To RT or not to RT?…that is the question


I’ve been hearing some grumblings recently about people getting narked off with other bloggers asking them for retweets. I have to fess up, I tweet my posts to other bloggers, and sometimes I may even cheekily ask for a retweet. But I also get other people’s posts tweeted at me A LOT and do I retweet when them when they come my way? Sure I do (so long as they don’t get lost in my deluge of notifications). And do I retweet something when I am asked for one? Unless it is some totally spammy content, then again, why not.

In this crazy hectic saturated space that is called blogging, I am quite happy to help out other bloggers who want and need to get their voice heard. As we climb up in our influencer status, surely it’s only karma to give a little hand up to those who are back in the place that we occupied not that long ago?

I am also quite often very happy to be alerted to other blog posts whilst I am manically trying to keep my head above water on my blog ship – I simply don’t have time to know about all those other blog posts happening out there as I’m hitting my publish button.

So I guess the big question is, do we get annoyed with people tweeting us with their blog posts? Do we get annoyed with asking them for a cheeky retweet? Or do we instead just give them a little hand up in this blogging community that we are supposed to be? Personally, I prefer the latter. I’d love to hear your stance on it in a comment below…

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  1. For me Twitter is such a minefield, after using it for three months I still don’t really understand the etiquette of it and often wonder if I’m using it ‘right’!

  2. I think theres nothing wrong with helping other bloggers. I dont mind RT’ing others peoples posts if its something I think my followers would enjoy or if its something I find interesting. How hard is it?! A click of a mouse to help someone out, its not much at all. πŸ˜€

  3. Twitter ettiquette is a nightmare but I’ve never actually had someone tweet me directly to ask me to RT a blogpost! They probably should because I RT blog posts I find on my timeline all the time haha, I’m a total soft touch so it’s not like I’m ever going to say “No”!

    Lately I have had to change it though, because I was RTing blog posts constantly – I’ve restricted it now to bloggers I love and follow regularly (such as yourself πŸ˜€ ), and to bloggers who are just starting out/don’t have as many followers, to try and give them a step up in the blogging community πŸ™‚ otherwise my entire feed would just be me retweeting everything haha!

    Great post as always Xx

  4. I don’t have a big enough following to be asked for RTs, ha!! I do, however think it’s really kind when other bloggers read one of my posts and retweets it just because they like it, without me having asked, so I agree with you that there’s no harm in it. You do realise you’ll be asked for hundreds of RTs now you’ve published this, ha?! Found your post via #fartglitter πŸ™‚

  5. Fab post. I try to help other bloggers out as much as I can, it costs nothing to RT or share does it!

    @MummyKV on Twitter, happy to RT and happy to be RTed πŸ˜‰

    • Yeah exactly and only too happy to help lovely! Ha remind me to hit you up when my ebook is out. Would you be interested to do an in conversation piece on my blog for some publicity for the book? If yes, hit me up by email love xx

    • Haha you’re welcome too lovely always happy to help a fellow blogger out so long as it doesn’t get lost in a deluge of notifications! x

  6. It varies for me because I don’t ask people to retweet my posts (only hound them on linky days). I think if it’s relevant and maybe something I have been involved in, yes fine but a random one does my head in big time. I worry this makes me mean? πŸ™‚ x

  7. Twitter is great! But I’m also quite selective about what I tweet, preferring to re-tweet informative stuff or share something interested from other bloggers. I have also muted tweeters when they get too annoying – like tweeting the same thing 10x daily! #fartglitter

    • Eeek I tweet a new post 10 times daily as apparently it’s best practice because nobody is online at the same time…are you going to shut me down!!? πŸ˜‰ x

  8. I think it all depends on the relationships we have with other bloggers. I wouldn’t walk up to a stranger at the store and ask them to share my post, and so it is the same online. But if I have an established commenting relationship with a blogger, then yea I love to share their posts and would be comfortable asking them to share mine.

  9. I’m like you. I don’t mind at all if I’m asked for a RT. If it’s something I know about already, like a linky, I’ll do it as soon as I can. If it’s a post or from someone I don’t know I’ll take a look first. If it’s relevant I’ll share it #fartglitter

  10. I love Twitter for that reason. I absolutely enjoy being able to help out other bloggers and if they ask me for a RT I will oblige. I don’t see that there’s any harm in it really. I don’t tend to tag other people in my tweets, I never even thought of it to be honest.

  11. I’m really relieved to read a post like this! I’ve been feeling so guilty lately after reading several posts advising that asking for RTs is a serious no no in blogging etiquette. I’m still relatively new to the scene and have really no clue what the dos and don’ts are in terms of Twitter etc.

    I have been asking for RTs I’m afraid – in what I like to think is a non-pushy, polite way. And I always thank the person if they do it. I just don’t know how else to try to get my words out there – I already do as much guest blogging as I can and use linkys.

