My top money saving tips to see you through the rest of summer

money saving tips

The summer holidays can be an expensive time of year and with earnings potentially down and the potential to hemorrhage money certainly up, for many of us – us included – it’s a time to see where you can save a little along the way. Today I’m sharing with you some of my favourite money saving tips for the home and beyond to see you through the rest of summer which I’ve been maxing out on recently because you know what they say….a little goes a long way!

Always check for coupons, vouchers and discounts

This one is a biggie – before you do anything or go anywhere always check on relevant coupons and vouchers. You will be amazed at how many places offer discounts just to get you in the door which can form the basis of a budget family day out. Plan your day and shop around this rather than the other way around. For example – if you’re shopping for back to school stuff shop only where you can save on the above, or if you’re planning on eating out for lunch, plan to eat where kids eat free. The Mirror has an excellent list of the best money saving websites for voucher codes and coupons here.

Plan meals around what you need to use up

Yes we might wake up thinking we fancy a bit of x, y or z but when that doesn’t match up to what’s inside the fridge, that can mean additional spend and waste. Rather than being driven by your urges plan your meals around what’s left in the fridge or cupboards than needs to be used up – this will also help you be more creative in your meal planning!

Go foraging

It’s a fantastic time of year to go foraging and why would you buy blackberries in the supermarket when you can pick them right off a bush? There are plenty rosehips around right now which are fantastic for making cordial with and don’t be shy to pick some apples from trees overhanging onto public rights of way.

Make your own coffee

money saving tips

I am a massive coffee fiend and can not function without my morning cup of coffee. When you’re out and about more during the day it can be tempting to just pick up your morning fuel on the fly, but all those coffees bought out add up. Make your coffee at home before you leave and if need be pour it in a travel mug to go.

Repurpose what you can

It’s amazing how much free fun you can make out of junk and summer is the perfect time to do just that. This summer we have made a water wall, an epic dolls house and a swing seat out of junk which have been hugely enjoyed over the summer. Instead of spending take a look at what you have lying around and get creative! Here’s some cool inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Play the Forest School way

money saving tips

Nature is an amazing playground, and while children tend to tire of toys fast, nature can keep them going for ages. As usual Pinterest is your best friend here with lots of ideas on how to play the Forest School way and you can also check out my tips on ways to get kids outside and engaging with nature.

Get your thrifty fashion fix….for now and next year

While around us media is starting to lay down the path to Autumn fashion, stay in the now and snap up the best of the summer sales. I’m going to be optimistic and say we have plenty more days of sunshine to enjoy them in….and then you’ll be all stocked up for next year too so long as you don’t buy anything faddy (move away from the cut out and off the shoulder tops please!). Money Saving Expert has a useful list of places where the sales are still on.

Use Freeprints

If you’re thinking of getting your holiday snaps printed off for an album, my absolute favourite way to do this is by using Freeprints. I have to shout to the world about this – you get up to 45 free 6×4 prints per month with no subscriptions or commitments…hurrah!

Keep packing those lunches

OK this is obvious, but it has to be said that a little preparation goes a long way in saving money. Keep riding the summer picnic vibe by packing those lunches. Eating out or buying sandwiches can be a very expensive affair!

money saving tips to see you through the rest of summer

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  1. Fab advice, I’ve said to my husband that we’re eating whatever’s in the freezer tomorrow night so we don’t need to shop until Tuesday at the earliest, we always forget about the food in there!

  2. I’m a big fan of getting the kids outside in the holidays, we love to walk through the forests and the coast. Taking our own picnic is a great little money saver, too. Thanks for the link to get photographs printed, that looks great!

  3. Such fab tips! My bank balance is at an all time low as the holidays come to an end, I’ll be ready to get back to normal in September and start saving for Christmas! Nature is a great way to entertain the kids – and free! Yay!

  4. Clearing out the freezer and the cupboards before buying more groceries is one of my favourite tricks – it’s surprising how much you can save in a week doing that. I’m a huge fan of MSE too – always lots of good finds on there.

  5. We do so many of these, like for example we do not leave the house on a day out without sandwiches. Butttt we have of course done McDs a few times this Summer. The Summer has been costly. Mums in the playground were talking about that Freeprints and I was so embarrassed that I’d not heard of it. I’m glad you’ve now reminded me to download it.
    Liska xxxxxx

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