The best stationery for your 2020 high school graduate

Is your baby due to be a 2020 high school graduate and you need to send out notices? Or maybe it’s your student about to turn over the tassel and you need to send out the big announcement?

Graduating from high school is a major milestone in your child’s life. A moment you as a parent will never forget.

While current circumstances surrounding your 2020 high school graduate are currently not ideal, it is still important to save a later date and commemorate their achievement.

Here you can find some of the best quality high school grad announcements.

Picking the Right Announcement for your 2020 High School Graduate

When it comes to choosing a quality high school grad announcement, there is no shortage of options to find the perfect combination at Basic Invite.

Try a chic dusty rose backdrop paired with a nice accented gold foliage.

Or… select from the premade themes to suit your student’s style.

While there are a variety of templates to choose from, the great part about this graduation stationery is that it is entirely customizable.

By using portraits of your student, you can choose backgrounds and fonts that represent them all while being nice to look at!

However you decide to put everything together, there is surely something to suit your child’s unique style while looking aesthetic.

Thank You Cards

In this exciting time, it is not uncommon for your students to be receiving lots of gifts for their accomplishments (and to move out of course).

Thank you cards are an essential way to show appreciation.

By using custom printed thank you cards you are not only showing care in a creative way. But sending these out is a tasteful token of gratitude.

Though you can also include your child’s beautiful face on these, you could also try opting for a simplistic look with their own handwritten message.

This year’s Pantone colour is 19-4052 classic blue. Using this shade as a background on the invite with some calligraphy is a very elegant way to send loved ones regards.

Mix and match with colours, photos, and fonts to make the perfect thanks to send out.

And don’t forget to make your graduate write personalized thank yous!

Pricing and Options

Depending on the quantity you should expect to spend between $50 – $420 in U.S. currency.

As the options vary in price, they offer altogether affordable options so that you can choose the best cards for your student.

Designing them is all a part of the fun, this is will be an enjoyable experience for you and the special grad to do together.

Even better, these leave something memorable to hold onto and look back on in the years to come!

Choose Something Reflective of Your 2020 High School Graduate

While a lot of work goes into the final year of high school, graduation announcements and invitations are an important part of the excitement.

Now is the time to show off how great your 2020 high school graduate is! And you can do that by picking the perfect announcement card to send out.

If you’ve found this because you have a 2020 high school graduate celebrating this year, we hope the above quick guide to graduate stationery has given you some inspiration!


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