    I also occasionally get tagged on other people’s posts and asks for RTs, usually by friends, and I’m more than happy to RT as long as I don’t totally disagree with the opinion/content of the blog.

    I figure it’s all about karma BUT I can also see how it might be irritating to someone who gets dozens a day, clogging up their notifications. It’s a toughy.

    Thanks for sharing and alleviating my guilt! X

    • I think people who say you shouldn’t ask for RTs are just selfish selfish selfish. Because what is the point of being an influencer if you can’t influence?? x

  12. I’m still so new to blogging, that I don’t have a high enough status to be asked for a retweet! But I always retweet things I like, so if someone did ask me, I’d have no problem doing it at all! I still get really excited when someone randomly retweets my things, so why not give that feeling to someone else just starting out! I tweeted links to bloggers when I very first started out on twitter, not in the hope of a retweet, but in the hope they would read it and tell me I had what it took to be just like them… Never happened…!!!

  13. Good one Talya. You are right. It is karma. I get so confused by all the ‘you should, you shouldn’t” posts. In reality it is all a matter of opinion and perception so pushing your home grown rules on to other people might not always work for them… It’s a minefield this one.
    I think it’s usually the pro bloggers or people who’ve been doing it a long time who have grown their own set of rules, that suit them. I’m sure for reasons they truly believe. Doesn’t mean that everyone else agrees with the same etiquette, though, and I’m sure there isn’t actually a rule book. If there was it would be ever changing in the ever changing social landscape.
    I think everyone needs to chill out and share the love a bit more. Rules schmules. #coolmumclub

    • I think that’s right on – a set of rules grown to what suits you. My only rule is basically….karma and share the love! God I sound like a hippy haha! x

  14. Twitter moves to fast for my brain! I don’t mind being asked to RT but I will only RT if I have read it, and I don’t always get the chance to read everything. I am trying to get into the habit of tweeting blog posts that I read and really love. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way. #coolmumsclub

    • Twitter does seem to move a zillion times a minute but maybe that is the speed of my brain because I find FB too slow for my liking!

  15. I’m with you. I don’t particularly ask for RTs but I’m always very grateful of them and so I RT other posts as much as I can. Not that I’m anything like an influencer yet haha. I’m just proud that it’s one thing that I’ve worked out how to do and can generally manage without breaking anything! :0) Good question though…

    Thank you for hosting.
    #coolmumclub x

  16. Being asked for RTs doesn’t particularly bother me – it’s usually for posts about linkies or for people trying to raise awareness of a cause close to their heart and it’s good to help other bloggers get exposure too. My timeline would be very boring if it was just me constantly promoting my own blog and not sharing any blog love to others too. It only takes a second to click and RT but equally if people don’t want to share it, that’s their choice and they shouldn’t feel they have to. I tweet out a reminder to my own linky each week and used to ask for RTs – I stopped doing that some time ago as I didn’t want anyone to feel pressurised to RT. I probably still get the same amount of RTs without asking for it. I also try to make sure I say thank you for RTs where I can. I’d never really thought about it as a potential issue but interesting to read other people’s opinions on it. #coolmumclub

    • I think that’s a very important point in that actually from a social media perspective it is valuable to RT rather than having a timeline full of your own content!

  17. I think there is no harm in RTing. It only takes a couple of seconds and if it helps a blogger out, why not?! I love it when some shares one of my posts without me asking, makes me feel like they really loved what I wrote. #CoolMumClub

  18. I’m with you. I’m always happy to RT as long as it’s not spam. I believe in helping each other. I wouldn’t be where I am now, if it wasn’t for the help and generosity of other bloggers. #coolmumsclub

    Nadia – ScandiMummy x

  19. I will admit to initially feeling mildly ‘weirded’ about that aspect of pressure in blogging….but you are totally right. Really; who is it hurting? Karma is oh so real and I have had a lot of lovelies helping me up along my way. #coolmumclub

  20. I am absolutely over the moon when anyone likes my post enough to retweet it. I consider it a massive compliment and will RT posts I really like and put them on my social media too. I thought that was just celebrating each other’s achievements. But I’m not sure I would like my Twitter feed filled up with people asking for RTs. I do tweet my posts but I thought that was something everyone did. Still new to this blogging Thing obviously but doesn’t kindness breed kindness? #coolmumclub

  21. I don’t mind retweeting. The best thing about blogging is reading other finding other blogs to read and love! I have to say I initially thought it was a bit strange seeing “please RT” on tweets because I thought that any subsequent viewers of the tweet would think that it had only been retweeted because of that rather than because of the quality of the post and so the retweeting would actually be detrimental to the blog reputation, but I was definitely overthinking it. Twitter is a mad, mad world and any boost that you can get to stop it from you just shouting in an overcrowded room is good. And supporting one another and celebrating great writing is good too! #coolmumclub

