GUEST POST: Waiting for baby – top preparation tips for anxious grandparents

tips for anxious grandparents

To all grandparents…The circle of life continues. Your children have passed on their lineage to another generation, continuing on the tradition. This is a big deal in your life and it’s probably something you’ve been waiting for quite some time.

The transition into a grandparent can either be an anxious affair or done with ease. You’ve already had the kids long ago and now they’re parents. There should be no worry on your part as you’ve already been here.

Guiding set of hands

You had grandparents, your kids after you and now their children have their own set of grandparents. One of the most important things you need to know is that you aren’t going to be raising the child the way you did as a parent.

A grandparent role is more for helpful support and not pushing your opinion down on the kids. So sit back and relax to enjoy this newfound life.

It’s time to break out some of the old baby tools and supplies if you’ve still got them. IF you are in the market for a new car for the whole family and to pick up the little babies, check out a brand new safe Dodge Grand Caravan.  Many grandparents may feel some tension for wanting to be there all the time, but it’s time to take the role of the elderly grandparent.

Being a good listener

You raised your children to the best of your ability and they are going to do the same with their kids. It is up to them and their partner to take charge of the new child’s upbringing. If you have any wanted advice from the young kids go ahead and supply them with it. Make sure you respect the new parents’ boundaries as they respect yours as well.

Your role comes in as more of a council and teacher than an enforcer you might be used to having while raising kids. New parents might have new ideas that don’t go with what you would do, but it’s up to their own set of disciplinary skills to implement and try these new types of things.

Providing for the grandchild

Consult with the new parents on what types of clothes and other supplies they might need. The baby registry should be consulted before providing the kids with what they need. Your gifts will be well received.

Aside from giving gifts and other material items, one of the best things you can give is your company and being there. Your grandchildren will want to know that you care and are a positive source of enjoyment and part of their upbringing.

It is crucial to act as both a guide for the parents and child. Having grandchildren can be a rewarding experience that will give you the pleasure of being around a young growing family member without all the parental responsibilities you once faced. It is a great time and an exciting part in anyone’s life. You’ll be able to watch them grow and mature while giving great experiences and memories to their life.

Flora Hart is a retired teacher and Grandmother to four spoilt grand-kids! She enjoys writing articles and usually focuses on parenting / grand-parenting and educational topics.

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