Tempur Sensation mattress review: A fresh start

Tempur Sensation mattress review

Those of you who follow the blog will know I have struggled massively on the sleep front since becoming a mum. So much so that it came to a point when Mister C and I couldn’t seem to manage to get a decent night’s sleep in the same bed as each other. Having tried so many different solutions…we had tried two separate mattresses zipped together, and for a long time he was in the spare room just so we could get a good night’s sleep individually which was a sad state of affairs.

So after two years of this malarkey, this year was to be a fresh start with our new sleeping arrangements…with the end game of finally being able to sleep together in the same room – hurrah! So we have finally taken the plunge with two single bed frames – which we call pull apart from each other when we have had enough of each other’s sleep foibles – thank goodness – and we are currently road testing two single Tempur Sensation Mattresses from Warren Evans Beds, the Highest rated UK mattress shop in the Which? Members’ “Best Mattress Retailers” Survey 2017.

I have to admit – I have never slept on a Tempur mattress before and really didn’t know what to expect. From a scour of the internet before ours arrived some people seem to absolutely  love them whilst others just can’t get used to them.

We opted for the Tempur Sensation mattresses from the Tempur Deluxe Range because we wanted the promise of weightless comfort that a Tempur provides but so that we could also enjoy the freedom of movement which comes with more traditional mattresses – and so the Sensation model in the range seemed perfect for us.

Tempur Sensation mattress review

My initial thoughts on laying down on the mattresses were wow! you feel so light and weightless on them! It is an amazing yet slightly strange feeling to get used to. And here’s the thing with Tempur mattresses – they DO take a bit of getting used to.

The first couple of nights were a little bit strange as our bodies were just not used to sleeping on it. It takes a few days for your body to get used to it, and the mattress to get used to your body so we tried to spend as much time as physically possible as parents on our new mattresses. There is a short period where the initial smell from the mattress is apparent (a bit like when you have a new car) so we found it best to leave the mattresses to air for a few days (when we weren’t sleeping on them).

But then all the benefits kicked in!

The amazing feeling of having full body support

Because the mattresses conform to your body to relieve pressure points it really had become THE most comfortable mattresses to sleep on. I have often in the past caught myself sleeping in some very questionable postures which I am pretty sure my spine would not thank me for come the morning but with the Tempur Sensation it is impossible to do this. My sleeping posture is literally perfect (like the woman in the logo!) and I can really feel this in the way I feel when I wake up in the morning. I can’t quite communicate what it is to feel so supported yet so immensely comfortable during a night’s sleep, but the folks at Tempur have done it! Here’s a breakdown of the mattress structure to show you how:

Tempur Sensation mattress review

No more doing cartwheels at night

I guess because Mister C was always trying to get comfy on our previous mattresses, this is where his habit of doing cartwheels in bed at night came from. This was a major source of contention for us, not surprisingly! However the best thing is I have noticed that whilst sleeping on the Tempur Sensation is that he has totally stopped doing this! I’m concluding that this is because he gets in a comfortable position almost immediately thanks to the way the Tempur Sensation responds to his body and stays that way. Basically…it’s the perfect fit for both him and for me. So for fidgety pants sleepers everywhere this is a major win.

Tempur Sensation mattress review

Finally – a good night’s sleep together

Although it took a while to get used to, our new Tempur Sensation mattresses are now not only feeling supremely comfortable but also rather luxurious. I put this down to the fact that the NASA-recognised technology that Tempur uses is the biggest break through in sleep technology in the last 75 years. If a  mattress that lets your body find its most comfortable position and support, giving you the feeling of complete weightlessness isn’t a one way ticket to the best night’s sleep then I don’t know what else could possibly be.

If you, like us, have been looking for a good night’s sleep then be sure to check out Warren Evan’s Sleep Consultant Dave Gibson’s top 5 sleep tips which are:

    1. Keep your hours consistent
    2. Relax before bedtime
    3. Don’t work late and put the technology away
    4. Check your mattress if you have disturbed sleep
    5. Do regular exercise and a have healthy diet

Other than that, all that is left to say is..thank you Warren Evans and Tempur for helping us to break our bedtime stalemate. I thought this day would never come!

A Tempur mattress of your own?

If you’re thinking of moving across to a new mattress then I would highly recommend the Tempur Sensation, but of course…it’s best to go and try out the different mattresses in-store to see which one might work best for you and your needs.

If you’re seriously considering getting one then you can save £50 with the code WETEMPUR on any Tempur Deluxe mattress (minimum spend £1000), valid until 5th March online or in-store. Why not have a look at the Tempur Deluxe mattress range here?

Have you ever tried sleeping on a Tempur mattress? Would you consider moving across to a one? Do leave a comment and share.

*This is a collaborative post, all opinions are my own


  1. It must be so nice being back in the same room, it must have been tough to be apart but it’s good that you’re finding the new mattresses nice. I have a new mattress coming and I am so excited for it x

  2. I love the idea of separate beds so each can have the exact mattress of their choice. My husband is always hot and I’m always cold so this would be perfect for us. I do understand that Tempur mattresses are warmer than traditional ones so that’s definitely for me!

  3. I’m so glad you have found a way to resolve the sleeping issues! This mattress sounds wonderful. We have a king size bed but separate quilts as husband got fed up with me constantly stealing it lol x

  4. My hubby and I sleep in separate rooms but that’s due to his horrendous snoring. This mattress sounds divine though and definitely something I’d consider for when we move homes in a few years time.

  5. My parents have always had separate mattresses and duvets, as long as I can remember. We ourselves have a double mattress, but I think it’s almost 20 years old – yikes!

  6. Oh wow this is exactly what we need! My husband suffered an impingement on his shoulder and has found sleeping difficult ever since. I’m pregnant with baby number 2 and currently have sciatica which makes it hard to get comfortable on our rather old mattress. A Tempur sounds perfect for giving us both the full support we need while still being comfortable! Great review 🙂

  7. This sounds so lovely and comfortable and just what we need I think. I can’t remember how old our mattress is but I do know that even though all my children are finally sleeping through the night I am not! Might be time for a new one! X

  8. Anything which gives you a good night’s sleep is great – and I’ve heard such good things about Tempur. We’ve just moved house and had to replace the bed frame but have hung on to the mattress (which just fits) until the flurry of furniture buying is over. I have big plans to get a fabulous replacement though so this has come at the perfect time, really useful.

  9. Thanks for all the comments if you’re also looking for a new mattress or a better night’s sleep which it sounds like many of you are I would highly recommend the Tempur Deluxe range! x

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