! But a close family member did say “just another mum blog” recently (in a certain context), I overreacted and ripped her to shreds! Oops.
    You’re doing bloody well and as you say, managing to spend time with your little one. Big up yourself! xx #coolmumclub

  26. I’m definitely of the view that if you have managed to stay at home, look after your kids and have a schedule that allows you to pick them up after school as a result of the income from your hilarious and insightful blogposts then you are pretty much AMAZING. #coolmumclub

  27. The comment came from a man-says it all really…!! I haven’t had those comments, because I haven’t told anyone about my blog! But in my eyes, you have achieved everything I could ever dream about-to have made it as an editor in chief in your younger, career driven days, then to be a hugely successful blogger who can make enough money from it to survive, and to be able to spend quality time with your child, when you’ve left that life behind! To me that IS the dream, so awesome! And I didn’t turn my nose up with your opening about being at a cool party, I was quite a lot jealous…!!

  28. Tsk! Who do they think they are! Besides, dont they know that being a mummy blogger these days is like…uber cool. Seriously, I feel like scoffing at them right now *hand to face* 😉 Emily #Coolmumclub

  29. Firstly, don’t ever EVER feel like you to have to justify being at a party and having a tiny bit of a life! Right now we’ve cleared that up, secondly pleeeeeease think up a great response for the next time this happens…so that I can use it 🙂 Actually I have to admit, I’ve been utterly blessed to meet a lot of people here who follow my blog and get it (er…before I did actually!), my husband is a digital marketer so he gets what I’m doing and the best bit is many of his male friends and business contacts follow my blog, much to my surprise. So hopefully that guy at the party was one isolated twat and there are many men out there who get what you’re doing. #coolmumclub

  30. I’ve never described myself as a blogger before, I tend to say I’m on at home with my son, I suppose it’s because I’m afraid of an awkward reaction like the one you got! I once worked in a bookshop and loved it, but a distant relative once said ‘how interesting’ (as in, not at all interesting!) when I told him what I was doing. Said more about him than me, but I’ll never forget how tiny I felt. Some people only feel big by belittling others.

  31. I get the same reaction when I tell people I work from home. In their heads I’m drinking endless cups of tea and watching Jeremy ‘whatever his name is’. They don’t realise how demanding it can be and actually that you’re probably achieving more and often putting in more hours. Regarding blogging, I’ve thankfully had some quite good reactions from people I know #coolmumclub

  32. I worry about a reaction like that…I’m not surprised that you described him as a old fashioned media type…from journalists I’ve talked to there’s quite a bit of fear and disillusionment with where ‘traditional’ journalism is going and, for some, it seems blogging is seen as part of a problem, maybe something to be feared…and with fear comes expressions of derision. I’m sure this isn’t the case across the board (and you are better placed to know that) but a shame you had to bump into one at a party. Still, at least you were AT A PARTY!! Hope it was fun regardless xxx

  33. How annoying! I don’t think people realise that it’s actually a ‘thing’ if only there was a witty dig you could have at him… my in laws don’t understand it, but it’s more of a hobby for me to write entertaining stories about how insane my tiny terrors are. If I were to earn anything then I’d shake my fistfuls of cash and say ‘understand now?’ Just kidding I’d never do that right in front of their faces. If people knew the benefits of blogging I think they’d all be doing it. It’s like therapy, which in your case pays a few bills, bonus!! #coolmumclub

  34. Pah! Let them scoff! What do they know? You’ll have the last laugh.
    I’d love for someone to ask if I was a mummy blogger like you.
    You keep doing you!

  35. If its any consolation I get scoffed at and I am not even making money yet. I’ve also been called Sexist because I shared another bloggers post directed at mummies getting sleep and some of the scoffers are family. So just know and believe that you are awesome and doing whats best for you!

  36. as a dad blogger, I’ve heard the scoffs. Apparently my spare time would be better spent blowing pretend shit up on the playstation

  37. Urgh he sounds like an utter knob. I haven’t been scoffed at per se but I have had eyerolls. I think part of it is me, I feel embarrassed to say I’m a blogger because I don’t work with anyone, I don’t review and I don’t have many readers. However, I can’t become something if it don’t believe I am it so they can eye roll all they like. I love your blog so *scoffs* to him.

  38. Yes! So much yes! My blog is the beginning of a complete career change for me. That seems to be tough for people to understand. I get lots of comments about not getting too excited as “it probably won’t go anywhere ” or “Los Angeles is a toooooough town to be a writer in”, etc, blah blah.
    I’m not new to writing, but I am new to sharing it publicly.
    As I’ve caught flack from family judging me for being a SAHM, I’m getting the same here.. people don’t see it as work or building a brand or business. Frustrating! But I’m too excited to let it stop me – especially since one of my posts went viral recently & is now being published. Take that, haters.

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