Time for a bathroom refresh? My bathroom remodel wish list

We’ve been talking about it for a while now. While our bathroom is absolutely passable on many  levels, if we managed to scrape together the money to do so, we would really love to execute a bathroom remodel. You know, something that is accessible to everyone in the family but also that has a bathtub that is for more than just crazy preschooler antics. So today, I’m going to share with you my bathroom remodel wish list as inspired by Big Bathroom Shop because hey! a mama can dream can’t she?

A freestanding bath tub fit for soaking in

Yup, basically I want a spa-inspired bath tub a la Milan much like this gorgeous one with wooden feet. A double ended design with oodles of space for a relaxing and comfortable soak without anyone screaming at you to get out is a must!

bathroom remodel wish list

The perfect toilet

I want a toilet that looks and feels the part. Don’t you hate it when you go to sit down and the toilet is a lot lower than you think….? Nothing worse than that. Bring me a modern comfort toilet please.
bathroom remodel wish list

Lots of storage

Can you believe it….? we have absolutely zero storage in our bathroom. Just imagine how much out of date medicine, sanitary products and what-on-earth-is that-anyways I could fill this baby up with! And finally….there would be somewhere to put all those dried up baby wipes!

bathroom remodel wish list

A bidet

Yes there I said it – the dirty b word….bidet! I know these are frowned upon by a lot of people but when we lived in Singapore we had one in everywhere we lived and quite frankly…I miss them. There’s nothing cleaner than that bidet feeling!

bathroom remodel wish list

A bad ass shower

Urgh! Yup we have one of those god awful old school electric shower systems in our bathroom and my goodness what I would do to have one of these super stylish thermostatic shower numbers complete with waterfall function, body jets and a slim hand shower oooooooh…..

Stainless Steel Thermostatic Shower Panel features an integral fixed shower head with waterfall function, two inset rectangular body jets and a slim hand shower. The attractive styling of this modern thermostatic shower panel tower will be the centrepiece of your bathroom - and deliver a superb shower.


A statement radiator

Forget those 1990s chrome towel radiator jobbies, I want something super sleek and Italian looking in design….that comes in a wave shape, no less!

 radiator has fluid lines and a wave-like shape, complemented by a silver finish which completes the incredible designer look.


Some super stylish tiled flooring

All of this would be brought together under the wise watch of Laura Ashley and their beautiful Mr Jones floor tiles in dove grey which you can pick up at Tile Giant – swoon! bathroom remodel wish list

An exotic mirror

And lastly….because I spend enough time looking for grey hairs in it….a beautiful Kasbah mother of pearl wall mirror from Atkin and Thyme would give me the perfect excuse to…look for more grey hairs!

So there you have it, my bathroom remodel wish list – what do you think? Are you dreaming of a bathroom refresh? And if so, what would be on your wish list?

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  1. God, I’d love all of those things! The shower is so cool and a free standing bath would be amazing although I don’t think we really have the room. Storage is really a problem too, so hard to keep all the bits and pieces tidy!

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