The trend towards part time love

part time love

I have to admit….I am an all or nothing girl but things are changing out there when it comes to relationships. Today, there is a trend towards part time love that is rising up throughout the romantic ranks. Yes apparently,  there are ways to enjoy the best of singlehood and couplehood simultaneously through part-time love, and this is how it is happening:

People are getting married later or not at all

In the 21st century, a lot of young people are opting to remain unmarried and childless. In fact, the trend is so popular, there are a number of websites dedicated to dating without entanglement or commitment. For persons who wish to hook up just for a night or three, this can be highly entertaining. It does, however, present the problem of possible infections. So the big message here is use protection and get tested regularly.

For those not into random hookups who want to spend some (but not all) their time with someone special, there are the dating sites, too. Apparently it’s all about being clear from the start that you want to find someone to have fun with, not a lifetime spouse, to find a person who thinks like you do.

How other people balance autonomy and relationships

In the UK, people who desire meaningful part time relationships can sign up and log in to find genuine partners who want to have monogamous fun without marriage or moving in together. Part time relationships can be just right for someone who wants to take things slow. Instead of a meaningless fling, find a like-minded someone who shares your values. For people who value their independence, these part time dating sites can be a boon, explains UK Daily Mail.

A few reasons people eschew full-time love

An all-consuming personal relationship simply isn’t for everyone these days. Just like some people prefer rent to own condos over buying something of their own. Those with children from previous relationships or those who travel often for work may be hesitant to get involved on a serious level. People who are on the lower rungs of their career ladder may not wish to invest a lot of energy into a love affair, but they still want to be loved. Makes sense I guess!

Some people find themselves undesirable when it comes to dating due to dietary restrictions or health issues that make dining out uncomfortable. The way around this so I hear is to construct a clever repertoire of dates that have nothing to do with food. Swimming, hiking, bicycling, and strolls can be great ways to share time getting to know someone without having to explain your food situations, counsels Dr. Nerdlove. Go-karts, dancing, concerts, and movies can also offer a way to interact without wrecking your dietary plans.

Are you in a situationship?

There is a zone between a relationship and a mere hookup that some now call a “situationship.’ Who knew!? It’s very much like dating, but neither partner calls the other their boyfriend or girlfriend. They don’t plan to be married -ever- but they enjoy hanging out when mutual time allows. The emotional connection may be more intense than in a random hookup, but a situationship is still less than marriage, more than dating, according to Cosmopolitan magazine.

What about intimacy?

With things being a bit more free and easy these days, it’s even more important than ever to get tested for the full spectrum of STD, or sexually transmitted diseases – and this should be stat for potential partners. In this 21st century, presenting to a new lover with a clean slate is not only polite, it can be a lifesaver in the long run.

When it comes to part time love, the bottom line is – get tested, even if you are ‘sure’ you’ve never had a sexually transmitted disorder. Symptoms are not always evident, especially in females, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Find a clinic that offers testing for gonorrhoea and other STDs at Saferstdtesting.

For those choosing part time love, one thing’s for sure – they always need to play it safe. There’s no reason to be irresponsible just because you don’t want the responsibility of a full-time relationship. Getting tested only takes a few minutes, it doesn’t hurt, and it will give you and your bedmate peace of mind to enjoy each other’s company without worry.’

Whether the trend toward part time love will last a lifetime or not remains to be seen. In the meantime, keep it safe, be kind, and enjoy your unentangled life!

What do you think about the trend towards part time love? Do share in a comment below….

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