The Mum Coach: Getting back into exercise now the holidays are over

Hello everybody! I am truly madly and deeply excited to introduce yet another new column over at Motherhood: The Real Deal – The Mum Coach! Penned by the fantastic Kim Raine expect to see all things heath and wellness especially for busy mums.

Kim Raine is a Life Coach and Health Mentor with over 13 years experience working with women to reduce anxiety, overcome burnout, get on top of stress, lose weight, sleep better and live healthier happier lives. So as you can, the perfect Mum Coach!

To kick off our brand spanking new column, Kim is going to help us with getting back into exercise now the school holidays are over with a little pep talk.


If you have struggled to stay on track during the holidays then you are not alone, one of the themes that runs through most of my August coaching sessions is staying on track during the holidays. Particularly when it comes to finding the time to work out and focus on yourself.

But, now the holidays are over, so however you spent the holidays and wherever you are at the moment, today is the day to get back on track! Let’s talk getting back into exercise.

Some daily rituals are easier to get back into than others and our workout routine can be one of the hardest habits to get back into the flow of.

During the summer it can be hard to continue your normal exercise routine, there’s the holidays, the barbeques and drinks at the weekends. Plus the kids always around during the day and it can be difficult to get a moment to yourself. 

So now it’s really important to set yourself a planned routine, something that you’ll be able to commit too, will enjoy and you will stick with.

Getting back into exercise can be really quite horrid especially when you haven’t done it for a while. It hurts and your body and your brain resists. But give it a few days and you start to feel amazing, and raring to go!

It isn’t much fun if you choose activities you don’t enjoy either (for me cross trainers and treadmills have to be the most boring ways to workout!) Choosing something you enjoy is key; if it’s not fun you’re not going want to do it!

I love people so classes really work for me. They are a great of getting back into exercise and into a routine. The social side of things is a real plus and makes it a lot more fun!

Bear in mind your body isn’t going to be at the same level of fitness it was before your break so don’t get frustrated with yourself and don’t quit. Just keep going and within a few workouts you’ll be feeling back on top.

Remember when you’re getting back into exercise those first few workouts are the hardest but the feeling doesn’t last and you’ll see improvements within a few workouts.

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  1. Some good tips, I really need to get back into exercise as I am so unfit and have not been to the gym in about 7 years xx

  2. Really glad to hear you all enjoyed the tips and it sounds like everyone is starting to get motivated so go get ’em everybody! You can do this! x

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