15+ top tips on working with brands for bloggers

working with brands

Working with brands can be one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a blogger, and of course is great way of monetizing your blog. But is there a trick to working with brands, and developing them into repeat clients?? I speak to fellow bloggers to find out what their top tips on working with brands are to help you be the bees knees at brand collaborations:

Don’t undersell yourself

Not only do some of these brands have huge budgets, but if you accept low payments once they’ll expect the same of you in future. – Five Little Doves  

Pitch it clearly

When writing your pitch, explain what it is your looking at getting from them and how it will benefit them. It will save a lot of going back and forth later on if you are clear from the beginning.- The Mum Diaries 

When pitching, keep it short and sweet. Brands receive so many emails each day, they don’t have the time to sit and read through paragraph after paragraph. Make sure to include a bit about your blog, what you want from the brand and then what you can offer in return. – Dear Little Daisy 

Keep communicating

As someone who does community management for brands always always keep us posted on delays! It saves the brand chasing you and you getting stressed about it. If you can’t meet their original deadline tell them at the start, it’s normally not a problem and we can wiggle things about- especially if you’re nice about It! The bloggers I choose to work with over and over are the ones who consistently communicate with me! – Our Scrapbook Lives 

Communication is vital. Make sure you have clarity on what they expect from you, send the direct link once complete and if for any reason you can’t meet the timescale or commitment tell them. Life gets in the way sometimes but it’s a PRs worst nightmare to get radio silence.- Soph Obessesed 

Be you

Don’t compromise your style to suit a brand. They want to work with you because they like you and your blog. Don’t try to copy other people and stay true to yourself as that’s why they’ve hired you. – Twinderelmo 

Know the objective

Ask the brand what there objective is. What is it that they want people to do after reading your post. If you don’t know you can’t help them to achieve it. – My Boys Club 

Be honest

Don’t be scared to add negatives. If overall something was great, but it’d be better/easier with xyz then say so. You won’t be the only person thinking the same and it may actually help the brand to find out. – The Brick Castle 

Always over deliver!

If you add in a little (or a big) something on top of what you’re paid to do, PR companies and clients are more likely to remember you and want to work with you again and again. – Le Coin De Mel  

Make it natural

Always make every effort to slot products seamlessly into your narrative so that if not for the disclosure, it wouldn’t be too blatant that this is actually a commissioned piece. That way, it will always be a good fit and you keep your integrity with your readers. On the other hand, if you shoehorn an editorial item into your blog, it will stick out like a sore thumb. That’s usually a good indication that perhaps it’s not really right for your style or readership. Plus, it’s actually better for the client too. It’s not always easy but this is my favourite challenge when working with brands. – A Less Refined Mind 

Be choosy

Avoid the temptation to try and work with every brand you love all at once. Select a couple of brands you would like to approach and make your email standout, with a personalised pitch and include all the information they’ll need such as stats and reach, so the brand has everything they need when considering whether to collaborate with you. – Tattooed Tea Lady

Do your research

Do some research about the brand before agreeing to work together. It doesn’t have to be extensive but it’s worth knowing a bit about them before you go ahead. You may find that they are not a great fit for your family or your ethics, or you may find that they have other products that would be more suited. – My Mummy’s Pennies 

Remember your manners

Be polite and friendly! Look at how they have addressed you, hello, dear etc. and respond accordingly and keep your correspondence in the same tone as them. Unless they are far too casual and it sounds false to respond in that way of course. – Pink Pear Bear

Terms and conditions apply

Don’t forget to send your terms and conditions – it means you will both have clear expectations of what to expect from the outset! – Nomi Palony  

Always upsell

Rather than going to a brand with just on thing you can do for them, offer a menu of different things you could provide through a collaboration. Can you add in a video element? Or a follow up post? Perhaps you could offer to curate a Pinterest board or do a Instagram takeover? Think of other ways in which you can add more value to your collaboration. It doesn’t hurt to put it out there. – Motherhood: The Real Deal

Keep the relationships going

Don’t just look at it as the collaboration has finished. Share the posts you wrote for them again at key times. They will appreciate it and keep you on their radar. Go back to them in the future with other ideas for a post. – Life Love and Dirty Dishes 

Be flexible

If you have to make small edits to video or blog post then do so and never moan about having to do it. Working with brands you believe in and love will make this easier! – Island Living 365 

Revisit old conversations

Sometimes following up a ‘not right now’ a few months later can lead to great things! – Mum Muddling Through 

So there you have it, 15+ top tips for working with brands for bloggers. Did you find them helpful? Do share in a comment below.

15+ top tips on working with brands for bloggers


    • So pleased you found them useful there is so much to learn when you’re first starting out! The learning never ends to be honest as it’s constantly evolving! x

  1. It’s a slippery fish, working with brands but there is some amazing advice here… thanks for sharing and including my advice!
    Lots of #coolmumclub love x

  2. Thank you for these tips. I don’t really do much collaboration with brands – in fact I have only ever done it twice and don’t intend to do much. This is really useful though, in the event that I do more I will be thinking about your tips. Pen x #coolmumclub

  3. I’m right at the start of my blogging career and it’s wonderful to read these tips and not feel overwhelmed about the prospect turning it from a hobby into a job. They’re really straightforward, common sense tips and ones that I’ll store for if and when I do try to monetise my blog. #coolmumclub

  4. Great post. So much wise advice in here and much of it I have found to be true in my own experience too. I love it when bloggers share what they’ve learned with each other #coolmumclub

  5. Very helpful, I’ve yet to dip my toe, but hoping to start approaching some brands next year when my stats are up a bit and I feel my blog is worthy! #coolmumclub

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