Taking care of your children’s skin: My 5 fave favourite ranges

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I am a big believer in the importance of children’s skincare. I was moisturized to within an inch of my life since a child, and I’m sure that can be the only reason why certain parts of my body still feel like a baby’s bottom (er….despite the onset of wrinkles!). So of course, I have kept on with the moisturizing ritual for my daughter from birth up.

We have tried and tested so many different ranges over the last three years that I can safely say that these are now unanimously our faves:

1. Child’s Farm

This one has been with us the longest, and I am a religious advocate of their range. Their range does exactly what it says on the tin – it cleans, nourishes and cares and smells delicious and manages to do all that without any nasties, plus it’s pretty competitive on the price front compared to others. Check out the full Child’s Farm range here.

2. Mustela

A recent discovery, I wish I had made a date with Mustela earlier. Developed alongside pediatricians and dermatologists, Mustela’s Demo-pediatric products have been specially designed to tackle skin issues our little ones always seem to be battling with, and they smell utterly delicious.  Check out the full Mustela range here.

3. SkinFix

Another winner for sensitive skin, this super mild range is botanically based and fragrance free making it perfectly gentle, tear free and a saviour in fighting dryness.  Although we are fans of the body wash and lotion, this range gets extra brownie points for their eczema balm which is a star product when it comes to tackling eczema without the use of steroids.  Check out the full SkinFix range here.

4. Weleda

If you’re into your natural aromatics, Weleda is a lovely choice. Their entire range for littles is based around calendula extract which is the perfect natural ingredient to sooth skin naturally. We love the smell of thyme in the bath product and double thumbs up for having a specific face cream and separate weather protection cream for the harsh winter months — both of which can be rather challenging to find otherwise. Check out the full Weleda range for little ones here.

5. Ladival

Last but not least this list wouldn’t be complete with my mention of my favourite children’s sun protection of the moment – Ladival, and in particular their Kids Sun Spray which has been formulated to contain as many ingredients as necessary, but as few as possible with no perfume, colourants, preservatives or emulsifiers making it suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin, and those who suffer from sun allergy and prickly heat. But what I REALLY love about Ladival is it’s non-greasy, water resistant and free of that horrid thick layer of white which so often comes with an SPF of 50. Good work all round. Check out the Ladival kids range here.

Do you have a favourite range to use on your littles? Is it any of these? Do leave a comment and share below….

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*Disclaimer – I was given samples of some of the products above, others not. This is just my honest opinion of all those I have preferred over time! 

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