The mummy makeover

mummy makeoverWhen women decide to have children, there are several things that come into mind for planning. The baby shower, the hospital, the baby’s room are just some things we might imagine, however these days women are concerned with something a little more personal. However, the mummy makeover has become a hot topic online for all internet mothers, and now a whole host of articles and stories can be found with a quick search on the topic. But what exactly is a mummy makeover? And why are people seeking procedures such as tummy tuck in Prague, Czech Republic? Read on to find out.

In simple terms, the mummy makeover it is the physical process of recovery after pregnancy that focuses on the appearance of the body and face. The reason for such a focus is that pregnancy and birth put considerable stress upon the body, both of them promoting skin wrinkles and a change of body. Areas particularly affected are the thighs, belly and face. Because you will gain weight as you provide for a child during pregnancy, you are often left with an entirely different body once birth is over….not to mention the curse of the pre-pregnancy jeans. Fact. Of course this affects some women more than others, and those who were particularly worried seem to have spearheaded the idea of the mummy makeover.

So what does it involve? A set of cosmetic surgery procedures have been singled out for the mummy makeover, including breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction. Generally these are targeting the parts of the body that are affected most strongly by pregnancy, and aim to restore the firmness of the body before it was put under pressure. Some patients may also opt for flank liposuction to reduce the appearance of loose skin after stretching.

With plastic surgery seeming to provide the answer for some, it’s no wonder that in the last five years we have witnessed the explosion of the medical tourism and cosmetic surgery travel market. This has provided customers with affordable options all over the world, such as plastic surgery in Prague. Medical travel packages aim to provide flights, accommodation, location and clinic all in one go – and now the mummy makeover package is beginning to rise.

Did you know that clinics can be found as far as India and South America, but surprisingly one of the most popular locations is Prague, Czech Republic. Apparently, liposuction in Prague is one of the most popular in Europe, and consistently listed at clinics in the city. Disciples of the mummy makeover procedures seem to report high success rates and a positive impression of clinics in the country, as can be found on most clinic websites.

Now with such a range of destinations available, customers are eager to include a holiday as part of their surgery experience. Who knew! I’m always one to keep an open mind….so is it possible to imagine that mothers could want to relax and enjoy a holiday as part of their makeover? Could this be the way forward for a stressed mother in need of a pre-baby body recovery? What do you think?

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