5 yummy things to do with strawberries

things to do with strawberries

Strawberry season is here and that can only mean one thing – oodles of strawberries abound hurrah! As you can probably tell, I’m a massive strawberry lover and very excited for this post, so whether you’re picking your own, buying them from the supermarket, or growing some in your garden, here’s five yummy things to do with strawberries courtesy of Gary Durrant, Head Chef at Hunter 486:

Roll them out at breakfast

Combine sliced strawberries with rhubarb pieces and spread over two thick slices of toast. Press the fruit gently into the bread then chill in the fridge overnight.  Fry your bread slices the following morning in a frying pan with plenty of butter, adding a  dashes of cinnamon and brown sugar and serving with a dollop of Greek yogurt.

Get on the ice-lolly wagon

Strawberry ice-lollies are a refreshing summer snack that the whole family will love. Simply combine crushed strawberries with a spoonful of sugar before mixing into a cold jug of lemonade. Pour the liquid into ice-lolly moulds and place a wooden stick in the centre.

Roast them

Roasting strawberries can create tremendously tasty results, particularly when paired with a generous scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Slice the stem off, cut into quarters and then whisk together with a dash of maple syrup. Let the strawberry slices cool down slightly before scattering them neatly on top of the ice cream. Yummy!

Scoop it baby

Why not re-invent the traditional strawberry cheesecake?Simply scoop out the centre of the strawberry and fill it with a cheesecake filling – a combination of cream cheese, sugar, eggs and vanilla extract which will hold perfectly inside the fruit when served fresh out of the fridge.

 A seasonal summer salad

Inject a zing into your leafy summer salad by adding balsamic glazed strawberries into the mix. Team with gorgonzola cheese and pecan nuts for a winning summer dish.

5 yummy things to do with strawberries

What do you think of these ideas of things to do with strawberries? Have you tried any of the above? Or perhaps you have your own tips to share – do leave a comment if so!

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  1. I LOVEEEE Strawberries! Especially this time of year British strawberries are just the best! Never had them in a salad like you mentioned. Might give that a go! Thanks!!

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