Top must-have essentials for baby

essentials for baby

Buying things for your new addition while you’re waiting for baby can be overwhelming as there are so many baby items out there on the market, and many you more than likely won’t even use. But we all want the best for baby so what are the must-have essentials for baby?

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Here we outline the top essentials for baby giving you a good starting point as your baby gets older helping you to save money when you need it the most.

These are the absolute must-have essentials for baby ensuring when your little one arrives so that you are ready for them.

Baby Gear Essentials

Whether you’re out and about with your little one or relaxing at home, the following essentials give you a chance to put your baby down safely, and you get your arms back!

We recommend a pushchair or pram, car seat, a swing or bouncer, baby sling/carrier and a play mat.

Baby Clothing Essentials

Your little one can go through a few clothing changes a day, and you will spend quite a lot of time washing your little one’s clothes. 

We recommend 5-10 vests, 5-10 sleepsuits/baby grows, a couple of dress-up outfits, 5-10 pairs of socks, 2-3 hats, scratch mittens, a jacket, cardigan or jumper, and a snowsuit for the Winter. Shoes are not essential until you have a walker on your hands.

Baby Nursery Essentials

Essentials in any nursery are a cot with a firm, flat mattress, 2-4 fitted sheets, a chair suitable for feeding baby, baby monitor, changing table with a changing mat and a nappy bin.

A thermometer in the room that the baby will sleep in will help you choose what to put your baby in to sleep at night.

A Moses basket or crib to move from room to room is essential in the first few months.

Baby Changing Essentials

We recommend two to three packs of nappies, a few packs of baby wipes (which will be used all over the place, not just for changing), nappy cream and a nappy bag. 

Are you using a Reusable Nappy System? You’ll need 15 nappies for daytime, 5 nappies for night-time, 5 boosters for night-time, 6 (paper) liners or 20 (reusable) liners, two mesh laundry bags, a nappy bucket, 40 reusable wipes, a changing mat and a couple of waterproof storage bags for when you go out.

Keep your changing bag filled with nappies and wipes for going out (including a change of clothes) and feeding essentials. Most changing bags come with a travel mat so that you can change your little one any time, any place!

We suggest having a set of nappies, wipes and a changing mat on each floor of your home so that you have them to hand quickly when needed.

Baby Bathing Essentials

You’ll need a baby bath that stops your little one from slipping into the water, baby shampoo and body wash, a bath thermometer, 3-4 hooded towels and a few flannels.

Always check the temperature of your little one’s bath is correct (around 100F or 38C)and be prepared with towels, a fresh nappy and clothes ready for after the bath that your baby doesn’t get chilly.

Baby Feeding Essentials

Whether breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, you need to be prepared for feeding round the clock with a few must-have essentials.

If bottle-feeding, we recommend around six bottles, formula, bibs/burp cloths/muslins and a bottle brush for cleaning.

If breastfeeding, we recommend a breast pump (manual or electric), milk storage bags, bottles for expressed milk, nipple cream, nipple pads and bibs/burp cloths/muslins.

Optional extras that make life easier when feeding include a bottle warmer, a bottle steriliser and a feeding pillow.

You will need a highchair when you wean your baby onto solid foods around six months.

Baby Online Essentials

Online baby clubs offer a vast community of mums who, like you are have already or are starting out on their parenting journey. You’ll get excellent advice and tips from other mums and be first in line for exclusive offers, competitions and trustworthy reviews from mums all in one place.

Baby Health Essentials

Babies nails and hair grow, and they need grooming. If your little one is has a temperature or a minor accident, you need to know that you are prepared. We recommend baby nail clippers, a soft hairbrush, a baby thermometer, a first aid kit and Calpol.

So there you have it, a quick guide to the essentials for baby you will need within the first six months of their life. We hope you found it useful! Comment below with your top essentials for baby and connect with us on Instagram here where we love to chat all things motherhood.

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  1. A nanny would be nice too 😉
    Cotton Baby grows and cardies were what mine lived in for the first year

  2. We found a sling was the one thing that we found essential which we weren’t expecting! Living in an upper maisonette, the pram is too much to get up and down with x

  3. Such a great list I will passing onto my friend who is pregnant with her first. We really did underestimate how many wipes we needed there is no thing wipes can’t solve! I found an essential for me/baby was easy feeding nursing tops! Makes life so much easier when out,

  4. I had a lights & sounds gym to lay baby under. It was a life saver for me so I could get some housework done as he was a very light sleeper and craved attention

  5. I think an essential is lots of muslin cloths. All 3 of mine had reflux so I always needed a large supply.

  6. It’s definitely essential to have a bouncy chair, but I love this list and will pass it on to my daughter who is expecting my first grandchild

  7. Has got to be muslin cloths!! These are always getting used and come in very handy so I always make sure I have plenty

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