Secrets to de-stressing your mornings with children

mornings with children

Mornings with children – quite possibly one of the worst times of day if you’re a parent. The children and whining and complaining, not getting dressed, or brushing their teeth or putting their shoes on and generally not playing ball, and you have a bajillion things to squeeze into just over an hour before you have to leave for the school run. Clearly this does not a happy mum maketh, and that has been me since the beginning of back to school. So desperate have I been to try and strike some kind of harmony we are currently undertaking the “no complaining kids morning challenge” – well you can work out what that means, and basically means me bribing – oops! I mean – rewarding, my daughter with a ten pence piece if she can get through that painful morning zone without any complaining, whining or crying.

But apart from that, what else can we do to de-stress morning with children? Today I’m sharing tips, tricks and strategies from fellow parenting bloggers in the name of making mornings calmer for parents across the land:

Put everything in the car the night before

If  driving to school get all the coats hats and book bags in the car the night before, then you only have to focus on getting them dressed and in the car! Every bit helps as it’s such a rush! – Real Mum Review

Shoes at the ready!

Always make sure that the shoes are waiting by the door each morning, it saves a lot of time flinging shoes around for a matching pair!  – Five Little Doves 

If all else fails….just do it yourself!

Give up trying to get your reception-age kids (and toddler siblings!) to put their shoes on themselves, just do it for them, it will save your sanity and stop you losing your temper from asking again and again… Our Scrap Book Lives 

Make sure it’s all in order

Make sure you have a clear routine when getting home so that they always put their shoes, coats and school bags in the exact same place. Before you go to bed, check it’s all there and get bowls, cereal and spoons / cups ready on the dining room table for breakfast. Get all their clothes ready, in order of what they need to wear (underwear on top, then tights, then vest etc.) to avoid early morning meltdowns. – Le Coin De Mel  

Aim to leave earlier than you need to

Always aim to leave 5-10 minutes before you actually HAVE TO leave as this means you’ll be much less stressed when there’s a last minute nappy change or other emergency! If everything goes well and on time, you can enjoy the school run with plenty of time. – A Mum Reviews 

Get up ten minutes before the kids

My sanity saver is getting up ten minutes before the kids so that I can enjoy one coffee in peace before the chaos starts!! Days when I don’t I’m always so much more stressed out!  – Modern Mummy 

Ban the tech

We ban iPads etc until breakfast is eaten and the kids are dressed. It’s quite the motivator for them to hurry up – if they are ready early they can have ipad time before school. Works a treat! – Nomi Palony 

Make like a project manager

Print off the school schedule and highlights what is happening each day for your kids class, and keep it by the front door. I always have a quick scout as we are leaving just to check I’ve not forgotten anything for that day! Much better than relying on your kids (or your brain!). – Twinderelmo 

Make a checklist

My daughter has a list on her wardrobe reminding her to get dressed, brush her teeth, wash her face and find her shoes. I have one on the fridge reminding me to check P.E kit, homework and make packed lunches on certain days which are marked on the school menu next to it.  I was the worst morning person ever but this routine has made it so much easier to keep on top! – Relentlessly Purple 

Praise where praise is due

Although it can be so tempting to focus on all the negatives in the morning, a little bit of praise or positive attention can go along way. Make time to fill up your child’s emotional cup that morning and they will usually be a lot more cooperative. On the days my daughter has managed to do anything all by herself or without a fuss, I lash on the praise in the hope it will keep her in a good and cooperative mood until we get to the school gates! – Motherhood: The Real Deal

Introduce a Friday afternoon reward

We used to have the worst mornings, mainly because my son wasn’t especially keen on going! So, even if we did follow all the brilliant advice above, there would still be something to stall over! I started a weekly Friday afternoon reward. If we have successful mornings all week, he gets a treat on a Friday after school. In our house, it’s called ‘Rolling Stock Friday’, because it’s usually train-related, but it could be anything that appeals. It has been really successful! – The Parent Game 

Secrets to de-stressing your mornings with children

So hopefully the above tips will help to make your mornings with children that little bit calmer and smoother. Do you have any tips to share on de-stressing mornings with children? Do share in a comment below. For more stress busting tips why not check out this post on how to control stress as a mum.

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  1. As a mother of 4 I find mornings pure HELL. I do have a hubby who is amazing though, and in all honesty he does most of the morning routine. I defo recommend having everything needed for the next day lined up and ready for the morning.

  2. Some really good tips . I’ve banned any electronics over the last few days as it’s like getting snails to move when the laptops are out lol x

  3. Great tips here. I have completely control freak tendancies so I have a military routine in th morning and prepare everything the night before Its between 3 and 5 that is my witching hour !! Great post #coolmumclub

  4. Really great advice here. I have a one year old so have a while till the school runs yet but can still relate as mornings can be a hassle when I need her up at certain times so I can get her ready to drop her off at my mums so I can get to work on time and she just doesn’t want to get dressed! Can be very stressful!

    Soffy //

  5. Fab tips. It’s all about being organised. Book bag and lunch is always done the night before, clothes laid out for Poppy and if I’m in the office all my stuff is ready to go too. Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub x

  6. I 100% agree that preparation the night before is to key to reduce the stress of a manic morning with kids X #coolmumclub

  7. Thursday mornings are my reward day. If we have a good week then she gets a treat of having french toast sticks that we pick up on the way. She thinks its a big deal. I am a big fan of getting everything ready the night before. Not so much in the car but that is a good goal for me to work towards. #coolmumclub

  8. This is my kind of morning routine! Getting up before everyone, even if you’re exhausted gives you just that few minutes of peace that let you get your head wrapped around your goals for the day. My little one is only 16 months old, but we already have an established morning routine and plan on keeping it and adding to it as she requires more junk to go along with her.
    Fabulous post! I admire your organization!

  9. Some good ones there. If only I could get up before the kids as I think that would help me loads to be calm and ready for the onslaught but at the moment that would mean waking up at 5am – ahhh! #coolmumclub

  10. I love these tips. We now seem to have the school run (largely) sussed. The only spanner in the works is that the 4 year old is a lazy little tyke in the mornings, so often needs to be reminded to get herself dressed several times. I am proud to say that I sometimes even have time to put make-up in the mornings. It does get better as they get older! #coolmumclub

  11. Lol, I am a project manager, and yes it is a bit like work. Inasmuch as if you want things doing sometimes you have to get stuck in and do it yourself, or kick off! #coolmumclub

  12. We had a really good routine when we both worked, i got dressed, hubby got Ben up at the end of my “time” then when i finished up in the bedroom hubby got dressed. It meant we could all be up at 6.20 and out by 6.30. I then got a reasonable amount of sleep, Ben wasnt up too early (he loves sleep like me) and hubby wont be late! Lord knows what it will be like when the twins are here too! #coolmumclub

  13. It sounds a little like a military operation. I always try to be early for things and hate it when I’m made late. We are currently trying to get out of the house half an hour early just for toddler group. #coolmumclub

  14. Great tips and some I definitely need to put into practice! Our mornings are always so stressful and I feel bad for sending Leo off to school in a manic rush!xx #coolmumclub

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