My stab at winning the lottery with Lottoland

winning the lottery with Lottoland

I know many people ask why play the lottery? – but lottery cards have started to become a bit of a tradition in our little family – on people’s birthdays we pop a lottery card in their birthday card envelope in the hope that good luck and fortune will smile down on them (and that they will also remember who bought them the card too – us!).

Here’s the thing about the lottery…it’s the possibility… it’s the dream that it dangles in from of you. The excitement of the what ifs….the what would we do….it’s that which playing the lottery buys you in my book.

So when I was asked by Lottoland, a website which allows you to enter a number of different lotteries online including Euro Millions, PowerBall, the Irish Lottery plus a stack of others from around the world to try out their platform, I thought I’d get involved and start to dream. And there’s quite a lot of dreaming going on with all these lotteries on offer:


So off I merrily went with my £25 credit to see whether lady luck might come my way.

I put on 6 attempts on the Irish Lottery plus a mix across Euro Millions and Power Ball giving me overall ten chances to win.

It was as easy as chosing which lottery you want to enter, picking your numbers; or if you haven’t got a clue….like me…letting Quick Picks do the number choosing for you…and waiting to see.

So now, all there is to do is to sit back, wait, and dream. And I’m keeping everything crossed in the meantime, I’m also off to have a nosy at Boom Town Bingo.

Do you ever play the lottery online? Have you ever won anything in doing so? What do you dream of doing if you win the lottery?

*This is a collaborative post

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