Top tips for taking a blog break (without having a nervous breakdown)

Taking a blog break

The crazy, amazing, hamster wheel of blogging is second to none, but sometimes the overwhelming addiction becomes all too much. Your brain is about to fall out of your ear. Your keyboard-tapping fingers have got the jitters. Something has got to give. It’s time to go cold turkey. It’s time to have a blog break.

For many, you may have flirted nervously with the idea of a blog break, but the notion of turning your back on your number one vice in the world might leave you sweating bullets. Can you really do it? YES YOU CAN!!! After all, all that is important comes in quietness and waiting, said Patrick Lindsay. Plus it’s not like you’re breaking up forever.

And with that sentiment in mind, and fresh from my very own blog break experience, here’s a little how to make friends with a blog break:

1. Set a date

It may take weeks, possibly months, to build up to locking down a date. After firming it up, scribble it in your calendar, make it your mantra and commitment. Just as important as the start date is – duh! the end date. This is going to become your best friend and tormentor. It will cheer you on and throw rotten tomatoes in your face in seeming unison.

A word on setting dates for your blog break. Timing is all important – schedule your blog break when you know things are going to be quiet in the bloggersphere but when YOU are going to busy. After all, no point writing when nobody’s reading. For this reason, holidays are a great time when natural tumbleweed prevails.

2. Go cold turkey

If you are going to do this – and I really mean do this – do it with integrity! That means not looking at the front of back end of your blog not even once – not even a peek! during blog break. Put up a blog post up saying that you are on blog break and then shut down. Do not even try to bother looking at your stats because you will cry – or probably more likely howl – so lowly will they be. And no amount of cake or wine is going to help ease that self-inflicted pain.

But as a little remedy, I say you are allowed one little cheat – and that’s to make a list note list of any blog ideas you have during your blog break…because hey, we all still need a little therapy and quite frankly, I don’t want to be responsible for your collective heads exploding if you don’t!

3. Shut off social

I know, extracting yourself from the bottomless pit of social media sounds like a messy task and for that reason, the only way to handle this one is to once again….go cold turkey! Unfortunately, the whole world doesn’t go on blog break when you do, and will merrily tweet and tag you with all sorts of temptations. Just. Don’t. Go. There.

4. Have some posts scheduled for the big come back

In my humble opinion, there is nothing worse than coming back from blog break with a MY GOD WHAT NOW! feeling. Coming back to some pre-scheduled posts (and a little blog fanfare) even if you don’t decide to run with those once you’re live and kicking again, is supremely comforting, and helps to ward off any anxiety attacks you might encounter during blog break.

Admittedly, coming back off blog break you do feel like a bit of an ameba but remember y’all, it’s for the greater good!

When was the last time you took a blog break? Do you have any blog break tips to share? Please do share in a comment below…

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  1. I blog all year round (even over the quiet Christmas period, which is when one of my other blogs is quite busy). Instead I tend to take mini-breaks – usually a day or two a month when I do nothing but real world stuff. Also, because I write for multiple blogs, my week tends to involve writing on completely different subjects on different days of the week, which helps keep me fresh and focussed.

    The only time I’m really away from my blog is when we’re on holiday. Then I switch off completely and skim social media for fun rather than as a blogger, but I usually schedule 1-2 posts per week for while I’m away.

    • I think sometimes I go so ferociously at blogging that I couldn’t imagine doing it all year round – I think my brain would fall out of my ear. But that is the beauty of blogging – that we all approach it in different ways…

  2. I just came back from almost a month away from blogging because the holidays were so busy and I feel refreshed and ready to start anew! I also take the weekends off, usually Friday and Saturday because I have to have time away from social media and blogging and spend that time with my boys and with myself doing real- world things. It helps me a lot! Love your tips! They are great for people who might worry about their stats and other stuff. #abitofeverything

    • Welcome back lovely! I do feel refreshed also but also slightly on the thick side too! Hopefully the fog will be shaken off by next week.I agree on the weekends thing – I too have started taking weekends off because they really should be sacred. Blogging has a funny way of seeping into everything otherwise. x

  3. Great tips! I had a nice little break over the Christmas/New Year period – mostly because my husband was home and I couldn’t concentrate with him asking me to find something every two minutes 😉 I was just getting a bit of momentum going in mid December though and now I’m struggling to get back into the groove. Next time I’ll get some posts scheduled in advance of my return – that’s a great idea 🙂

  4. Great advice! I know I am due for a break but was very hesitant…But after reading your post, you are absolutely right. It is like an addiction. I can’t help, the itch drives me batty! But I know a break will help with the creativity juices. Do I dare? Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

    • Seriously do it! The world won’t end but we’ll all be a little sad for 2 weeks. I am also addicted but it feels good coming back that it’s worth it just for that new found sensation haha !x

  5. I took blog breaks last summer holiday and Christmas just gone, and they were GOOD! I have to admit that I didn’t go totally cold turkey. I was still on social media but I didn’t kick the bum out of it. The down side is the stats. In December I had just ranked in my highest ever position in the Trips100 chart and obviously fell back down this month. One thing I wish I had done was have some posts ready to go before my come back, but I’ve never been great at working ahead. I’ll definitely try that next time #thelist

  6. Such great advice! I had a few days off over Christmas and I’ve found it so hard to get my momentium back! I’m going to save this post for my next break 🙂 #MarvMondays

  7. Thanks for sharing this – it’s come at a very key moment as my Hubs has just admitted that he is getting a little frustrated by how long I spend on my blog these days rather than engaging more of an evening. So I may need to review things. I just don’t understand how you mummies with really blogs find the time! x #marvmondays

  8. Such a great post! I’ve been desperate for a blogging break so many times but the thought fills me with total panic. Thanks for these great tips. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays! Kaye xo

  9. […] And if you try all of the above and still fall flat on your face, it’s time to think about a blog break. A week or two can do you the world of good and after all, the blogosphere will still be there waiting for you when you get back. Check out my handy guide on how to take a blog break without having a nervous breakdown here. […]

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