Top 11 most annoying toddler catch phrases…EVER!


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Ah toddlers, you gotta love them and their annoying toddler behaviour….no sooner have they discovered the beautiful power of language do they discover their wonderful ability to exert control, manipulate and annoy to the extreme using that very power.

I think that with many of the below most annoying catch phrases that I’m about to share, it is not so much the content, but more the delivery both in terms of volume, intensity, tenacity, inappropriateness, nonsensicalness and extreme repetition that make them just so toe-curlingly annoying.

Is your toddler annoying you? Let me share with you the most annoying toddler catchphrases that prevail in our (and I’m damn sure your) house and see if we can find some common ground here.

1. NO NO NO !!!!!!!

A bajillion, gazillion times a day, whenever you try to do anything, or go anywhere. Enough said.


Shouted caveman style whilst banging something on the table for good effect. Errr…would you like me to peel you a grape and fan you now?

3. I need…I need…

Listen up, buddy, I hate to break this to you but you will not die if you don’t do it yourself, have another yogurt or get to ride on your scooter. Perhaps merely want? Just sayin’,

4. Me do it…

The pram, the car seat, the shoes, the putting the toilet seat on the toilet, the putting the toothpaste on the toothbrush (cue explosion!), the zipping up the coat which infuriates you so badly, the turning on the lights like you were being treated for OCD. God, will we ever leave the house?

5. Mine!

What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine, what’s his is mine and what’s hers is mine…basically the whole world is mine when you’re a toddler. Selfish to the max.

6. Wobble wobble (while grabbing boob or bum)

Yup, you just know how to make a mama feel good about herself eh?

7. I not like it!

I not like this today, I not like that tomorrow, I not like the thing I loved so badly a minute ago, and I certainly not like the food you just put down before me…even though I haven’t even tasted it!

8. You do it!

Come here, sit down, push me, roll over, beg…whatever it is…just…YOU DO IT!

9. I can’t do it!

Don’t dare to help them do anything until you hear this green light phrase, which often appears even when they have not even tried!

10. What’s that?

OK not so much wrong with this phrase apart from it is said a zillion times in succession about every single thing they see. Yes I know they are learning but pleassssssse can someone give a mama a break?!!!

11. Whyyyyy?

OK so the reason we have a weird number 11 here is that when I penned this, my little girl had not caught on to the whyyyyy? annoyance but now she is there I can officially add it to this list! Woop woop…errrrr…or maybe not!

OK now breathe………

What is your most annoying toddler catch phrases bounded about in your house? One of these or perhaps one that hasn’t made it onto this list?

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  1. As soon as my 16 month sees food (regardless of whether he has just eaten a 6 course meal or not) he screams ‘more!’ at the top of his lungs. He’s yet to master the other phrases, but I remember them all from my daughter’s toddler days! Just wait till she reaches 5 or 6 and starts telling you ‘You’re a rubbish mum!’ and ‘you’re a loser!’ That’s what I get from my daughter nowadays. It makes the toddlerisms seem so much more bearable 😉

    • Haha yeah my daughter does that food thing – except she just says she is hungry the minute she sees or hears us talking about food – drives me nuts! I have to say I am very curious to know how you respond to your daughter’s lovely remarks so I can know for the future when the hell I’m going to do!!!

  2. “I can’t find it” and “I’ve looked already” are the two that are guaranteed to come out at least once a day & drive me demented. Once when small boy was standing an inch from the item he was looking for, looked all round the room apart from down at his feet! Argh!!!!!

  3. You HAVE to add why? to the list!! I spin more and more ridiculous answers as my daughter asks me why to each one, until I realise that my knowledge of history/ geography/ science/ my neighbour’s messy divorce…doesn’t run that far! Then I say because.

    • Haha we haven’t got to the why stage but I’m sure when we do I will adding this to the list…as I write as it happens I know it won’t be too long before I add it haha!

  4. Number 4 – ‘me do it!’ No, just let me do it and we will be out of the house a gazillion times faster! Love the ‘wobble wobble’ one too. I just get asked why I have a big bum. *sigh*! #babybrainmonday

    • AMEN TO THAT! They asked you why you have a big bum? Just imagine when you will be able to explain the magic of genetics and then they won’t be so fresh about it!

  5. We’re not fully into the talking stage yet but we certainly have “NO”, screams and the newest thing this weekend was “mine”. I dread the rest of them making an appearance! #babybrainmonday!

  6. Oh yes, I can certainly relate to these! “Me do it” is a particular favourite and is infuriating when we’re running late as everything takes so much longer. We also get “I not like it” regularly at dinner time (nearly always before they’ve actually tasted anything) and the “whyyyy” stage nearly always ends in an exasperated “because I said so!” Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

  7. Haha, all these horrors to look forward to. Is it too late to lock him n a bubble so he doesn’t learn ‘no’? He certainly doesn’t seem to understand it when I say it.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #fartglitter x

  8. I’m not sure how to tell you this but erm…they move from annoying toddler phrases to annoying preteen phrases which funnily enough (erm NOT funny at all) are just the toddler phrases in effing disguise. Ucch.

