How to solve tough baby sleep problems

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Infants spend most of their time sleeping. Sleep plays a very important role in the development of the child. If babies sleep less, sleeplessness can cause fatigue, weight loss or affect mental or psychological. Therefore, parents need to find out the cause and how to solve it.

Here are nine reasons why your baby has sleep problems and let’s see what the solutions are.

Common problems with your baby’s sleep and how to solve them

1.    The baby is hungry

This is the most common cause when babies refuse to sleep or wake up in the middle of their sleep.

The baby’s body is developing very high, and sometimes at some stage, the baby needs to eat more than usual. Or sometimes before going to bed, children can be quite active compared to the amount of calories they have consumed so can become hungry again.

  • You need to ensure that your baby is fed regularly, every 2-3 hours to ensure he/she is always getting enough nutrition.

2.    The baby is thirsty

Many people wake up in the middle of the night because they are thirsty, especially when it’s hot or dry, so do the babies.

Dehydration during sleep will adversely affect the function of the body parts.

  • Before going to bed, if your baby is over six months you need to give your baby a little water, if under six months however this should be only milk. Throughout the day, you need your baby to have enough water/milk. Do not let the child feel thirsty.

3.    Your child is excited

If before bedtime that nervous system is stimulated or excited, it will make it harder to sleep. Or sometimes it may be because your baby is too tired or miss a nap during the day that will disturb his or her sleep cycle, resulting in an infant refusing to sleep, sleeping less or waking.

  • Avoid noisy games, equipment such as TVs, radios, computers, or any toys that catch your baby’s attention before bedtime.

4.    They want to move

In the womb, babies love to move and that continues thereafter. Movements will help to develop muscles, increase metabolism but also reduce nerve stimulation and reduce stress both physically and mentally.

Sometimes it is reflexive, not the will of the child.

  • If your child wants to move before bed, let him/her move. After being tired, the child will automatically sleep and sleep better.

5.    He/she wants to be breastfed

As I said above, sometimes the child wants to be fed, nursed (not hungry). This makes children feel safer or more comfortable. It is because of the need, the instinct, the natural reflex of a baby who is breastfeeding.

  • You can try to give your baby a pacifier when sleeping if you’re comfortable with it if you find it easier to make them sleep and they sleep better when using it.

6.    Your baby is teething

Soreness, itching in the teeth when children are teething will make most babies not sleep or sleep less.

Some babies undergo teething problems very quickly, others may have trouble sleeping, but some will cry, even stop eating, fever, abdominal pain, rash, etc.

  • Apply cold compress on the tooth to relieve aches and pains, place a chew ring in the fridge and let the child use it (not too cold). Have your child chew something cool.

7.    Your baby’s health is not good

Infants are very sensitive and susceptible to diseases due to weak resistance. The most common are congestion, flu, cough, digestive disorders, vomiting, skin disease …

Sickness, fatigue, discomfort due to the disease will often cause newborns refuse to sleep.

  • First, identify the illness or condition that causes your baby’s health to deteriorate, then treat it. Before going to bed, try a warm bath or a light baby massage to relax your baby’s body.

8.    The baby wants to change habits

If your baby wakes up earlier, sleeps later or vice versa, he or she may want to change habits.

  • You should change your baby’s sleep schedule. Short naps and long sleep will alternate during the day in conjunction with other activities such as eating, bathing, cleaning and playing. Each child has a different schedule. Depending on your baby, you will make the schedule accordingly.

9.    They want to be close to their mothers

Every child wants to be close to their loved ones, especially their mother. Many children like to be held by mums, rocked or want to sleep with mums so that they can feel safe and comfortable.

  • Do not leave baby immediately when she/he falls asleep, she or he needs to be independent but slowly. If you leave your babies suddenly, it may make them cry more.


Infants do not sleep due to many different causes. Remember, baby sleep is very erratic, and even the smallest impact can affect your baby’s sleep.

I hope from this post; you can find a suitable solution to help your baby sleep better. In the meantime why not check out this post on the most effective sleep aids for your baby. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

How to solve tough baby sleep problems

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  1. Our son was a habitual cat-napper until I climbed into bed beside him one afternoon, weary with tiredness. He was in his Sleepyhead. We both slept for over 2 hours. It became a regular occurrence during my maternity leave. I guess he just wanted to be near me x

  2. Ours was health. My son had chronic ear infections which meant sleep was a nightmare. Took us good while to work that out! It can be hard to be logical and try and pinpoint a reason when you are tired and sleep deprived, I’m sure this will help mums out there!

  3. I have no idea why my kids don’t sleep sometimes. The middle one particularly still is a nightmare at bedtime (aged 4 almost 5) but I can imagine someone finding this in the middle of a night feed and feeling better!

  4. Our youngest has stopped sleeping lately, but he goes straight back to sleep once he gets in our bed. He likes to be held and cuddled, so I think it is just because he wants to be close to us. He has had a cold lately as well though, so it could also be that. As you say, there are so many different reasons why a baby doesn’t sleep.

  5. I don’t have children but always remember my sister had trouble sleeping as a baby and how upsetting it was to hear her cry. I can imagine how worried parents must be but having a ‘check list’ of potential reasons like this is so helpful.

  6. Recently I have been facing this problem and somehow I found out your blog! Thanks a lot! Because it will help me.

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