  22. I’m new to Twitter, well, to everything actually that I actually asked this same question the other day? What is the Twitter Etiquette? Is THERE an OFFICIAL Twitter Manual? I don’t think so, I think it’s really up to you to decide for yourself. Personally, I don’t mind RT’ing if I’m asked and I enjoyed the post. Now thinking out loud, what if the opposite happens – if someone RTs your posts too much or all the time? is that stalking?? #coolmumclub

  23. I get tweeted for retweets quite a bit and I will generally retweet if the content looks good or it’s a new linky (because I love them and they are communities so help loads) …I don’t generally ask for RT though because I feel bad :p I use certain hashtags though which I know have automated retweet set sometimes (haha i’m such a coward).
    Anything that looks like spam gets ignored though
    Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub

  24. I don’t understand what the problem is – if someone asks for a RT you either do it or you don’t; no-one’s forcing you to and, as far as I’m aware, no-one gets annoyed if you don’t do it…do they?
    I agree with what some others have said – Twitter moves very fast and it’s easy to miss out on things, so I don’t mind seeing RTs.It’s often very useful.
    Personally I retweet things that are of interest to me, not everything I’m asked to RT.
    But surely there are other things to get our knickers in a twist about?!

  25. I have absolutely no problem with RT-ing things I like…it’s one click, one moment. I like it – as you say, it’s nice to be alerted to blog posts in all sorts of ways. I have never directly asked an individual to RT anything…I am rubbish at promoting my posts. Must improve…one day! I find it much easier to promote things I haven’t created. #coolmumclub

  26. I always RT when other bloggers ask me. To be fair, it is normally only linky hosts that ask and I have no problem doing it at all. If another blogger asked me to RT their post, I would have a read first and if I enjoyed it then I don’t see why not. I personally don’t don’t do it but I don’t have a problem with people who do xx #coolmumclub

  27. I guess it depends on if you’d like other bloggers to retweet any of your posts. I mean you can’t ask and then not reciprocate right? Personally I don’t see a problem with it, I mean I’ll tweet out posts that I like anyhow so why not do it when asked? Of course no one is under any obligation so it’s really just up to you to read the post first and then decide if you should retweet it or not.

    • Well I hope the karma of people getting annoyed with the RT thing comes round by nobody RTing them…eek! did I really just say that? *slapped wrist*

  28. Ha! Maybe one day when I have a few more than 32 followers I might get asked for RTs. I’m so new to using Twitter to publicise my blog that I still feel very clueless about it at all. And I wouldn’t dare to ask directly for a RT! But I would certainly RT if asked – if I’d read and liked it, or to help out people who are in the position I’m now in. I’ve only just worked out how to join a linky – loving #coolmumclub

  29. I ALWAYS RT if not spam! why the heck not?! You’re helping someone! I’ve also been told off for asking for a linky RT with #babybrainmondays though! Awks! #coolmumclub x

    • You are very good at RTing lovely and it’s karma after all! Who told you off? I’m going to bop them over the head with my RT stick!! x

  30. This sis something that ive heard about but never had done to me. Obviously I tweet every man and his dog inviting them to join in my linkys but I would only tweet other blog ppsts to people if they were mentioned in it.I would however share any posts tweeted to me as long as I didnt have issue with the content.#coolmumclub

  31. I don’t think I get asked to RT, but I do always RT if I’m tagged in a link notification. I’m definitely happy to, I love looking at the stats if I’ve been re tweeted to see how many more people my tweet reached! But I’m a bit of a stats geek πŸ˜‰

  32. Totally love it when people RT my posts but I’ve never actually asked for RTs. Sort of like the idea that someone has read my post and liked it enough to RT. I tend to only RT posts that I’ve read, like and connected with. Wouldn’t be in the slightest bit annoyed to be asked to RT – though I would think it was a it odd if I’d never tweeted them before or commented etc…

  33. I don’t get the issue, really. I enjoy twitter because I can dip in & out, have conversations with other people and get to read things I may have missed elsewhere. So what if someone tweets me a post, I don’t have to read it if I don’t want to but does that mean others in my twittersphere wouldn’t want to? I don’t know, I’d let them make up their own minds! So I’m happy to RT and happy to receive. It’s great to share and it’s great to get to know new bloggers/content – that’s my view!

  34. Ooh good question! I don’t dare do it myself for fear of annoying people. I will tag organisations that I want to try to get to look, and I tag other bloggers if I am referring them to something, but that is never my posts – usually when I have seen a post answering something that I was discussing with someone. However, though I don’t do it, it doesn’t really bug me when people do it to me, so not sure why I worry so much that they won’t like it if I do it!