    Thanks for linking to #BabyBrainMonday Hon.

  9. Hahahaha so funny! We’ve only just reached the no no no no! And mine! Thanks for sharing and a brilliant read! Suz x

  10. Ha ha While my son is 17 months and hasn’t started to talk yet, I know that these phrases are just around the corner. Great post! #sharewithme

  11. Conversation yesterday:

    “I CAN’T do it”
    gritted teeth “yes you can just try”
    “no no no no”
    “ok mummy will do it”
    “noooooooo I do it”
    “alright darling be my guest”
    “I CAN’T do it”


    Thanks for linking with #effitfriday x

  12. Hahaha…Love this. But pssst, I think I say a lot of what is listed too. I like the “mine” and “no” especially when it comes to sharing of my sweet treats.

  13. I’m really starting to lose it on hearing ‘I want…’ twenty seven thousand times a day…I might start replying with some of my wants. Today quotes from MMT include “I want a spa break”, “I want an au pair”, and “I want a beer”. (Last want currently being fulfilled). Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub you cool mum you. x MMT

    • I was really losing it too, especially when it was my birthday and I was like effs sake, it’s my birthday and it’s about me wanting, not you. But then I remembered that all toddlers are developmentally egomaniacs and so computer would say no.

  14. Plenty to look forward to here! So far all Piglet can say is “ball,” but I’m pretty sure he’s gearing up for all these phrases and more.

    • Oh yes, soon it will be mummy throw ball, bring ball, bounce ball and generally be a slave to the ball. Good times to come!

  15. Ahh, “mine”. Word of the week in our house. Sometimes pronounced “mineminemine” (all one word). If my son wasn’t such a cutie (and 16 months old), I swear, he’d have been arrested for obtaining property by deception by now.

    Great post – made me giggle! Thanks! #thelist

  16. If my 2 year old could be bothered to speak we might get onto some of these. I remember my 4 year old saying every last one though. the toddler currently just says car….car?..CAR….car! in lots of different tones of voice and volume as this is his most favourite word. Very Very true! #fridayfrolics

  17. Haha ME DO IT is my all time worst!!! Some days I can barely contain my impatience, others I just have to focus on deep breaths and the promise of wine!!!!! Great post! #momsterslink

    • Basically we should all just visualize a big bottle of wine every time ME DO IT surfaces. Which probably means we’d be next to drunk most of the time ha!

      • Haha oh god I’d be swigging it from the bottle day and night!!! We’ve just had a me do it meltdown over a zip up hoodie, ended up getting jammed and now she’s crying because she has to wear a jumper!!! Agghhhh!!!! xx

  18. I nodded my head along with each one. Toddlers sure know how to contradict themselves too don’t they? lol #momsterlink x

    • They are the masters of confusion! Both confusing us, themselves and everyone else around them. It’s like a comedy of manners.

  19. My little one is still too young for all this although she is starting to make it clear when she wants ‘more” in a way that is actually funny for now of course lol I have been through all of this with my eldest daughter and the why mummy? why!? was sooooo annoying!! It was literally 24/7 asking that!! She drove me nuts! I guess I will have to go through all of this again soon!! Great post!! 🙂 x

  20. Oh you have summed up my 2 year old says all of these. His new one is ‘want it’ it a many voice and he says thus when heDOESN’T want it..just to make life more confusing. You never fail to make me smile Talya #TheList xx

    • Ha yes basically toddler life is full of a bunch of wants that are absolutely not wanted whatsoever, just to extra mess with your head. So happy to make you smile Wendy! x

  21. LOL! Yes, yes, yes! Every day! Toddlers are so demanding and contradictory, but we love them so much anyway! Thanks for the laughs! #momsterslink

    • Lol yeah I guess I kind of see I want and I need as interchangeable it’s just how polite/desperate/urgent they are deciding to be! x

  22. I have a 2 and 3 year old so repeat these phrases with the occasional ‘I don’t want you I want DADDYYYYY’ and ‘can you play with meeeeeeeee’ thrown in and that is my day.

  23. I agree with them all! Especially the “I DO IT” with the seatbelts! 20 minutes later we are finally ready to leave the driveway Thank you for sharing with #momsterslink.

  24. Number 6 made me laugh out loud. I have an 18-month-old and we’re not there yet, but oh boy … I don’t want to hear ANY of these things on a regular basis! His annoying thing right now is saying he’s “all done” and then when I take his plate away, he gets all upset and says he wants “more” again! #sharewithme

    • Haha I hate to be the one to tell you this love but it is unavoidable! And it gets LOUDER. Argh! Sorry don’t shoot the messenger haha

  25. Oh i just loved this! “Wobble Wobble” made me burst out laughing!

    Before my son’s speech suddenly developed at a really quite impressive rate at round two and a half, I had to answer “what’s that? endlessly every day. I always answered, and I think it was one of his main ways of starting conversations so it was a great tool for him.

    Now we’ve moved onto much more, including “what’s his/her/that name?” about anyone and anything. Lots of explaining that maybe that ladybird hasnt actually got a name…or that stone…or that cardboard cutout of a friendly looking morrisons fishmonger! X

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