13 things I’ve learnt about starting a You Tube channel

starting a you tube channel

Blogging is one thing – hidden behind a screen, tapping away safely…but the world of You Tube is quite another. Truth be told if it wasn’t for the likes of other bloggers who gave me the push in setting up my You Tunb channel (Just Saying Mum & Cuddle Fairy I’m looking at you!), You Tube probably would have still been You Who? for me.

But having had my own channel for a very fresh four months now, there are some things about starting out which I’d like to share with you lovely lot who might be contemplating jumping into the You Tube frying pan.

1. It is not as scary as it looks

No really – I thought I would be cacking my pants the first time around but strangely – no. In your mind, being on You Yube and making a vlog is a big old hairy scary thing….the reality is, it’s just you prattling on to an imaginary person who will later be watching your video.

2. You WILL feel like an idiot at first

And that’s ok – because when we think of You Tubers, you think of all these major players like Zoella who are literally raking it in with their slick and shiny You Tube channels and their bajillion subscribers, whilst you are just a mere You Tube minion. Yes, you will feel like a total imposter at first, but like with all things in life – it just takes getting used to.

3. You WILL fall in love with vlogging

Once you have got over the massive initial cringe moment and the fact that you feel like a bit of a narcissist filming yourself, the truth is (you will be embarrassed to admit you even did it at first), that you will fall head over heals in love with vlogging (even if you thought you would hate it – much like me). And then you will literally be counting down the days until you can make the next one. It’s a bit addictive like that.

4. It’s just like starting a blog all over again

Remember those painful days when you kept checking you stats only to die inside at the discovery that only 5 people were reading your blog? Oh yes, get ready for the pain again because you are going to feel like nobody is watching at first and then maybe only a few people. As for subscribers, Lordy, don’t even get me started on that. One Direction might have 17.5 million, but you have….errrrr….one. Suck it up and push on through.

5. You don’t need flashy equipment

Seriously…..cameras? lights? A simple iphone does the trick nicely thanks very muchly at this point in time.

6. HELL you don’t even need to be able to edit

I have tried to edit my vlogs all of one time when my brain almost fell out of my ear and I felt on the verge of having a cardiac arrest. Yes, while lots of vloggers DO make gorgeously edited vlogs, if you are a total ignoramus in this department (which I most certainly am!), then just talk to the camera, bloopers n all, and see it as Facebook Live but on You Tube, and that you’re simply keeping it real.

7. But you should have some awesome looking thumbnails

Even if you are a total ignoramus, if there is one thing you have got to do when starting out is making some pretty thumbnails for your You Tube as you don’t want your cover image to be your face contorted mid-sentence. I remember spending about two weeks wondering how the heck people made all these awesome looking video thumbnails as if they had waved a magic wand and created them. Um no – they just used the You Tube thumbnail making tool on Canva.

8. People will like you

Yes you! Little old you! I know you might think it’s unbelievable, but it actually can happen.

9. But some people will not

Hey – it’s a free world and if you’re going to be on You Tube you need to know you WILL get dislikes and you WILL get weirdo comments sometimes.

10. Tagging is where it’s at

Tagging is like what the hashtag is to Twitter. This is how people find you, and your content, and you need to try and make your tags as relevant to your content to make that happen. Without tagging you will shrivel and die. Get up on the tagging scene with this guide to tagging your videos on You Tube and let me introduce you to your new best friend – this You Tube keyword tool.

11. Get yourself out there

Remember when you first got into blogging and you were all over every linky like a rash in a bid to be discovered? Well guess what here we go again! You need to get you, your channel and your videos out there and it’s hard work. You need to comment on other people’s videos, subscribe to other people’s channels, and basically get discovered by other relevant vloggers not to mention participating in vlogging linkies too, of which you can find a list below:

  • Tots100 Vlog It Linky which happens every two weeks over on the Tots100 website
  • Vlog Stars over on You Baby Me Mummy and Mr and Mrs T Plus Three
  • I Love Vlogging Linky (my own linky with Just Saying Mum launching soon – watch this space!)

(any other You Tube linkies please do add in a comment below!)

You can also participate in the following You Tube thread groups:

12. It’s ok to ask others for help

At the beginning. You Tube is  a scary never ending maze with lots of twists and turns but thankfully there are lots of places you can turn to with stupid questions. Here are some of them:

Flea Bloggers You Tube Support Group 

UK Parent Bloggers Facebook group

The Vlogging Mums Club 

13. Don’t compare yourself to others

Like with everything in life, comparison is the thief of joy and that includes You Tube. By all means interact with the rest of the You Tube community (this is good) and look to others just to know what is going on out there but do not, I repeat NOT ever compare yourself to others on You Tube – which I promise will be a soul destroying business for you. Just go on out there, give it your best shot, and be yourself and do what you love and the rest will follow.

Well I hope found these tips useful. If you’re thinking of starting out on vlogging I would say….go for it! You’ve got nothing to lose…hey, you can always delete a video once you’ve uploaded it after all ;).

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  1. I’m really excited about this Talya. You make it sound easy. Bookmarking this post for reference when filming myself drawing next week. Thanks Jo

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