Teaching your children to have a growth mindset with Positive Edge Education

Teaching your children to have a growth mindset

It’s a tough old world, as a parent to a three year old I am already hugely concerned about how she will fair in the big wide world she is slowly migrating into. Will she be strong enough? Confident enough? Brave enough? Will she truly reach her potential?

In my own instinctive way, I try to instill these values in her, but the truth is…I don’t really know what I’m doing here, or even if what I’m doing is effective in any way whatsoever. Looking forward I am also concerned how much schools emphasise promoting a positive mindset in the classroom.  So when I was approached by the good folk behind Positive Edge Education about their parenting programmes which focus on teaching children resilience and the power of having a growth mindset, being intrigued was a gross understatement.

The programme focuses on guiding your child in the direction of having a growth mindset – which in essentially what is required for your child to develop a resilient approach to the world at large. That means teaching your child to view challenges as an opportunity,  to try new things, and to throw aside that crippling fear of failure that modern day Western society seems to have become crippled with.

The upshot? Your child be more willing to make an effort. Your child will also learn that it is essential to keep trying and put in effort to succeed. Your child will be brave, not perfect. And perhaps most importantly overall is, that your child….having resilience, will have a better shot at long term success and mental health in their life whether that be academically, personally and later on, professionally.

What stands out first off about this programme is the way it is put together to teach children a growth mindset – something which has already taken the U.S. by storm. Curated using a series of really high cinematic-quality films using actors, it is hugely engaging. It uses the stories of pioneers in their fields Darwin, Einstein and Wilma to tell the story of how they never gave up, how they put in unprecedented levels of effort into their chosen endeavours, and how they often sought out challenges that were often scary. And that any setbacks were part of their pathway to success, and were not to be viewed as failure.

Teaching your children to have a growth mindset

After each film experience comes a segment where you are asked to explain your takeaways from the films, which is followed by an explainer section which digs deeper into the themes and ideas explored, followed by a Q&A section. Once completed and submitted, the next part of the programme is available only after forty eight hours, giving plenty of time for reflection and conversation.

einstein 2

Teaching your children to have a growth mindset

Each segment seeks to teach children one overarching message – that they should view challenges as as opportunity and not see failure as a bad thing, but something this is part of a journey to get to where they dare to dream to be. It teaches that great things only come with effort and that that old adage…if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. In short, it teaches how resilience and having a growth mindset is crucial to owning it in this life and that anything worth having doesn’t come just handed on a plate…as so many children seem to think these days.

Teaching your children to have a growth mindset

As a parent, I love the highly engaging and accessible format this course takes which is likely to have a far deeper impact on any child than I could possibly deliver, but moreover…what it seeks to do. In an increasingly pressurized world, the rising rates of anxiety among children in their ability to be a certain way, and live up to the expectations of the world can be crippling. But things shouldn’t have to be that way. They shouldn’t be drowning in fear and anxiety, but more bouncing with hope and potential.  I salute what this programme seeks to do –  which is to inspire the next generation become more calm, happy and confident in their ability to do amazing things. Because we all know they can. They just need to believe it too.

The cost of one license is only £60, a small investment with huge and lasting impacts which will be paid off over the course of a lifetime. When it comes to future-proofing your children, a growth mindset seems to be where it’s at, and what’s more, it’s only a few clicks away.

Find out more about Positive Edge Education here and sign up for the programme here.


*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.




  1. Great post – I’m a great believer that resilience is the key to success and instilling it in children is a must. There’s a fab book called Grit all about this!

  2. This is such a good idea, I do find that kids can expect everything delivered to them on a plate and need to be taught a good work ethic from a young age

  3. That’s very interesting, I’ve never heard of it before. And it looks worth trying- it’s always important for a child to leave fear of failure behind! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is so important! I think it’s a key topic in kids education, specially now that there are so much competence for everything x

  5. This is such an interesting read and a really important message. I went through something similar when my son was 7. He felt like he was a failure if he didn’t get full marks in home Peoria or tests. This wasn’t because of anything I had said but something he’d put on himself. I worked with the school to teach him we all get things wrong and trying your hardest was more important.

  6. This sounds like a fascinating program. I think we do need as many tools in are parenting arsenal as possible, but also as a parent who has seen a child reach adulthood and seems to be coping pretty well with it, don’t underestimate the power of your own instincts either 😉

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