Style and beauty tips for busy mums

beauty tips for busy mums

Every mum is a superhero in my book and every superhero needs to have their staple superhero look. You might have been a fashion icon before you were a mother, but when a baby comes along, many mums put their own needs, especially the non-essential ones, all the way to the back of the line. But that’s not the way to go, because looking good will help you feel good about yourself and ready to take on the world. But this isn’t always an easy task, so here are some style and beauty tips for busy mums – no matter how busy your morning is!

Decrease your wardrobe

You might think that having a lot of options will let you get ready faster, but the decision-making process you have to go through will actually take a lot of time and you will end up in a less-than-perfect outfit that took you longer to put together. If you just have a small, capsule wardrobe where everything goes together and is appropriate for lots of occasions – you can literally grab anything that you lay your hands on and you’ll look polished and ready to go. But reducing a wardrobe and picking out pieces to keep is not an easy job, so here’s how you can make it simpler:

Firstly, get rid of everything that doesn’t fit properly. If it’s baggy, tight, been waiting to go to a seamstress for two years – just get rid of it. It’s taking up space in your closet and your mind that you just don’t have. Secondly, you want to get a uniform color palette. This doesn’t mean you have to wear only black, but you want the majority of your clothes to go well with each other. One-pieces like dresses and jumpsuits can be an exception because you don’t have to pair them with other clothing.

Keep the accessories neutral

Speaking of pairing things up – accessories. Before we talk about jewellery, let’s first speak about the big ones: shoes, bags and jackets. All of them need to be completely functional, but to stay on the topic of fashion – they need to be neutral. Choose colours and cuts that will go with the majority of your clothing because you definitely don’t have time to take everything out of your bag and put it in a different one every morning.

So, stick to neutral materials like faux leather and sturdy textile and, for colours, opt for black or cream – because nobody has time for a white bag, especially if you have kids running around! For shoes, really your best bet is to go with black faux leather – espadrilles or ankle boots with a pair of tennis shoes for sporty occasions. This will last you long and be appropriate for basically any occasion. Jackets are similar, and you really only need one good medium-length coat, a sporty jacket and maybe a warm winter jacket, depending on where you live.

Find your tribe

It can be hard to juggle all the things in your life at once. A lot of people around you won’t understand what you’re going through. So, it’s important to find people who understand you and who will share with you their tips and suggestions. Your best bet is to find modern apps for mums that will connect you to other women in your surroundings that will understand, tell you where you can locally find second-hand diaper bags and share their style and beauty tips for busy mums. Knowing that there’s someone else there going through the same thing will give you the strength to push through and the reassurance that – although it might seem impossible – women are doing it every day.

Put the colour back in your face

The first thing that people look at is your face, and a dead giveaway that you are an overworked, tired, busy mum is having all the colour drained from your face. But who has time for 8 hours of sleep and a face full of makeup? You need a good pinkish stain that you can use all over when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the rearview mirror. Just dab some on your cheeks and your lips and you will instantly look refreshed and awake.

Make friends with dry shampoo

The last in our beauty tips for busy mums is all about dry shampoo. You most certainly have no time to wash your hair every morning, or even every other morning. This is where dry shampoo and volume powders become your best friends.

Firstly, you want to pick the right dry shampoo. If you’re a brunette, you don’t want your head to look full of dandruff, so make sure you’re using the correct shade.

Next, apply the shampoo before you go to bed, rather than in the morning, because the tossing and turning during the night will let the shampoo work its magic and you’ll wake up with relatively clean hair. Next, get a little pack of volume powder and use it to give your hair a lift when it’s feeling too flat. In a pinch, regular talcum powder will work just as well. You should also learn some fast and easy hairstyles to hide the state of your hair.

Put on the sparkling final touches

All the final touches that you can grab and go which sparkle will make you look a million times more put-together. Get some stud earrings which go with everything and which you never have to take off. They will make sure you always have an aura of glamour and being put-together. If you can get something like a classy watch with a bit of bling that you can keep with your keys and throw on whenever you leave the house – you’re golden.

I know you’re probably too tired to care whether someone is judging you for the things you’re wearing or if your hair is perfect, but these are things that you should do for yourself, not for anyone else. If you take a few minutes to make yourself look good, you’ll feel more capable to live a full life, not one that revolves exclusively around your child. So pop on that lipstick and go take over the world.

Which of these style and beauty tips for busy mums do you already incorporate into your life? Do share in a comment below.

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