After the London terrorist attack: To the terrorist who forgot what it’s like to be a child

London terrorist attack

As I sit here writing this, my daughter who is four tomorrow is singing “Reach for the Stars” in the bathroom innocently and happily. But things could have been very different this morning. And for many mornings after.

As the news of London’s terrorist attack on Saturday evening perpetrated by Islamic State rolled into our lives the following morning, little did she know that her Daddy was at London Bridge five minutes after the weekend’s shocking attack. A near miss for him, and probably for many others, but not for the seven people killed and 48 injured in the London Bridge attack.

And what of your hateful acts making the world seem like a darker place? Making us hold our loves ones a little tighter? Have you forgotten what it was like to once be safe in your Daddy’s arms? To be loved unconditionally by your parents? Is this what your lives have come to…stealing away the love and lives of others in an instant…and to what end?

How many lives will you have to steal, how many families and lives will you have to break until you know that you will not and can not break us? Know that every act may make us hold our children and loves ones a little tighter, but let me also tell you that it will also make us love each other harder, and that death has no power over us. Because love wins over death and human darkness, and always will do.

Retribution is not justice, but just a misguided attempt at healing the darkness within.

And so let me leave you with these final words of Horace Mann…

Be ashamed to die until you have a victory for humanity

Know that murder can never be a victory for humanity no matter how you spin or interpret it.

From one mother to someone who was once a child too.


  1. So true. I too wrote a post after the attacks, which I haven’t massively promoted, because it’s about my fear of this world we live in. How sad that we should feel scared to live. Thank you for these wise words which I’ll take with me xxx #coolmumclub
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  2. This is such a powerful post. Because it is utterly terrifying trying to contemplate the world we are now in and then having to explain it to our kids. It breaks my heart. I am so glad your other half is safe and sound. xx #coolmumclub

  3. Inspiring post. I have wondered a lot lately what makes these ‘terrorists’ grow up as they have and how do their parents cope with it? Enjoyed reading #coolmumclub

  4. Brilliant post, so true, as mothers you cannot help but think, what happened to these little boys (and girls sometimes too) that made them think this was the way forward. I don’t think these questions are being asked enough. No child should have that future ahead of them or taken from them. #coomumclub

  5. This is a beautiful dedication to those who have tragically lost their lives, and to their families. We will only love more and with more strength. And as a mother, it is inconceivable that these monsters, some of whom have children themselves, cannot think that it is the worst crime ever to take the innocent life of somebody’s child, no matter how old they are – they have always been somebody’s child. Beautifully written #coolmumclub

  6. My heart breaks for London and the UK these past few weeks. But I’m also so inspired by how your country is responding to it. I loved that photo of the man running down the street with his pint of beer! Lovely post. Prayers to you and everyone in your country. #coolmumclub

  7. Oh my gosh, how scary for you and your family that your husband was almost caught up in it. My sister very nearly went to Borough Market that night. Thank goodness she didn’t. Sometimes I feel sad our kids are growing up in this crazy world with suffering all around. I pray that things will change for the better. #coolmumclub

  8. True words, I just don’t understand how anyone can be so delusional as to believe that any God would reward you for murdering children and families. x #coolmumclub

  9. Glad your husband was okay. We know that part of London really well, I’ve spent so much time hanging around LB station. I truly believe that love will win in the end. Hugs to you and yours

  10. It’s so heart breaking that people could do this to other people. How did the world get filled with so much hate? I worry so much for our children’s future but also try to make the most of every day because you just don’t know what’s round the corner… #coolmumclub

  11. Talya, what a great post. It is hard to envision these cowards as once a child, someone’s little bundle of joy. Especially since some of them still are kids. Life is so complex and frightening now. TY for this beautiful post. Stay safe friend. <3 #coolmumclub

  12. The world is in a horrible state of affairs right now. this is not the world I chose to bring a child into and I am dreading what the future holds for the next generation. I hope there is change for the better so we can live without fear even when we’re out having fun. #coolmumclub

  13. My God Talya, 5 minutes after?! Dear God, you must have been a mess if you saw the news while he was out. I’m almost numb with it all at this point. Not because I don’t care but I mean I’m just lost for words #coolmumclub
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