The problem with children’s TV shows these days

children's TV shows

Don’t get me wrong – this is not another article extolling the evils of screentime. I am not anti TV – on the contrary I think that TV can be an incredible source of learning for kids if navigated with some thought. So what exactly is my problem with children’s TV these days?

At the risk of sounding like an old foge, for the purposes of this post, I’m going to concentrate on the reinvention of some of our much beloved classics – yup, we’re talking Thomas The Tank Engine, Postman Pat and the like.

Do you ever have a sneaking suspicion that kids are over stimulated these days? I certainly do, and all I need to do it take a look at some of the reinventions of these TV series twenty or thirty years on, and it certainly looks this way.

Thomas The Tank Engine goes from the gentle everyday chugging of Thomas and crew…

…to whizz bang in your face emergency scenarios which make you feel that the world is constantly on the verge of some travesty.

Postman Pat has seen a departure from trundling along across the hills and valleys, delivering delight and surprise to his much beloved community…

to haring around the place like the human race depended on his very existence.

In both these once classics, everything has been sooped up, sped up, and amped up to become an adrenaline-pumped viewing experience second to none.

Next the Clangers will be having a rave in outer space.

In today’s fast paced world, where quite frankly – TV needs to be more than ever a way of relaxing and unwinding after a busy and over scheduled day, do we really need these remakes to be quite so exhilarating? Does everything need to be such a gripping, nail-chewing drama? I say it’s time to bring back the simple pleasures of children’s TV , when the world wasn’t so fast, crazed, emergency or drama driven.

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  1. I’d love to see that Clangers rave! We seem to have entered a phase that all
    Kids tv shows involve teenage American fairies, mermaids or princesses. Never thought I’d say it but I miss good old Topsy and Tim and smug Mum, just for sheer entertainment value! X

  2. I can’t say I had noticed before but yeh you are right. Perhaps because there are so many kiddie shows now that they feel they need to raise the bar to keep kids interested? The shows that drive me crazy are the ones where the characters talk gobbledygook! Grrr! I turn those straight off xx

  3. I’m yet to reach TV age but I’ll probably be very disappointed with how slick all my favourite characters are now! #coolmumclub

  4. Argh, you’re right, I must say for curiosity’s sake I put on an episode of postman pat recently and was amazed at how high tech he’s got. Whilst I fully applaud him for embracing new technologies, I’m just not sure Greendale needs a helicopter to deliver a parcel. It kind of ruins the charm, sob! #coolmumclub

  5. Yes I totally agree. Everyone is rushing or having a drama. I watched Q Pootle the other day and one of the space ships got stranded in space! I am glad they brought back teletubbies though. The teletubbies definitely do not rush. #coolmumclub

  6. I dug out Pat and an old Magic Roundabout (two separate dvds…or a genius pairing!!) for my girl over the summer . She loved them and yes, the simplicity was amazing. I agree with you wholeheartedly!

  7. I’d love to know where Greendale are getting the funding from for all of Pat’s transport. I’d also like to know how on earth he still has a job seeing as he struggles to make the simplest of deliveries on a daily basis! 😀 #coolmumclub

  8. We don’t watch a huge amount of tv, mainly because my son isn’t really interested (he just dances to the theme tunes and then gets bored!). But I have had a moan to my husband about the “new and improved” version of kids tv more than once! I sound like my mother, but kids tv shows aren’t what they used to be #coolmumclub

  9. I totally agree – these shows do seem to have lost their charm. Or perhaps it’s just a surefire sign that we’re definitely all turning into old fogies and getting on a bit! Next we will be starting all of our sentences with ‘in our day…’ xx #coolmumclub

  10. So true! We even own a toy version of Postman Pat’s delivery… HELICOPTER!? I mean really? Is that a whole new price band of delivery to be introduced at the Post Office? Because sometimes that birthday card just needs to get there within 12 minutes apparently?? Great post. Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub x

  11. Oh I totally agree. My boy loves Thomas but there is always a massive drama going on in Sodor, there’s never an easy day on the rails. I would love to see the clangers raving in space haha xx #coolmumclub

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