Top blogs & vlogs of 2017, a Trolls holiday giveaway & bye until 2018!

Top blogs

And so here we are, my final post of 2017 just before we all break for Christmas. I want to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you who have been reading this year, because quite frankly, there would be no point in me writing my little old heart out if you didn’t!

I always like to end the year with a little recap of my most read or top blogs posts and most watched videos of the year, so let’s take a little look back:

What everyone has been reading and watching

Top blogs of 2017

The top 10 creepy nursery rhymes we sing to our children  – well, I knew it couldn’t just be me that was creeped out by the words of so many of our favourites. I can never ever sing Wee Willy Winky ever again.

Getting pregnant after miscarriage and how to overcome your fears – with 1 in 6 pregnancies ending in miscarriage, this guest post addressed the anxieties of falling pregnant after a miscarriage so honestly.

Going back to work after three months – the biggest regret of my life- me, on the hardest decision I had to make as a new mum, and how it hung over me forever more.

What it’s really like having  7 children – obviously I was not the only one wondering this! I found out straight from one mum of seven what it’s like and how she does it.

One and done – having an only child – A look at the reasons why those who stopped at one child did so, as I tried to get my head around our own decision for have only child.

To the mummy who shouted at her child – it’s no wonder this was so popular given we all have days like these! Some kind words for the tough days of parenting.

The 15 hardest things about being a mum – being a mum is damn hard…it’s not our imagination. Here I joined forces with fellow parenting bloggers to lay down the reasons why.

Do children still get teased wearing glasses? – it’s not just me that’t wondering this! I tried to get to the bottom of this fear as my daughter started wearing glasses.

What sex looks like 10 years on – an honest account from me on what intimate relations are like after almost ten years and with parenthood in the mix.

How friendships after baby change – Laying the truth out on how friendships really do change after baby. A closer look at how and why they do here.

Top videos of of 2017

BBC World News Discussion of Holiday Childcare 

My debut appearance on BBC World News – eek!

Parent storytime: The Very Hungover Caterpillar

A hilarious take on the old favourite….

Baby names 2017 – find out the predictions

Were they right? Let’s find out…..

Why he quit teaching

An honest conversation about the teacher crisis….

Feeling like a failure mum? Here’s what you need to hear:

What every mum needs to hear on those tough parenting days…..

And so all that is left for me to day is to thank you for reading and being…well just there! really. Ooooh, and to finish things off on a lovely note I have a fab giveaway over on my YouTube channel of a massive £100 worth of Troll goodies here as a thank you from me to you:

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!


  1. Thanks very much for the blog, especially all of the amazing giveaways you have given us, I really enjoy reading you mum truth’s, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year x

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