Top tips for positive parenting during stressful times

positive parenting

Life isn’t always easy. Whether it’s health problems, the breakup of a marriage, work stress, or other anxieties, these circumstances can create severe stress in your life that can rip the joy out of your life and make positive parenting somewhat of a challenge.

It’s no secret that parents become role-models to their children.

Studies show that children base their outlook on life out of their parents. If parents strive to look at all challenging situations in a positive light, their children will follow suit. This makes it all the more important for you to learn how to see the sunny side of life when things aren’t going your way.

We want you to enjoy the time you spend with your children, worry-free. The last thing you need is the many stresses of life to interfere with the joy you get from parenting your kids.

That’s why we’re looking at the top 7 tips for positive parenting during stressful times.

1. Keep Communication Lines Open

Stress is a huge culprit in unhappy families.

Stress can cause you to lose sleep, become physically ill, lose your libido, and become easily irritated with your spouse and children. Overall, it’s a bad ingredient to the concoction of happy family life.

One of the biggest parenting tips you can follow for raising children amidst stressful times is to keep the lines of communication open with your spouse. Research shows that doing so will benefit not only your marital happiness, but your sexual satisfaction as well!

2. Make Good News a Constant

Do you find yourself constantly dwelling on the negative? It can be hard not to think of the upsetting or stressful situations that are going on in your life, which is exactly why one of our biggest parenting tips is to find some good news.

Instead of dwelling on depressing news headlines, go out of your way to look up positive news stories and videos. Then share them with your spouse, children, and friends! Constantly taking in good news, especially when you are stressed in other areas of your life, can help retrain your brain to focus on the positive.

Since studies show that children mimic their parent’s behavior, being the bearer of good news can also have a beneficial impact on your children.

positive parenting

3. Find your Support System

Your spouse is your best friend, so it’s only natural that you go to them with any problems or anxiety you are facing. But remember that when it comes to successfully raising children, it takes a village!

Don’t be afraid to include friends and family as part of your support system. Rely on them for those nights when you just need to vent to someone who hasn’t heard you talk about this same issue a hundred times before.

Friends and family are also great for socializing with during stressful times. Studies show that receiving support from loved ones during difficult times has been shown to significantly lower psychological distress and make you feel happier.

Loved ones can also be great for giving advice on raising children. They also make fabulous babysitters for those nights when you just need to have a date alone with your spouse!

4. Practice Mindfulness

When you are mindful, you are living in the moment. The ability to be present is a lifesaver when it comes to reducing stress. Instead of panicking and looking ahead at your growing to-do list or focusing on what is going wrong in your life at the moment, you’re able to focus on the moment you’re in and actually enjoy yourself.

Some benefits of regular mindfulness include:

  • Better mental health Mindfulness meditation is becoming more and more popular for reducing anxiety and depression.
  • Improved well-being – You are less likely to get caught up in anxious worries.
  • Increases personal connections – The more present you are with your friends, spouse, and children, the better your relationships will be.

A deeper understanding of self.

Mindfulness meditation often reduces judgements of yourself and of others. It also helps you get in touch with your own emotions and motivations.

5. Focus on Self-Care

One of our biggest parenting tips is not to roll yourself thin. Yes, it is important to care for your children’s needs and those of your spouse, but it is equally important for you to focus on self-care.

You can reduce stress by taking care of your physical health. Regular exercise will boost your confidence and improve your health. Practising personal hobbies will reduce stress and boost happiness.

positive parenting

6. Make your Spouse a Priority

When it comes to staying positive during hardships, it’s important not to discount the love of your spouse. Couples experience a surge in happiness and a decrease in stress and anxiety when they are spending quality time together.

You can remain positive, boost communication, and strengthen your marriage by having a regular date night with your partner. This is a great time to get away from work, shelve stress-inducing conversation, and focus on rekindling your romantic relationship with your spouse.

7. Spend Quality Time with Your Family

One of our biggest parenting tips is to be grateful for your family life.

You can do this by verbally expressing appreciation for your children. You can also show you care by carving out regular family time together.

Just like date night can benefit your marriage, spending time with your family can help bring you closer together. You can do this by means of a family game night, outdoor activities, planning fun weekly outings, or even by doing something as simple as eating meals together.

Spending time as a family will help you develop a deeper connection with your kids, open the lines of communication, and decrease the stress in your life.

Top tips for positive parenting during stressful times  #parenting #parentingtips

It isn’t always easy to be positive when you’re raising children – especially teenagers! Whether your children are rebelling or going through hard times, you have empathy for them. You want to make life as easy as possible for them, which can quickly become stressful.

By following our parenting tips, you can improve your relationship with your children and reduce the anxiety in your life.

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