    I would have to say, however, that there are some exceptions on the whether it annoys me front. I am perfectly happy when it is done by people who I have some kind of interaction with and awareness of outside of that, like you. But there are some people who do it, who I know nothing about – people who have just followed me & I have followed back, but who have never interacted on my blog and I haven’t on theirs. I do find that a little odd. I suppose I get the thinking, given that part of the point has to be to get new people to interact. But I think it’s a little aggressive. I kind of think if you want to take that approach, you should probably comment on that person’s blog or share something of theirs, not just relentlessly tag them to your content to try to get them to engage when you are not engaging with theirs. But when people do that to me, they will tend to just get ignored, so it’s not a major problem. Also people who relentlessly just tag me on tweets of promotional and sponsored stuff. That annoys me more than people who generally just tag their normal posts on their thoughts. Partly because I don’t always want to be promoting what they are promoting. I do understand why people want to be pushier on sponsored and promotional things, but I’m not convinced it is a good tactic if you don’t want to annoy people.

    Overall, though, I would say it is fine for people to do this if they want, as it is pretty easy to just have a policy of retweeting the ones that you are not annoyed by, and not interacting with ones you think are being a bit presumptuous, so there is no real harm done. I’m happy to RT when asked for bloggers I know and like, and know what I am retweeting (& am happy to have read it to see what I’m tweeting). #coolmumclub

  35. Hi, I don’t mind being asked for a RT either as long as it is a polite request rather than an instruction and I like the content. To be honest if I like the content I will probably RT anyway.

  36. Surely it’s all about helping another out? We’re all here doing the same thing even if our goals are different and hey karma may rear its ugly head when you least expect it. Perhaps a little too deep for Twitter and re-tweets – but treat (or tweet) others how you wish to be treated…tweeted…. And all that Xxx #coolmumclub

  37. I think that as long as you are making meaningful connections, the way that you use Twitter is irrelevant. Not all of us have the same personality, way of expressing ourselves on social media etc. so just go with what feels best, which is what you are already doing!

  38. Personally I don’t mind at all giving other bloggers RTs! And I don’t mind that my twitter feed is mostly filled with blog post promotions as most of the time I can find something in there that I actually do want to read. It’s not ideal and I often find it difficult to find anyone on Twitter in ‘real-time’ to talk to, but hey, I’m as guilty as the next person so who am I to judge? We should all help each other out, nobody else will! #coolmumclub x

  39. Absolutely. I always RT when asked and even will give some a retweet who haven’t asked, I definitely believe in karma in the world if blogging. In the short time I’ve been blogging I’ve learnt if you don’t help others they won’t help you #coolmumclub

  40. Love your attitude! Parent in Pyjamas is all about the #mumlove – why shouldn’t we all help each other out?! Am at the bottom of very huge million storey building of awesome bloggers (inc you) so maybe it is easy to say, but I’m always up for a RT! I think everyone enjoys them and they’re a great way of finding lovely voices out there! Thank you for posting and keeping me company in #motherhood (shudder) xxx

  41. I don’t mind doing it for bloggers I know or for linkys I take part in, but it’s weird when someone you’ve never really interacted with asks you for a retweet out of nowhere.

  42. Wow! This is very well commented on blog post!! πŸ™‚ I have to agree wholeheartedly. What skin is it off your nose to click one icon that will make some one really happy? I RT everything that is of relevance to my life … so, pretty much everything.
    Amen to RT’s.

  43. I don’t actually mind retweeting other people’s blog post if they requested me to do it as it only needs a quick push of the button and it helps other bloggers too as you said. Those people that retweeted my tweets have actually prompted me to retweet their tweets too, that should how each bloggers do, helping each other. Lovely post! #AnythingGoes

  44. “You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time.” I remember that most especially when dealing with social media. Depending on who you talk to, the rules seemingly change without notice. I often retweet posts I like, whether or not the person is following me or not. If I like a post, I share it. If someone asks me to retweet a post, I do that as well, and happily, as long as the subject matter isn’t offensive to me (I have a few younger followers so I try to stay PG-13). I seldom ask someone to retweet me, however, I suppose in part because I just don’t know any Tweeps well enough yet to know whether or not they’ll feel offended πŸ™‚

  45. If someone RTs one if my posts then j will find one of theirs to repay the favour. I don’t ask people directly although I will use hashtags. Maybe I should be more direct!! Xx #Anythinggoes

  46. I don’t mind at all when it’s a blogger I recognise but I did find it a bit strange when a complete stranger tweets me a post asking for an RT when neither of us follow each other and I have never spoken to them before. I still usually do it but I always kind of wonder why they asked me – it’s not like I’m a big blogger or anything.
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

  47. Thank you so much for resharing this. Always useful when bloggers re-post their content!

    I love retweeting people’s content, even if I didn’t get a chance to read it, it could be so useful to my followers who may not have had the chance to see that content otherwise.

    I shall keep retweeting! Keep up the good work!

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